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Kate Gosselin is Still "Mommie Dearest" After All These Years
206 days ago

I'm in the minority I guess,
Kate has 8 kids, that isn't easy. Of course she is getting worn out and tired, many mom's do and we don't have 8 kids. Maddy was being rude and talking back, how she disciplined her was proper, she didn't yell or spank her, she can't just let them walk all over her. As a teen many girls are more moody due to hormones, just because the girls are acting like teens doesn't mean that they are unhappy, if the Media is right John barely takes the kids and doesn't pay child support, so this women has all the weight on her shoulders and that can't be easy. I wish people would give her a break sometimes, don't get me wrong she was a huge monster when they were still married she talked down to him and yelled lots, but in this video I don't see the same behavior.