12/1/2015 6:30 AM PST
If you're not thankful for Kylie Jenner's ass this holiday season, then we just don't know what it's gonna take to get your goat. 

Kylie covered and spoke with Interview magazine, and though the words themselves were pretty bland and regurgitated, the cover and photos certainly made up for them.

Take it away, Ky, talk about that ol' blue hair:

"Honestly, what I think set everything off is when I cut my hair off when I was 16 and dyed it blue. After that, I just felt so free and wanted to experiment with my look. I thought I knew who I was and what I wanted to look like, but then once I did that, I was like, 'Whoa, there’s a world of difference'. I just felt like I could be whoever I wanted to be, and I’m all about, like, experimenting. I’m still so young, so I’m just having fun.”

On missing out on a "regular" life:

“I feel like I’m going to look back and be like, ‘Damn, I wish I could’ve just been a kid and done normal teen-age stuff that my friends get to do.’ But it also is a blessing, and I’ve done so many things that most 35-year-old women still haven’t done. You can look at anything glass half-full or whatever. Like, yesterday I realized that I’m 18, I’m a female, and I have accomplished so much. I live in a beautiful home and I work really hard, so I’m just grateful.”

Last, on her "true self," which is ... well, this:  

"There is absolutely a side of me that people don’t know. I’m not myself on Snapchat or Instagram. That’s totally not me. I’m way flashier on Instagram and Snapchat, because I feel like that’s what people want to see and that’s what I’ve always done, so I’m not going to stop. People want to see my cars and my purses. People love fashion. But that’s so not me.”

But yeah. The pics. Check out this one, which some people are having a hard time digesting, considering she's in a, you know, wheelchair: 

And then there's a bare ass pic, which is just ... well, it left us speechless, let's just say that. It's definitely a can't-miss photo: 


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11/30/2015 3:00 AM PST

Though Kylie Jenner probably doesn't strike you as a thoughtful, introspective young woman -- she dates a man named "Tyga," for crying out loud -- her recent appearance on "Ellen" is likely to be the most candid she's ever gotten ... not that we're surprised; Ellen Degeneres just seems to pull these kinds of things out of people. 

In the video above, Kylie talks about her feelings on father Bruce Jenner's transition to Caitlyn Jenner, and how -- and why -- she bottled up a lot after this revelation, which led to dissension in the family.  

She also addressed her Instagram "movement," #IAmMoreThan, tying her own fame-related bullying to the mix ... which is also a must-watch, if you're into unintentional, self-effacing humor like that: 

One thing is certain -- yes, while things could absolutely go one way or the other with this one at this point in time -- Kylie Jenner's going to do many, many things ... we're just not sure what yet. Give it time -- she is only 18 after all. Yikes. 

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11/25/2015 4:00 PM PST

As we have seen on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and national television, Kylie Jenner is pretty fond of wearing a whole lot of makeup. No, like a whole lot. She's into contouring and fake eyelashes and overdrawing her lips, everything, and without all the makeup she looks quite a bit different. And that's why it's fun to see in this video that virtually any white girl with a lot of time, a lot of makeup and a dream can look exactly like Kylie Jenner.

Shoot for the moon, friends. Even if you miss, you'll look like a Kardashian.

11/25/2015 11:00 AM PST

Not even Ellen Degeneres can make Kylie Jenner's weird, tempestuous relationship with Tyga look all right, not even for the farce of television consumption. 

Kylie appeared on "Ellen" recently, and when asked about her relationship with Tyga, she reacted like a typical 18-year-old girl, all flustered and gawky. And if it doesn't make you realize once and for all that Kylie Jenner has some serious growing up to do before she commits to a relationship like whatever this one is, then who even knows where your brain is. Maybe it's out to lunch somewhere posh with Kylie's. 


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11/24/2015 4:00 PM PST
If you're going to do a celebrity endorsement (and you totally should -- it usually means free stuff, so long as you're willing to risk your reputation), you might as well look absolutely flawless while you do it.

Seriously -- Kylie's home decor looks like the residence of a supervillain (pretty much the best compliment we can give to a home), and her outfit blends with it perfectly. And all of the black and white makes her vibrant skin and the product she's promoting pop, visually.

The only real downside is that this image is definite bait for photoshop trolls. The bag sitting on the table and the cup can easily be replaced if the wrong people start amusing themselves with editing software.

Damn, girl. 

11/24/2015 9:00 AM PST
Kylie Jenner
has had a mighty busy few days, and that's without mentioning all the drama: she was partying on Friday night, she cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for her friends on Saturday night, and she attended the AMAs on Sunday night, and in those few days she went from breaking up with Tyga to saying that she was going to marry him. Life gets intense for an 18-year-old reality starlet, but there is still one thing that is just too much for Kylie: This is one of those rare occasions where we really have to agree with Kylie, because man, do some people need to get it together. Kylie is pretty much constantly wearing skintight clothing or shirts that expose her stomach, and there is just no way that she could be pregnant for long without everyone noticing. Besides, Kylie has a penchant for dramatics, but they're not teen pregnancy level dramatics. If she did happen to get pregnant, it would be a Very Big Deal -- like, we probably wouldn't get any dumb selfie videos for ages.

But hey, since we're not going to get any of this with Kylie, at least not for a good long while:

11/24/2015 6:00 AM PST

Imagine just for one second that you're Kylie Jenner ... or even someone of remote fame ... having to deal with the daily onslaught of being called "ugly" and compared to your older sisters. 

Imagine what it'd be like having to live your life daily while hordes and hordes of folks call you nasty and gross, stalking your social media accounts to spout nothing but hate to make themselves feel better and look important. 

We're pretty discouraged that we have to defend Kylie Jenner like this so early in the morning -- and on a holiday week, nonetheless -- but it is what it is. Watch the above video and tell us that it doesn't move you even just a little bit.  

Pretty sad, all things considered.

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