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Yeah, This is Happening to Kylie Jenner's Mouth
1 day ago

Whats with every time she speaks she has to up and into the distance then she focuses back on the interviewer. Isn't that supposed to be a sign of lying?

Angelina Jolie, Like You've (Thankfully) Never Seen Her Before!
31 days ago

The picture with Colin Powell would be interesting if he had something he was looking at.

Quotables: Khloe K Gets Real About Sex and Kuddling (But Who's on the Kover?)
32 days ago

@ Carrie Khloe still cries over Lamar because that was the best she could get. Lamer was making lots of money and a "celebrity" of sorts when he married her. Prior to that she was the only one who was NEVER in a relationship.

Janice Dickinson is Crazy Angry
51 days ago

If Cosby did these things he got away with it because of his image. Image is HUGE and Janice's image STINKS. She is doing more harm than good and her handlers should do something. She very well may be telling the truth but in every interview she comes across as if she is drunk, on drugs and a complete nut case. She said things that don't make sense and often contradicts herself within the same conversation. I don't think all these women are lying but Janice is the last person that should be labeled as the "face" of this as NG puts it.

Famous Faces -- Then & Now!
84 days ago

Laura and Rene should stop hanging out together and skip those "Botox" parties.

Mariah Carey Continues Her Tour of Terror in China
101 days ago

The wardrobe did not malfunction it did exactly was it was made to do when you put a size 12 gut and butt in a size 6 dress.

Famous Faces -- Then & Now!
125 days ago

Nothing wrong with being honest....

Why Does Everyone Wanna Look Like Kim Kardashian So Badly?
269 days ago

Let's be honest Khloe has never been considered "super gorgeous" the person that wrote that only did so with the hopes they won't be keep out of the loop when the Kardashians decide to leak info to the press. Khloe is painfully aware that she looks nothing like her sisters and although she puts on a strong front it has to bother her that she is often called the "ugly" one. She has been through a tough time and probably wanted to reinvent herself a little, now whether it will work in her favor, only the mirror can really say.... what matter is that she finds some self acceptance even if she has to "tweak" her herself to discover it.

Kim Kardashian's Body Could Beat the Crap Out of Her Face
373 days ago

So… it's cold enough for fur but your basically wearing a high heeled sandal?

Of Course Robin Thicke is Still Tooling Around on His Wife
374 days ago

Robin Thicke = Walking Pustule