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Quotables: Scott Disick is Basically the Worst
7 hours ago

She stays with him, so she gets what she deserves. Those poor kids don't deserve parents like those two, but that is why kids are so often fucked up because their parents suck.

Reunited and It Feels So Good!
22 days ago

All I have to say is GROSS!! But good for him, cuz look what he's banging every night, and it goes to show, that ANY man can get a girl who's got daddy issues. At least he has $$.

The Duggars Just Keep Getting Worse And Worse, Huh?
27 days ago

Seriously, gimmie a break, I'm all for gun control in this country, but I don't know what is more annoying, the gun nuts, or the anti-gun nuts. There is nothing wrong with this picture.

Here's Why It's OK to Be Upset Over Peaches Geldof's Death
37 days ago

You're an idiot. I get what you're saying, but if you didn't have a disease, then you wouldn't have needed rehab. You could have stopped on your own, for free. Instead, you paid money for a cure to the fact that your brain couldn't just make the decision to stop using. There are some diseases that are incurable, but you go to the hospital to get rid of cancer. There are different options to choose such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy that can help rid you of your cancer. There are even ways you can manage your diabetes, just like you manage your addiction. You're always gonna be an addict, just like your mother is always gonna have diabetes. Chances are if you took your drug of choice again, you'd become addicted again.

Things Just Got Real Weird Even by Kardashian Standards
43 days ago

Why is this gross? Step-Brother means no blood relation. Get over it.

The Tragic Tale of Mila Kunis and the Worst Interview of All Time
63 days ago

She is pregnant, but also she is right. If you're a professional interviewer, then you shouldn't be asking the same tired questions Mila has been asked since she burst on the screen as Jackie on that 70's Show, you should know by now she moved here from the Ukraine at 7 and that she learned English by watching TV. You should know that being from a place doesn't mean you identify anymore with that place than anyone else who can acknowledge that what is going on there is horrible. Be a little creative in your interviews and think up some new questions. And remember this woman is pregnant, and sometimes pregnant women are bitchy. Sometimes women who aren't pregnant are bitchy. Just because she's famous doesn't mean she should have to act a certain way to appease the masses.

Quotables: Every Person Who's Ever Looked at Ireland Baldwin Just Had Their Dreams Come True
67 days ago

Wonder what her homophobic daddy has to say about his daughter's same sex relations...