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Quotables: Cris Judd Should Just Shut His Irrelevant Mouth, Huh?
72 days ago

Seriously? What is wrong with YOU? There is nothing wrong with what he said. AT ALL. Your making a mountain out of a molehill to create a false headline. RME. Transparent.

The Tori Spelling Drama Will Never, Ever Stop
152 days ago

How stupid. Why would she keep her twitter and instagram handle the name of her cancelled show? Is it a crime for her to have her OWN NAME on her twitter handle, especially when Dean has his own?

Sounds like YOU GUYS are the ones creating the drama. STOP. Let her live her life.

Farrah Abraham's Scary Transformation is Nearly Complete
309 days ago

You would think with all the surgery she has done she would get that disgusting, cancerous looking mole removed from her neck.

Miley's "Bangerz" Album Seriously Has Only One Good Song
421 days ago

This is the problem. Her "singing" voice sounds just like her speaking voice which is hella annoying. If anyone else were doing some of the songs, they'd be good, but hearing the Miley voice ruins it. Horrible.

Hey, So How Great Does Lindsay Lohan Look, Huh?
440 days ago

you are naughty fishbowl. I see what you are doing and i love it.

Khloe Kardashian Failed at Being a Human Being Today
446 days ago

When you present to the world on television that your husband is supposedly your "everything" then you should act like it when you are off tv too. I agree with this article. Tacky of Khloe.

Here's a Leaked Lady Gaga Song -- It's Probably the Worst Thing You've Ever Heard, Right?
476 days ago

This is what happens when you run out of Madonna songs to rip off.

Miley Cyrus is Gonna be NASTY at the VMAs This Year
476 days ago

She's such a tryhard wanna be. LOL.

LeAnn Rimes is Posting Hot Photos All Over the Internets Today
511 days ago

Wow. So She bought you guys off too? Whores.

All of LeAnn Rimes' New Songs Really ARE About Brandi Glanville
540 days ago

There are only three songs that seem to be about Brandi. Spitfire, A Waste is a Terrible thing to Mind & Just a Girl Like You. Waste is the only decent one.

Jesse Eisenberg is the Biggest Jerk Who Ever Jerked
541 days ago

It's very obvi this was a "bit" and even if by the smallest chance it wasn't, he was not mean to her. You can tell they are both actors.