1/27/2015 4:00 AM PST
Next, she'll be ... never mind, we don't even want to consider that. This is Kylie Jenner, because according to the caption on this photo -- from Instagram --  she can just totally wear a sports bra and boxers all day long, forever and always. 

... Apparently we need to see that because Kylie's 17-year-old ego already seems bigger than that of Kim Kardashian's when Kim was 10 years older. Imagine that for a second. 

Good heavens, what has pop culture gotten itself into with this one? 

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1/16/2015 8:00 AM PST
Kylie Jenner is a total road menace as it is ... but when you combine that with one of the most annoying (and dangerous) (and stupid) vehicular practices on the road, you get a whole 'nother level of dumb. 

This is Kylie Jenner driving -- or getting ready to drive -- with her brand-new doggie on her lap. Kylie captioned the photo, "Goin [sic] to work with mom," so we can only surmise, yes, that Kylie will be driving with the dog on her lap. 

Now that all the freelance forensic reconstruction has concluded, and it's all but validated that Kylie's engaging in reckless vehicular behavior again, this: the dog is cute, and hey, nice rinse on your jeans, Kylie (thanks for not showing off your trout pout instead, girl), but really? You've got serious concentration issues when driving as it is, and anytime yours truly sees someone driving around with a dog on their lap, yours truly wants to punch herself in the face because it's that obnoxious. 

Get with the program, girl. Preferably a safe-driving program. 

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1/14/2015 1:00 PM PST

No matter what, you absolutely have to love Lisa Rinna -- she says what she thinks, does what she says, and is candid about what she does, and doesn't care what anybody thinks. Even if you don't agree with her actions, you have to admire her honesty ... at least. 

During a recent airing of "Watch What Happens Live," The Lips of Kylie Jenner were brought up ... and Lisa claimed, without reservation, that Kylie just had to have had her lips done ... and that this was creed coming from the Queen of Lips herself. 

Decide for yourselves:

1/13/2015 8:00 AM PST
At first glance, Kylie Jenner's shirt wouldn't be all that offensive, right? I mean, being someone's official DUFF? DUFF would stand for "ass," or "backside," speaking in a vernacular, and Kylie sure has made an ass of herself lately ... but no. No, if you look up "DUFF" in Urban Dictionary, apparently the cool new thing to refer to as a "DUFF" is a "Designated Ugly, Fat Friend," because yeah -- Kylie's just so obviously that. [Insert eyeroll here.]

Kylie Jenner, you're headed down that path ... and we'd say you're going head-first, but it's a hard thing to pull off when it's so firmly lodged up your duff.

1/12/2015 4:30 AM PST
Here you go, y'all -- Kylie Jenner's real lips, and by "real lips," we mean lips that haven't been "over lined" to the point of absurdity. As for any other definition of real, well ... that's kind of up for interpretation this morning. 

Kylie shared this pic on her Instagram account, and if you ask us, she's just getting brazen. She adamantly insists that she's never had any kind of augmentations, and yet she posts photos where her lips are clearly bare, and yet look so different from her lips even last year. 

We see what you're doing there, Kylie. And we think it's kinda silly. 

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1/8/2015 11:00 AM PST
In this wild and crazy world in which Kylie Jenner (and the rest of her family, apparently) thinks it's appropriate for a 17-year-old to do the things that she does ... man, this is a weird world, isn't it? There's the never ending lip issue, and yesterday's insane, uncomfortable cleavage issue, it's really just a nonstop pile of issues that make everyone feel awkward and creepy.

But wait! In Kylie's recent interview with "Cosmopolitan," she opened up about her dating history, and guys, you won't believe it: she actually sounds her age! She talks about love in just the way a teenager would, and while it's a little silly, as young love tends to be, it's also really comforting to know that Kylie is capable of this. Check it out:

“It’s crazy, but every time I’m in a new relationship, I feel like, okay, this is definitely love. Then I get in my next relationship, and I’m like, no, this is it! My last relationship lasted almost three years. I don’t want to say [I've been in love] twice. But so far I’ve had two really strong infatuations.”

OK, it's time to do some speculation. Kylie says that her last relationship lasted almost three years, and based on frequent rumors and photos, it could be pretty safe to assume that she's talking about Jaden Smith there. That's actually cute, right? Sure, Jaden is kind of weird, but everybody's a little weird sometimes, and the thought of a cute little bout of puppy love between these two sounds sweet. But then Kylie mentions another love, or "really strong infatuations." There's only one other person that Kylie's been strongly rumored to be connected to romantically ... and that's Tyga. Tyga, who is 25 years old. This whole thing just got ruined, didn't it?

Just take it easy, Kylie. There's plenty of time in life for love and infatuation and cleavage and all that. Take your time.

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1/7/2015 1:00 PM PST
Oh, y'all, no ... Kylie Jenner did not just post this photo on her Instagram page a day after her interview about not feeling the need for plastic surgery or anything of that sort, but it would appear that Kylie's either been hitting the gym super hard lately, or she's been overlining her cleavage something fierce, too. 

Kylie shared this pic to her Instagram page ... captioning it "secret project." Sorry to say, girl, but the secret's outta the shirt is that even a shirt? bag. 

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