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See? Who Says You Can't Go Back Home?
12 days ago

As an agnostic athiest and proud Heathen, it may sound a bit ironic here, but Hel (yes, one L... look it up), why not? "Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone!" I'm not saying we've all gotten into fights, or all spit on cops, but most of us HAVE been stinking drunk once in our lives, and I feel safe in saying few, if ANY of us go around having an ever more merciless paparazzi following us 24/7. The kids a talented actor. He admitted he was wrong. It's more than Robert Downey 3 time loser has ever done--and LeBuff has 10x the talent (at least he doesn't play the same character in every film... I swear, Sherlock Holmes, Chaplin, Tony Stark, and the kid from Less Than Zero all had the same body language and vocals). It's not like he was going around to playgrounds and trying to lure kids to his car or something. GEESH!

The Chief
Jessica Simpson Could Crack WALNUTS With Those Calves
12 days ago

Good for her, and screw anyone that doesn't like it. It's her body and she can do with it as she pleases. The only one who has to like it is HER!