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What's Done is Done -- And No Amount of "I'm Sorry" is Gonna Take it Back
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Can't imagine how this all went down, less than two week before the anniversary of Whitney's death Bobbi was found in a bathtub the same way as her mother..Eight days before her mother's birthday is her funeral..This is so sad that she didn't live to enjoy life.Her mom passing was the worse thing that could have happened to her, just didn't think it would all end this way.Whitney end up with Bobbi Brown which was not a good idea, they both were into drugs and that was a bad union to begin with.Now Bobbi Brown did the same, end up with Nick who was also into doing drugs.Now her life is over as the only child of Whitney, there won't be any grandchildren, so that is the end of that..So Whitney legacy will only live on through her music..Sad!!