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Paris Hilton -- Girl's Still Got It
29 days ago

That might be her least revealing outfit ever.
This Might Not Be the Best Idea, OK?
30 days ago

Best looking of the Willis kids?
WOW -- That's Different, Huh?
30 days ago

She looks the same as always. She needs to join her mom and have a bunch of plastic surgery. Losing about 20 pounds off that chin wouldn't hurt.
CBS -- Re-Victimizes Rihanna By Yanking Her From Ravens Game
42 days ago

Way to try to exploit her more and create more victimization, FW. Pretty low, even for you guys.
Kris Jenner Shows Her Ass, and What An Impressive Ass It Is!
43 days ago

She still looks good, for a 58 year old piece of plastic!
Quotables: Miley Cyrus Has The Dumbest Thoughts on The King
53 days ago

As much as people love to hate her, she's not really that bad. At least she's not part of The Fappening.
69 days ago

They're separated. Go on...
Dang, Amber Rose
78 days ago

She definitely has a sweet ass.
Best Britney's Ever Looked, Hands Down
78 days ago

I call shenanigans as well! I've seen 30,000+ pictures of her and something isn't right.
Love It or Leave It: This is the Horror That Miley Cyrus Has Become
80 days ago

It's crappy fashion, but that's what's in right now. She's hot enough right now that anything she wears will become the newest fashion.

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Jessica Simpson's Got a Leg Up on Lots Lately
88 days ago

7/10 - Would bang.
So This is What It's Come to for Paris Hilton
91 days ago

Remember when she made a sex tape and that's how she got famous? She's doing just fine.
Justin Bieber Really Needs to Quit Rubbing Off on Selena Gomez
94 days ago

A lot of guys want to rub off on Selena Gomez.
Guess Who's Still Got It?
99 days ago

Even with whatever STD's she has, most guys would still triple wrap and then plow away.
Let Us Weep at the Total Preciousness of Christina Aguilera
99 days ago

Just like Snooki, once she got skinny, someone knocked her up. Such a waste.
Farrah Abraham Just Can't Stop Being Absurd!
99 days ago

Farrah is insufferable, but I still click her links.
Love It or Leave It: Anna Paquin's New Hue
99 days ago

What's with everyone going purple? It makes their hair look grey.
Here it Comes to Wreck Your Day!
99 days ago

As long as LeAnn rocks a bikini in a few episodes, I'll have no problem watching it.
Jessica Simpson: Too Hot for Her Own Good
100 days ago

I bet they're flat as pancakes now.
Quotables: Jenny McCarthy Sure Thinks A Lot of Her Irresponsible Garbage Mouth
106 days ago

I can't stand this woman. She spews garbage that hurts children and the people around them.
Mindless Self Indulgence: Celebrity Selfies 2
107 days ago

Gwen has looked much better than this in the past. So. Much. Makeup.
Miley Cyrus WOULD Be in a Video All About Drugs
108 days ago

I think Miley looks great. I don't see why everyone acts offended or horrified by nudity and viral marketing. It's always been there.
There's Still No Way She's as Bad as Miley Cyrus, Y'All
109 days ago

She's one of the few celebrities I can't stand. She seems like a total bitch and holier than thou.
Quotables: But Hey, Did Miley Go Off the Deep End?
109 days ago

I'm pretty sure she went off the deep end a long time ago, but that deep end is only part of her marketing.
Courtney Stodden is Finally Busting Into the Movie Business
113 days ago

She looks plastic and as fake as a person can get. Her music makes me want to puncture my eardrums with a screwdriver. :(
Pregnancy Looks Dang Good on Tila Tequila
113 days ago

I prefer her when she's a little more... not pregnant.
Kim Kardashian's Ass Just Now Beat the Snot Out of Any Other Ass Ever, Amen
113 days ago

Kim's ass has always been huge. This is just an unflattering (or maybe flattering) dress.
Kim Kardashian: Through the Years
113 days ago

While Kim's ass does look huge, it's pretty much the same as always.
One of Those "Teen Mom" Girls Lost a Bunch a Weight or Whatever
114 days ago

Farrah Abraham is the only Teen Mom anyone cares about.
There is a Reason to Live No Matter What All the Time
114 days ago

There's a reason she's one of the highest paid models in the world right now. It's mostly two reasons (.)(.), but that's beside the point.
There is a Reason to Live No Matter What All the Time
114 days ago

