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Adele is Seriously Unrecognizable, Holy Crap!
223 days ago

Dear A's "x"...your comments prove this is why...YOU R HER X!!! IF THIS IS EVEN TRUE!!! Nonetheless, the comments posted by you are hateful, judgement, cruel, and nothing but jellus in nature. Your comments prove how MISERABLE of a human being you truly are!!! You comments make you look like a PATHETIC individual (meaning...alone! and u have LOST not only the best women in ur life, but u r angry that u lost ur free ride in life...ur free
'meal ticket"! U r just pissed that you lost "all that"! CAUSE BY NOW...U KNO..."SHE IS "ALL THAT N MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE". I hope you get the psychiatric counseling and prescriptions for the "ANTISOCIAL, AND SEVERE DEPRESSION MEDICATIONS THAT YOU SO OBVIOUSLY NEED"!!!