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When Disturbing Crosses Into Deranged ...
92 days ago

Actually we don't remember that because it isn't what happened. As a 7r child Lena wrote she was curious and looked at little sister Grace's genitals. When she saw that Grace had put pebbles inside herself she screamed and her mom came running.

Mike Huckabee Just Scored Major Points With Us
238 days ago

You have just officially cemented your stupidity by agreeing with anything Huckabee says. I thought your idiocy only related to all thing LeAnn but this post shows it goes beyond that.

Quotables: OK, Now, That's Outta Bounds, Brandi Glanville
247 days ago

oh em gee!! Could it be that you finally have seen the light?? She is just nasty.

Of Course, LeAnn Rimes, Everything IS About You! (No. No, No, No)
268 days ago

You honestly try to give credit where credit is due?? Who are you trying to kid?? You take every opportunity to bash Leann...for any possible trivial reason. The constant bashing is actually what is awful...really awful.

Brandi Glanville Deserves So Much More Than This
269 days ago

If you think Brandi G is the best you have issues yourself.