Gay or woman? Kate is definitely hot.
51-Year-Old Helen Hunt's Body is the Most Unfair Ever
114 days ago

She looked absolutely gorgeous when she did her full frontal scene in The Sessions a couple years ago. Great movie too.
Maybe NOW Robin Thicke Will Crawl Back Into the Douchehole Whence He Came
114 days ago

Paula is a beautiful woman and seems like a decent person, but there's a time to let go.
Janice Dickinson Has Zero Shame (and All the Boobs)
116 days ago

She used to be so beautiful. She should have grown old naturally. Now she looks like a plastic mess.
Ireland Baldwin Doesn't Need to Defend That Which She (Or We) Love(s)
116 days ago

She must have something coming up soon. Ireland has to stir up some attention for something.
Even if We Don't, Y'All, at Least Somebody Loves Miley
118 days ago

Miley is trashy, but super f'ing hot. I don't get it.
Chrissy Teigen: Born Without a Nipple or Just Photoshop Trickery?
119 days ago

Looks like she has normal nipples to me. Nice nipples, even.
The Tori Spelling Drama Will Never, Ever Stop
119 days ago

Unless he's cheating with an *actual* celebrity, I don't think anyone cares.
Behold, The Greatest Thing Madonna Has Ever Done!
120 days ago

She got her mom's looks and rack, so she hit the jackpot.
Kaley Cuoco Just Can't Help Being Adorable
120 days ago

Kaley is definitely a cutie.
Quotables: Adam Levine Might Be a Douche, But He's Not a Dirty, Lying Douche
120 days ago

I don't understand why these guys won't just cop to stoking the fire crotch. I'm sure they all did it. You can't blame them. Look at that body and those tits.
Kendall's Got the (Twitchy) Moves Like Jagger
122 days ago

I thought you said her signature move was twerking. Remember?
Kaley Cuoco Continues Her Reign as One of the World's Most Delicious Women
122 days ago

Kaley's midsection looks awesome. I still have a hard time looking past her fake boobs, though.
Silly Us, We Forgot to Pay Attention to LeAnn Rimes!
123 days ago

I'm pretty sure FW has become The LeAnn Rimes Show. :)
DANG, That's a Cute Baby Bump!
123 days ago

That baby is going to be massive!
Kelly Osbourne's Ass is DIVINE
124 days ago

Wowsa!! When did Kelly get that? I know she got thin, but holy cow!
Not to Stick Up for Khloe Kardashian, But ...
124 days ago

It's best to just objectify the Jenners and Kardashians. There's nothing beyond surface with them.

Tila Tequila Just Got REAL Personal
125 days ago

She's only good for one thing... and it's not talking.
LeAnn Rimes Used to Be So Cute ... What Happened?!
125 days ago

LeAnn looks better now, apart from the fake breasts. Just sayin'...
Quotables: Sorry, Kim Kardashian's Just Not Going Anywhere
126 days ago

She's not going anywhere? Fine. Lately she's been posting all kinds of cleavage and see-through stuff, I don't care. I don't like to watch her shows, but she's still fun to look at.
And Here is the Fruit of Robin Thicke's Sad Desperation
126 days ago

Pretty pathetic, but Paula Patton is *REALLY* hot. Maybe he just can't let go.
All Right, Madonna -- You Win This Round
128 days ago

Photoshop + Botox do wonders.
Katy Perry Just Gets Better and Better All the Time
128 days ago

I hate the green hair color. I'm not sure what she's thinking with that. It's still better than when she went full blonde for Smurfs 2 or whatever it was.
In What World is This Appropriate?
129 days ago

Take some clothes off and pretend you're not 90 ;)
LeAnn Rimes Will Never Let You Forget She Stole Her Husband, OK?
129 days ago

Is LeAnn relevant in any world other than Fishwrapper?
Quotables: Terry Richardson's Denial Speaks Volumes
129 days ago

Richardson seems scuzzy to me. His work is hack and his sexual conquests seem somewhat forced. That being said, damn does he get a lot of beautiful women to pose for him.
Hey, So Good Thing Miley Hasn't Forgotten Her Sister's Only 14, Right?
129 days ago

That's really no different than a Halloween costume, so what's the bfd?
Kendall Jenner is on Fire
129 days ago

She looks delicious! Kendall is just like every other model. The only difference is that she opens her mouth and lets her 18 year old stupidity out.
Yawn: Miley Goes Topless Again
130 days ago

