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Miley Cyrus Continues Her Trashy Selfie Parade
1 day ago

It's not the skirt, it's your fame. Starfuckers and gold diggers will always be lining up to fuck you, Miley.

Oh No You Did NOT, Jessa Duggar!
28 days ago

...the "baby" can't choose anything, it's not even a baby, it's a fetus, and it can't comprehend the difference between having and not having life, let alone the concept of home.

The really fucked up thing is that I'm actually pro-life, but I can't stand the ignorance and moronic shit that comes spewing forth from my peers.

Nicki Minaj Has a Rather Magical Ass
182 days ago

Wow, she can do something that every stripper in America can do, wow.

Farrah Abraham is Forever Dumb
378 days ago

You actually do have to have a license to get married.

And Here You Have a Prime Candidate for Forced Sterilization
380 days ago

...our government was forcibly sterilizing people recently? Really?

Tila Tequila: Sweet, But Not So Smart Maybe
396 days ago

Emily, you are the best person ever.

Aww, Who Could Hate This Precious Face?
436 days ago

She's a writer? Really? Because "I bandied a variety of responses, from" followed by one example is some piss-poor writing. And be as bitchy as you want about GP, but shut the fuck up about her kids, you know?

If You Didn't Already Love Tom Hiddleston, You Do Now!
438 days ago

I adore Tom Hiddleston AND Christina Hendricks' breasts, so this was a win all around.

Love It or Leave It: This Super-Skinny Snooki Thing is Freaking Everybody Out
453 days ago

She's one of those rare people that you can look at and see the way she looks now and also the way she'll look when she's eighty-five.

Courteney Cox Has Been Digging Through Meg Ryan's Old Face Parts Again
472 days ago

She looks like the lady that had all the plastic surgery so she'd look like a cat.

Quotables: Johnny Depp is "Mesmerized" by Honey Boo Boo, Just Like All the Rest of Us
475 days ago

Mmm, sketti.

I actually almost threw up when I saw them all eat that fucking spaghetti "sauce", ugh.

Amanda Bynes Just Can't Make Up Her Silly Little Mind About Drake
483 days ago

Zydrate comes in a little glass vial, Amanda, remember.

Even MORE Details About the Spawn of Kimye: She's Cute and Nameless!
491 days ago

Oh holy fuck they actually named it North West.

James Franco May Have Bit the Hand That Feeds Him, But His Bite Was Spot-On
492 days ago

Actually, general consensus is that that Spider-Man trilogy sucked. The acting was horrible overall. And the new version isn't necessarily a reboot, it's based on a different branch of the comics. Andrew Garfield did a much better job than Tobey Macguire could have ever dreamed of.

Even MORE Details About the Spawn of Kimye: She's Cute and Nameless!
493 days ago

Five bucks says they name her Bluer Ivy.

Amanda Bynes Went Way Too Far This Time (Again)
512 days ago

Huh. What a cunt.

Farrah Abraham Went and Reached Astronomical Levels of Annoying Yesterday
514 days ago

That video wasn't even remotely fap-worthy. Ugh.

You Should Probably Just Shut Up, Roman Polanski
514 days ago

Someone married that rapist? WHY.

This is Definitely How You Do Pregnancy, Kim Kardashian
514 days ago

I do love it when people call this fake. People said Beyonce's was fake because she'd go from looking eight months pregnant to a completely flat stomach to looking six months pregnant in, like, one day. Kim here, on the other hand, has got some nasty swelling in her ankles and feet, and she looks completely miserable. Not fake, y'all.

Quotables: Amanda Bynes Says an Officer of the Law Slapped Her Vagina
517 days ago

I mean, come on, who hasn't been slapped in the vagina by a cop?