5/1/2016 8:00 AM PDT
We guess that if you can't have Nick anymore, you might as well troll for something that rhymes with his name.

So, you know how Kate Hudson was just recently making a calculated appeal for sympathy talking about what it's like to be a mom? Well, we guess that she's trying to balance out her image by ... acting more or less like a 19-year-old instead of a mom who's very nearly 40.

It's not that the pictures are all that bad -- she looks beautiful, and she has every right to party and do her level best to post some thirst traps. But that doesn't mean that it's not leaving people scratching their heads. Maybe this is just a mid-life crisis, but we have a slightly different theory to explain these pictures:
4/30/2016 7:30 AM PDT
Either Kylie isn't aware of the message she's sending out ... or Tyga is in some serious trouble.

This is actually the best of Kylie's selfies that we've seen in a while, right? She just ... genuinely looks good. But then she went and added a caption. She's always gotta stir the pot, or something.

Because she captioned her selfie with "Lemonade" lyrics. Cue the alarm bells.
4/29/2016 11:00 AM PDT
Remember back in the olden days when girls would get friendship bracelets or necklaces or toe rings or whatever to signify their bonds with each other? You and your BFF or your sister or your cousin would have your mom drop you off at the mall and you'd go into Claire's, looking for the perfect symbol of your relationship. Then you'd go split a cookie or something and act like tools, because kids in the mall have no other choice.

But that was then and this is now, and now, the youths apparently share the news of their friendship with the world via nipple rings. Or at least that's what Kendall and Kylie Jenner would have us believe. Because the two littlest Jenners both showed off their nips and their nip accessories recently, and dang, y'all. Just dang ...
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4/29/2016 7:00 AM PDT


A video posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

With all of the Kardashian overload everywhere else, it might be hard to see that we've actually -- and honestly -- lightened our Kardashian load ... pun intended ... on Fishwrapper, but the above video is just too much to ignore. And frankly, why would we ever pass up a good chance to go ahead and LOL at how "naturally" different Kylie Jenner's face looks because of "adolescence" and "being in the prime of her life." You know?

Just watch the video with us, friends ... over and over again ... and LOL hard because it's Friday, and be happy that you're you and not Kylie.

Gratitude. We're all about it here at Fishwrapper, y'all.
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4/28/2016 5:00 PM PDT

Remember that Kendall + Kylie brand that we heard a little about last year? Well, they're coming out with swimwear, and not a minute too soon. And while Kendall's been busy with recording her reckless behavior (and, we assume, doing some modeling of her own), Kylie's been modeling for their clothing line.

But it's swimwear, so so she's wearing even less clothing than usual, which these behind-the-scenes videos really highlight:
4/27/2016 2:00 PM PDT

Kendall's fury is so out-of-proportion here that we're reduced to identifying with Kylie in this video. With Kylie. ... Let that marinate for a moment.

Whether this is just a way to incorporate Rob Kardashian and his relationship with Blac Chyna into the show or a genuine showdown ... kind of doesn't matter. Kendall comes away from this looking bad. We don't care if it's exaggerated for the camera -- it's deeply unflattering.
4/25/2016 9:00 PM PDT

Most people use social media to show themselves in the best light. But not Kylie Jenner. Not in this case, anyway.

We'd be applauding her right now, but we don't think that it's intentional.

In this Snapchat video, we see Kylie, fully made up as if she's about to walk a red carpet event or something. Remember how she was going to go for more natural looks this year? Yeah, we remember that, too.

But she appears to be ... just hanging out. But she's done that thing where her level of contour makes her look older than she is, and that's honestly never desirable.

Anyway, the camera (again, being held by Kylie) pans to the side, and we see Kendall. Kendall looks super casual, eating some yogurt or whatever. And she looks great. She's in an oversized shirt and minimal makeup, but she still looks as gorgeous as you'd expect for a, well, supermodel. Honestly, she's dressed more casually than most people are for hanging out (outside of college dorms), but it really works for her.

And the contrast ...