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Updated: Things Are Starting to Go to Giuliana Rancic's Head a Bit, Huh?
10 days ago

Hot Mama is so right? GR has changed so much and is just so full of herself lately! She has become very obnoxious. She used to be so nice!

Beyonce Out-Trashed Miley Cyrus Last Night
403 days ago

Why is it so awful when Kimye put out their music video but so very nice for Bey and JZ. Same thing . Seems like Bey is trying to outdo Kimye!!

Love It or Leave It: Tumbling Boobs Are for Circuses, Not Dresses
520 days ago

I couldn't agree more with Denise. I have been thinking this since I first saw her new hair color. Exactly like Beyonce!!! He so wants to be like Jay z and Beyonce!!!