Topless is my favorite way for her to go. She's got a bangin' body!
J Lo Shows Us Why J Lo is Still So, So Relevant
130 days ago

I'll have to disagree on her relevancy, but she's still looking pretty good in her 40's.
Aww, Somebody Needs Some Attention!
130 days ago

She looks pretty good. Nice Frenchie, but a dog is not an accessory.
Quotables: Maybe Kaley Cuoco Has A Cute Marriage After All (Maybe)
130 days ago

I love how you guys flip-flop on the quality of her marriage, based on individual pictures.
Is Farrah Abraham A Whole New Person or What?!
131 days ago

I would still have sex with her and all of her fake body parts.
The One in Which We Sadly Defend Kathy Griffin
133 days ago

Is that Carrot Top?
Wait, Did Farrah Abraham Just Sound Smart?!
134 days ago

When Farrah talks, all I hear is "Neigh. Neigh!!! Neeeeeeeiiiiiiigh!" ;)
Mila Kunis Has Us Nearly Converted
134 days ago

I've always liked Mila. And for what it's worth, Kutcher seems intelligent and quite the entrepreneur, so props to him.
We Basically Just Need to Start Cloning Pink, OK?
134 days ago

Even though she's kind of man-ish, she's still pretty hot.
LeAnn Rimes' New Reality Show is Going to Be Television Poison
134 days ago

You guys love to hate Tori and LeAnn. I guess it's good for viewership.
Well, This is Worrisome
135 days ago

Looks like every other marriage. Kaley and her man are just following suit.
Ride 'Em Cowboy
135 days ago

She's definitely toned up A LOT, but is it too much?
Brace Yourself for Some More Distasteful Skull-Dugger-y
135 days ago

Assault rifles... just like Jesus preached.
Is It Time for Joan Rivers to Shut Her Awful Mouth Yet?
135 days ago

I think she's hilarious.
After All This Mess, Tori Spelling STILL Doesn't Get It
136 days ago

They're actors and this is a television show. How many reality shows have you known to be real?
Marriage Does Kim Kardashian's Body Good
136 days ago

I think she was much more attractive when she was younger. Her face is looking different. Plastic?
It's Time to Acknowledge the Cutest Couple of the Decade
136 days ago

I preferred Kim and the pictures/videos she released when she was coupled with Ray J. ;)
Who Died And Made Jonah Hill King of The Douches?
136 days ago

From all reports, he's becoming the new Justin Bieber.
Why Can't Anyone Just Let Lorde Be Great?
137 days ago

Iggy knows how to get free publicity, even if it make her look like a complete douche.
Gwyneth Paltrow is Consciously Full of Conscious Bovine Feces
137 days ago

Chris looks like French Stewart in this photo. I think he and Gwyneth come in second to Kimye for the Smuggest Couple In The World contest.
Stars Without Makeup: Julianne Moore is Forever Flawless
137 days ago

I've had a thing for Julianne, ever since her nude scene in Boogie Nights.
Katy Perry Should Definitely, Definitely Vacation More Often
137 days ago

That's probably the least sexy bikini she's ever worn.
Hot Beach Bodies
138 days ago

She has a nice body, but I can't stand her.
Miley Cyrus Latest Leaked Song is a Hot, Auto-Tuned Mess
139 days ago

It doesn't sound worse than 95% of what is played on the radio these days.
Lisa Rinna's Hotness is Going to Blow You Away
140 days ago

Change my diaper one more time! (Because she's old. Get it?)
Katy Perry is on Her Way to Monkhood or Annoyance or Something
140 days ago

"I carry a lot of rose quartz, which attracts the male. Maybe I need to calm it down with the amethyst."

Does she really believe this garbage? It's her boobs that attracts the men. Boobs, money, and fame.
Kendall and Kylie Jenner Made the Most Uncomfortable TV Appearance
141 days ago

So Kendall has no problem with showing her breasts, but talking to people is an issue? Those crazy Jenners.
Feast Your Eyes on a Hot, Non-Violent Photo of Emma Roberts in This Bikini
141 days ago

She's always been a favorite of mine. I'm so glad she didn't get her aunt's horse-face.
Quotables: It's Like Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Simpler And Simpler Every Single Day
141 days ago

Emily did her job. She got everyone talking on here. This site rarely has more than five comments on any article. Good job, Emily!
Stars Without Makeup: Lady Gaga Reminds Us of How Different Lady Gaga Looks These Days
141 days ago

