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Stars Without Makeup: Renee Zellweger ... You Be the Judge
7 days ago

When you look at Jennifer Lopez and all other stars that look too good for their age, then it's just "gracefully aging" and you don't even think that is because of some damn good plastic surgery. Not even mention makeup artists.

Then you have those who have really destroyed their face by surgery, but those are so obvious that denying the surgeries would be completely as insane and scary as their new faces.

So now that you're used to looking at either "ageless" beautiful stars or those who look like they came from horror movies, you forget that there might still be those who grow old without the use of any anti aging products or plastic surgery.

To me, this is just a woman who prefered aging naturally and the difference between what she was and what she is now is not that big.

1. A good makeup artist can either make you or break you:

^^^^ Don't tell me that if you didn't see her in public for quite some time, you wouldn't think the same and you would attack the woman for surgery like you are doing now. What's wrong with Renee's eyebrows is that she is not plucking them right anymore or using the right eyebrow pencil. I'd say she should hire Lopez's makeup artist.

2. She does not look unrecognizable. It is still the same woman.You have to realize and remember each time you look at her latest pictures that being in your 20s and being in your 40 makes a huge difference. When you get there and look at your 20yrs old pictures, you'll wonder what the hell happened too. And I bet as hell, you would not look as good as Renee is right now. Unless you have really good genes or really good surgery.

Just for the record. This is not coming from a person who's obsessed with Renee or hates Jennifer Lopez. Lopez just seemed like the best example. This came from a completely objective point of view gathered from the stupidities I read and see every day.

I hope at least some of you understand some things better now. Stop attacking the poor woman for just aging. If I'm wrong, I'll never write one thing about it again. But I felt I just had to. This world has to remember how it looked like before the plastic surgery came to destroy it's point of view and clear thinking.

Remember, celebrities age but their fame doesn't.