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Courtney Stodden Better NOT Be Back With the Cryptkeeper
4 days ago

Lordamighty, I'm 56 and my body doesn't look as droopy, saggy and puffed as hers - and I look my age. I want to say poor girl, but at a certain point she has a brain to learn not to make bad body choices.

Love It or Leave It: Kim Kardashian Doesn't Understand the Term "Fashion"
69 days ago

I've never understood how anyone thinks that body is attractive. It's hideous.

Madonna Needs Attention (And A Solid Dose of Reality)
75 days ago

She has so many fillers in her face now and so much skin lifted she looks Asian. I apologize to all Asians for the implied insult. I just mean the fillers have changed the shape of her eyes and face. The rest of her looks just go to an overbotoxed, filled and old white woman - as the best comment here say: Norma Desmond.

Miley Cyrus Has Some Seriously Skewed Priorities
174 days ago

I bet not. In my experience, the more someone acts overtly oversexualized, the less exciting they are in the sack. It's the shy quiet ones that let loose!

Miley Cyrus is Super Cheesy, Friends.
217 days ago

she looks like justin beiber

Making Fun of a Mentally Ill Person Just Isn't OK No Matter How Catchy the Tune
220 days ago

Gay people are allowed to do whatever they want, just as black people are allowed to be racist - both without any repercussions and if anyone dares point out the irony of this, that person is declared homophobic or racist. It's wrong.