Lady Gaga looks best with no makeup and a lot of Photoshop. At least she has a nice body.
Quotables: Lana Del Rey Doesn't Have to Be a Feminst if She Doesn't Want To, All Right?
141 days ago

I really don't think this generation understands the idea of feminism. Also, her p***y tastes like Pepsi Cola, unless she was lying in her song.
Love It or Leave It: Demi Lovato Can Do No Wrong
141 days ago

Except get nude photos of her leaked by an ex.
Quotables: It's Like Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Simpler And Simpler Every Single Day
142 days ago

Remember when she was one of America's Sweethearts? Twenty years changes a lot.
Farrah Abraham Needs You to Know How Perfect She Is Right Now
142 days ago

She's clueless. All she knows is how to whore herself out on tv and s a lot of d. Poor, delusional girl.
More Farrah News:
But Why Can't Anyone Be Nice to Poor Keira Knightley?
142 days ago

Good advice for teenage girls: get unbelievably drunk, get into ridiculous situations, and make mistakes. What could ever go wrong?

More Keira Knightley quotes:
LeAnn Rimes Is The Worst All Over Again!
143 days ago

Hitler was worse
Sinead O'Connor's New Look Is Going to Blow Your Whole Entire Mind
143 days ago

Sinead O'Connor: Staying irrelevant since 1989. Welcome to the 25 year club.
We Need to Talk About How Adorable Amanda Seyfried Is RIGHT THIS INSTANT
143 days ago

I can't believe she's dating Justin Long. That guy has banged some of Hollywood's elite.
Love It or Leave It: Don't Freak Out, But Farrah Abraham Actually Looks Amazing
144 days ago

It's more fashionable than what she had been wearing.
Kylie Jenner Pulls A Kylie Jenner, And How Annoying Is That?
144 days ago

She needs to hurry up and turn 18, so she can do porn. It's in her future.
Look How Promising Khloe Kardashian's New Relationship Is (NOT)!
144 days ago

She's doing what makes her the most money.
It's Time to Feel Weird And Uncomfortable About Courtney Stodden!
144 days ago

She's been showing off her frankenipples a lot since she got those horrible implants.
LeAnn Rimes is Pure Reality TV Trash
148 days ago

Trash sells.
Well, We All Make Choices
148 days ago

For every drab outfit or photo shoot, she does 20 beautiful shoots.

This is one of my favorites. I prefer her with the long hair as well.
Kate Gosselin is Still "Mommie Dearest" After All These Years
148 days ago

At least she kind of looks good in a bikini, even though she's all plastic now.
And Just Like That, Kristen Stewart Ruined All of It
148 days ago

Is her career finished yet?
Here, Just in Case You Needed Some Beautiful Inspiration!
148 days ago

She's looking like late 90's Sharon Stone. Not the greatest look for her.
Stars Without Makeup: Tila Tequila's Totally Got This
149 days ago

Other than the all of the fake stuff going, on she's totally "natural".
We Thought Miley Was Too Far Gone, But This IS the Look
149 days ago

I prefer many of her other... uh... less-clothed looks. LOL
Spring: 'Tis the Season to Plug AND Plant
149 days ago

I'm surprised she wasn't ripped in two.
#FreeTheNipples, Indeed, Scout Willis
149 days ago

Showing her nipples seems to be a regular thing lately.
Pick A(nother) Winner, Johnny Depp
149 days ago

She claimed she was a lesbian, which got her media attention. She got engaged to Johnny Depp, which got her media attention. Just wait for the bitter divorce battle.

I can look past it because she has nice boobs.
Kristen Stewart: Country Music Visionary? Think So!
149 days ago

More emotion than she's shown in any of her movies.
We Could Say Khloe Kardashian is Classy, But Then We'd Be Lying
149 days ago

The Kardashians are known for their class worldwide!
150 days ago

She looks kind of gross.
YES! Naked Kristen Stewart Ass! Naked Kristen Stewart Ass!
152 days ago

Her ass definitely looks good.
And This is Exactly How You Head Off a Presidential Affair
153 days ago

I see what you did there. Head.
Kendall Jenner Dropped It Before It Got Hot
156 days ago

Squatting down once isn't the same as twerking. Am I missing something?
Kendall Jenner Dropped It Before It Got Hot
156 days ago

Squatting down once isn't the same as twerking.
Brittany Murphy's Pre-Death Horror Movie Trailer is Pretty Intense
206 days ago

Looks like a crappy b-grade stalker movie.