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You've probably noticed by now that Miley Cyrus, for some strange, unfathomable reason, has this thing going on where she really likes to make herself look bad. