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Quotables: Kristen Stewart Explains Her Issues with That Whole Acting Thing
8 hours ago

You know Emily, I am not a fan of Kirsten Stewart's attitude in her interviews. But I read this twice and I think what she meant it : She became the character. She doesn't need to be told that is ONLY her character because it is easy to pretend. What happen with her is that : If she indeed takes a role? It became her. Pretending to be the character is lazy. She is disappointing in many levels . BUT this statement? I think that what she meant. Don't forget the fact, she is good actress. A darn good one.

Noreen Steinke
You Hold Your Coated Tongue, Miley: Sinead Isn't Even Close to Finished With You
330 days ago

Sarah, did I read your article right? That "Bangerz" is an aweful album? Have you heard her songs there? Of course aside from "Wrecking Ball" which is NUMERO UNO for a couple weeks and "We Can't Stop" The songs she has in her album I just heard it this morning such as "Drive", "Someone Else","FU" are just one of the few that are PHENOMENAL. It is Miley showcasing her singing attributes her. I really really love it. So if you say "awful" I would like to hear you sing one of her songs and we'll see who sounds awful. Are you up for the challenge? I am.