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Shirlyn Watley
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52 days ago

Really women of the year, are you kidding, please don't insult us! Did she recieve this for her inflated booty or perhaps taking the most selfies of herself? Pretty soon she will recieve the Nobel Peace Prize !! Sandie K

Sigh: More Trouble in Paradise, Khloe?
82 days ago

OK I love Khloe and I would love to see her happy. I think she should adopt a baby here in the United States, she is going to be a great Mom, and a welcome diversion from her sadness. I think it's important to know that I am 66 years old and I see nothing wrong with this.I feel that to find a good guy let them come to you, or at a party that you have. Like you are saying who is this old grandma, however I like to study your facial expressions and you ache. Having a baby is not a cure all but you Khloe I have a huge feeling this a big hole in your heart. Good Luck, Sandie

Kris Jenner Truly is the Queen of Misdirection
299 days ago

I have to say I feel sorry for Robb Kardashian living with Khloe and Lamar,being that close to Lamar was something he wanted and needed.How is it this family can't figure this out?Bruce has just been a pawn for Kris,Robb and Bruce should go on a trip and discuss Robb's depression, he needs help.The Kardashian Christmas show was so phoney,if you have a chance to see it again watch Robb ,he just has the hardest time being himself or anyone else for that matter.The show should be over,I know it is for me. Cold in Wisconsin and it appears to be the same in Calabasis California!!!