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"Nobody Can Stay Beloved Forever." Damn Right, Jennifer Lawrence
313 days ago

The fact that you think Prisoner of Azkaban was the worst movie basically disqualifies anything you say

Kendall Jenner's Growing the Kardashiass
360 days ago

yoga pants plus a harness will turn any ass into a Kardashiass

This Is Just Getting Absurd
367 days ago

you do know you have the ability to just not look at her posts right? I know you write for a celebrity blog but if this really causes you so much heartache can't you just not focus your attention on her? She's young rich and living the only life she has even known. In her eyes this is normal. However, I do now wonder what her favorite book is....

Kylie Jenner, Just Stop Already. Stop.
389 days ago

She is 16. Stop, take a second, and try to remember if there was EVER anything you did while you were 16 that was a little goofy or attention seeking. Go ahead, I'll wait........................................... Now imagine you have had millions of people watching your families life and watching you grow up through the most awkward stage of your life. Thus far she hasn't done anything warranting negativity. I know that you were most likely writing this and smiling because of how many views it would get but still, they're red eyes, thats it.

Here's Why It's Not OK to Hate Jennifer Lawrence
391 days ago

People also seem to be forgetting that she didn't just stumble over her dress or her shoes, she tripped over a fucking parking cone she didn't see because she was too busy trying to make the hordes of screaming people happy as she walked by. I too thought her whole goofy-girl thing was an act when she first got big but its really just who she is. Everyone needs to just sit back and bask in her glory.

Emma Watson's Ass Stole the Show at the Oscars
392 days ago

She's always had a cute booty, she just never picks dresses that accentuate it. Love her though.

Oh Look Who's Trying to Steal the Raunch Crown from Queen Miley
397 days ago

I'm actually pretty torn on this. On one hand I agree with you that she doesnt need all the raunch. She has always had a sexy side but she kept a good amount of class to it. I would rather see her booty bounce dance from crazy in love than this. On the other hand she is a grown woman who clearly knows whats she's doing when it comes to being an entertainer so who am I to judge? While her song lyrics are basically a better written, more entertaining 50 shades of grey, I still think she is doing something different. It's a celebration the love she share while being married and having a kid. I just hate that she is being grouped in with Miley. That girl is not worthy of being mentioned on the same website, let alone same post as Beyonce.
Also, anyone who thinks she bought her own cds in inflate sales is clearly just on the hate train.

Quotables: Stop Breaking Our Hearts, JK Rowling
420 days ago

I remember reading these stories and thinking to myself: "why on earth would Hermione end up with Ron?". That was probably my only problem with the books. You have one of the smartest characters romantically attached to basically a placeholder. Ron was nearly irrelevant in the story apart from being the tie to the Weasley family. While I do agree that Harry finally having a family is paramount to his growth as a character, there was no reason to have him with Ginny. I'm glad that That J.K finally recognized that she forced it. Harry and Hermione would have been such a better couple to end with.

Beyonce Out-Trashed Miley Cyrus Last Night
427 days ago

Congrats. You have definitely achieved your goal of getting reads and views. I must say that I completely disagree with you solely on the fact that miley cyrus is to music what justin beiber is to acting. Was it inappropriate? slightly. Was it more inappropriate than the sad attempt at twerking that miley did at the VMA's? not even close. This performance had a husband and wife practically showing each other off and proclaiming how in love they are with each other. Miley motor-boated a woman's ass. stuck her tongue out a lot and rubbed up on another woman's husband. When she wasn't busy simulating self satisfaction with a foam finger that is. While you are entitled to your opinion on the matter I do hope that you take a little more time to think out your posts. There are more than a few people (myself included) that would much rather look at Beyonce in any state of dress/undress than half of hollywood. While this may not be the best representation of her vocal prowess, she is by no means "over". See the woman live, her voice is still there, her dancing is still there, and the performance as a whole is outstanding.