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Lady Gaga Was Almost Good Last Night, But Then She Ruined It
279 days ago

Honestly, the articles on this site are cringeworthy. What makes you enjoy a song less because of what the singer is wearing? She was obviously dressed as salvador dali and its part of her costume. The only thing that has been struggling lately is your writing quality, which, lets be honest has never been great. A glued on mustache does not detract from Gaga's exception talent, and the fact that your so bothered by it speaks more about you than it does about her.

What in the Blue Hell Did "Glamour" Do to Rihanna?
304 days ago

who the hell writes the articles for this site? they're repeatedly awful! they always seem so flabbergasted by the most trivial celebrity things and a majority of the time, they're dead wrong. Rihanna looks gorgeous on this cover. I swear it's a high school student who writes these articles.