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Stars Without Makeup: Brandi Glanville Has Won Freaking EVERYTHING
131 days ago

The amount of fillers in her face is incredible:)

This Might Be The Worst Thing LeAnn Rimes Has Ever Done
234 days ago

Those must be the shortest fingers I've ever seen. It's like something between a hand and a foot :/ Brandi, you're winning.

Brandi Glanville: It's Just Getting Sad Now
239 days ago

Leann posted shoes that Brandy wanted??? What are they all, 12??

Zoe Saldana Is Too Annoying for Words
304 days ago

Emily Trainham, why the f* hired you to blog???

Quotables: Sounds Like Tyra Banks is Fiercely Dumb
306 days ago

Emily Trainham, YOU are dumb.

What in the Blue Hell Did "Glamour" Do to Rihanna?
390 days ago

Are you for real? I like this cover. She sort of looks like MJ :)