10/24/2014 10:30 AM PDT
Q: How beautiful do you have to be to be able to pull off ethereal gorgeous while 3/4 of your face is covered up in a turtleneck sweater? 

A: Kendall Jenner-type beautiful, and no, that wasn't a trick question. Or answer. 

This is your girl's latest IG photo, and if it were a thing to fall in love with someone simply based on their eyes and eyebrows, Kendall here could pull it off. 

God, what is it with the genes in this family?

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10/2/2014 1:30 PM PDT
All right, let's state some facts real quick: Kendall Jenner is one of the more grounded, likable Kardashian/Jenners, and Chris Brown is one of the biggest jackasses the world has ever seen. Would it be disastrous, upsetting, and scary if the two were somehow involved with each other? Yes. Oh dear god, yes.

Apparently, Kendall is allegedly "obsessed" with Chris, if you can even hold in your vomit long enough to believe that. We know that they've hung out before, since there are gross photos to prove it, but even the thought that Kendall could possibly be remotely into Chris is just disgusting. Also disgusting is how Kendall reportedly went to a party at Chris' house after the VMAs in August -- putting specifics into this rumor is just entirely too much to bear.

If this story is true ... oh goodness, please don't let it be true. It's hard to believe that any woman at all could be dense and/or sad enough to want to get with Chris after what he did to Rihanna, but Kendall seems way, way too smart for that. She's actually going places with her life, she doesn't need to spend time being "obsessed" over a violent criminal like Chris. 

You can do literally a million times better, Kendall. Please just know that, for it is the truest of truths. Basically any guy on the street would be better than Chris. Don't sell yourself so awfully, tragically short.

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9/19/2014 8:30 AM PDT
Oh, what a tragic, tragic twist that the hottest Kardashian of all turned out not to be a Kardashian at all, but a Jenner: Kendall Jenner, in fact. And before you go all "nuh-uh, Kim Kardashian has that ass!" or "but Khloe Kardashian's new cornrows are so cool!" for one, stop yourself, and for two, check out this photo of Kendall, totally nude. Then everything will make sense.

For real though, how gorgeous is she? We've seen her show off lots of skin before, but this is the first time she's actually gone nude -- behind a curtain, obviously, but this still doesn't leave much to the imagination. Which is good, because our imagination couldn't be much better than this, am I right? Huh? Huh?!

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9/9/2014 5:00 AM PDT
Here's Kendall Jenner doing her modeling thing for David Sims and Love Magazine, and as you can see, she's topless and she's smoking. Or, if you want to focus more on the cigarette, she's smoking and topless. In any case, she looks good, and she's -- still -- definitely pulling this artsy modeling thing off quite well. 

Verdict: Love it ... except for the smoking. That's just not very cool for Kendall to be doing, even if it is for "art" and "modeling" and "photography." 

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9/8/2014 6:00 AM PDT
Kendall Jenner seems to really be separating herself from the Jenner/Kardashian brand ... and it's more evident than anywhere else in her modeling career, which seems to be skyrocketing. 

This past weekend, Kendall -- fiercely -- walked the catwalk for Diane von Furstenburg during New York Fashion Week alongside Naomi Campbell ... and even though Kendall's the new up-and-coming and Naomi's a legend, there didn't seem to be any jealous animosity, and no phone-throwing occurred. 

So how about this: can we give a girl a chance? Would that be an OK thing to do? Let the girl live her dreams outside of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and see how well she does with it?

Verdict: Love it. She looks positively gorgeous, and totally in her element. Thought you knew. 

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9/2/2014 12:00 PM PDT

You might be tired of seeing celebrities dump buckets of ice water on their heads for charity, but if you're not, you will be after this one: this is Kendall Jenner, "completing" the challenge in this most annoying way possible. Just watch the video, all right? Then come back after your eyes stop rolling all around your head.

What is even the point of this? Does she really want us to congratulate her on roughing it for one single second to raise awareness and money for a terrible disease? Because unless that pool is full of ice water as well, this is just pathetic. She has her legs in the pool the entire time, and the very second that ice water hits her, she jumps the rest of the way in. Because yes, let's see Kendall in a bikini, but goodness gracious, let her not suffer one moment of actual discomfort. Didn't you hear? Pretty people are totally above it.

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8/29/2014 12:15 PM PDT
Oh, guys, is there anything better in this world than the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, looking cute and like themselves and not all that Kardashian-y? I mean, yes, of course there are better things in this world, probably at least like a hundred of them, but this is nice too!

These photos are from a party thrown for Kendall and Kylie by Dujour magazine, who did a photo shoot with the sisters recently. But don't they look so good?! Kendall is a model, so it's kind of expected, but it's just pleasant because she has her own style that she sticks with, and she's such a gorgeous person. And Kylie is even more exciting, because, if you remember, just a few days ago she was looking just like a mini Kim Kardashian. Here, though, she's gotten rid of the extensions, that intense spray tan or whatever other nightmare was going on has faded, and she's back in her typical "edgy teenager" wear. It feels good, guys. It feels good.

Verdict: love it! Kendall and Kylie have both found their own looks that work for them, and they work so very well here. It's a bonus that those looks don't include approximately ten pounds of bronzer.