1/9/2015 5:45 AM PST

We don't often agree with some of the conservative politicians that we discuss here (like Sarah Palin ... and though they're not politicians, the Duggars), but Mike Huckabee's new book, taking about things ranging from Beyonce to the White House kind of has a few good ideas ... namely how Bey's selling herself short by overshadowing her music with overt, unnecessary sexuality, and the impact it's making on young women. 

Here're a few choice excerpts that are pretty spot-on: 

"Beyonce is incredibly talented – gifted, in fact. She has an exceptional set of pipes and can actually sing. She is a terrific dancer – without the explicit moves best left for the privacy of her bedroom." 

"Jay Z is a very shrewd businessman ... but I wonder: does it occur to him that he is arguably crossing the line from husband to pimp by exploiting his wife as a sex object? ... She must know that millions of young girls look up to her as a role model to emulate. And she even has a daughter herself now. So why has she done this?"

"With the first lady so concerned about making sure her daughters' bellies don't ingest unhealthy food, how can she let their brains ingest obnoxious and toxic mental poison in the form of song lyrics? If lived out, those lyrics would be far more devastating to someone's health than a cupcake." 

So the bit about the pimp and the prostitute is out of line ... it's unnecessary to insult someone to that degree to make your point -- but the point still stands. 

And the part about the lyrics of certain popular songs being more detrimental than a few cakes? We've been saying the same damn thing for a while now.

Spot on, Huckabee. Consider us baffled. 


12/23/2014 12:30 PM PST
Here it is: the moment Queen Bey is dethroned by Jennifer Hudson, and as the year's coming to a close, we fully expect to hear Jennifer doing a whole lot more about that reigning queen thing.

What happens when you kick a dead hive of bees? Nothing -- and that's what compares to J Hud's cover of Beyonce's "Listen," which is at the end of the clip.
11/21/2014 5:00 AM PST
Beyonce's apparently got it in her to be soft and sweet and truly empowering -- not the faux feminism Bossy Lady that we all know her to exhibit normally -- and she's gone and proven it in a leaked song that's alleged to be about her mother, Tina Knowles

Check out the moving lyrics: 

"You used to dress and fix your hair
You’d always smile through your tears
In the mirror you would stare and say a prayer
Like, “I wish he said I’m beautiful 
I wish it didn’t hurt at all
I don’t know how I got here
I was once the one who had his heart”
Until you had enough and then you took that ring off
You took that ring off
So tired of the lies and trying, fight and crying
You took that ring off
Now the fun begins
Dust yourself off and you’ll love again
You found a new man
Now you’re shiny, fine, like “It’s my time"

Sweet, right? You can listen to the leaked song here, and if we're being honest (and we always are), it's a fine, fine departure from "Partition" ... but then really anything would be. 

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11/10/2014 5:30 AM PST
Looks like Kim Kardashian and her familial ilk have some competition in the rear ... and it's by Queen Bey's virtue that it's happening. Who's got the better butt? Well ... though we're generally partial to Kim K's, we're going to have to go with Beyonce's on this one. 

Bey posted this pic on her Tumblr over the weekend, and it sure proves one major thing about celebrity backsides -- a little class can take that ass to brand-new heights. 

Looking good, Bey, dang!

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10/22/2014 6:30 AM PDT

Annie Lennox
isn't done skewering Beyonce for her overtly sexual performances and distasteful musical "lyrics" -- and she's happy that her first go at the Queen Bey has resonated with so many people -- in either negative or positive ways -- so she's gonna keep on keeping on ... and we're just thrilled about that. 

In a recent interview, Lennox elaborated on her prior comments about Beyonce not being a feminist

"Listen, twerking is not feminism. ... It's not -- it's not liberating, it's not empowering. It's a sexual thing that you're doing on a stage; it doesn't empower you. That's my feelings about it. ... The reason why I've commented is because I think this overt sexuality thrust -- literally -- at particular audiences, when often performers have a very, very young audience ... I find it disturbing and think it's exploitative. It's troubling. I'm coming from a perspective of a woman that's had children." 

Annie concluded by saying, "Maybe this is a good thing because it creates debate."

Man. Intelligent celebrity feuds. They're just so refreshing -- even if the intelligence is only one-sided -- aren't they?

10/14/2014 12:30 PM PDT
has a lot of gorgeous things -- a gorgeous voice, a gorgeous daughter, a gorgeous body. Probably just about everything she has could be called gorgeous. But one of the most gorgeous things of all has got to be that beautiful, majestic head of hers ... but guys, wouldn't you know it, she just went and screwed it all up. Because that hair. That awful tragedy of a haircut.

As you can see (if you can even see still through all the tears), Beyonce went and got herself some bangs. Some very short, very traumatic bangs. And yeah, she's still one of the prettiest humans on the planet, but ... why?! Why would she do this to herself? Why would she do this to us?

Grow them things out, Bey. For the love of all things pretty, grow them out. Your head did not deserve this, honey. Make things right.

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10/6/2014 2:30 PM PDT
is not that amazing, flawless goddess so many people make her out to be -- she's just human, after all, and she can be super annoying, what with all the pointless Photoshopping of Instagram pictures and all -- but she certainly is gorgeous. Like really, impossibly gorgeous. That's why it's so magical when she posts photos like this, with no makeup (and possibly no clothes), because you can see that at least this part of her really is flawless. It's an inspiring kind of beauty, isn't it?

So, to be clear, more of this, Beyonce, and less of all the other nonsense. If you ever feel an urge to take a photo of yourself in a bikini and thin out your lovely thighs, just take a makeup free selfie instead. Whenever you think something like "gee, it sure would be neat to make a totally unnecessary trailer for my tour with lots of guns and violence and stuff," just take a selfie where it kind of looks like you're naked. This could only improve things for you, girl. And that's a promise.

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