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Granny Just Blew Everyone Away
393 days ago

First off,she does look close to her age. It's not a rock hard body. However, it's a fantastic body for being nearly 60.
I'm not quite sure why everyone is so hateful nowadays. Life is fleeting, and we spend the majority of it being horrible to others. It's like we've become numb as a whole- and not just here in the US, either.
Just because a family has figured a way out to "Live The Dream" in a big way, is no reason to call the whole family whores. Kris has been married TWICE. Does she like fame? Sure. But, is she a whore? Or her youngest daughters? Or even her other daughters? Yes, Kim had a sex tape out, by someone she had sex with that she was in a relationship with. Does this mean she is a whore? How do we know that? Did she do it on purpose? We can only speculate.
There are people dying, right as we speak, and a huge host of other issues that we face as a society, and we are calling an almost 60 year old woman a whore. Bravo.