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Quotables: Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling Take Terrible to a New Level
333 days ago

Well for once I do agree whole heartily what has been written above by Sarah. Tori and Dean you need to stop this public crap. Work your problems out in private. And Tori wake up and see Dean is just feeling sorry for himself, not for you and the kids. The suicide talk is just to push all your buttons and get you to feel bad for him. He is not a victim.. You need to stay away from him, far away. And Dean I don't feel sorry for you for a second and I know exactly where you are coming from. I support you jumping.

Tori Spelling Only Further Convinces Us That She's a Fraud
334 days ago

Oh Emily here you go again messing with the victim. I have been where she is right now, except I never committed adultery, had only three little children when my husband had an affair and left, and had to work for a living to feed my children etc..... Everyone in my town talked about it non stop for many months. I didn't have the world looking on. There also were people that blamed me because I didn't keep my husband satisfied. But everyone needs to stop putting all this on Tori. I don't agree with her filming the therapy sessions with that idiot she married for the whole world to see. I think she will regret it later when her kids are older. I know they will blame her. Emily you need to lay off Tori but I say go at Dean full force. Does anyone really believe it was the lack of sex, or drugs, or alcohol that was the problem. It was Dean`s weak moral character that was to blame and no on else. And P.S. the idiot that I was married to cheated on the new girl within months. Karma! And girls why would you want someone elsès husband

Quotables: Tori Spelling Needs to Stop Being So Damn Pathetic
338 days ago

Tori isn't to blame for this, Dean is! I do agree though that karma has knocked her off the pedestal. But she has four small children to think of. Do I see a future for these two? NO, that's inevitable. But Tori will be shouldering all the weight of the children on her back, not Dean. No matter what she does she will be getting the brunt of the blame for his actions. I hope to God someone neuters that guy.
Why is it that in this society we women get the blame for men's screw ups.

Enough is Enough, Tori Spelling -- This is WAY Too Much
338 days ago

Heh Emily
You are blaming the victum just like Dean blamed Tori for a sex life that wasn't 'fantasic". Emily do you not see what you are doing? Hope you never have to go through something like this in public. Don't the press have any moralsÉ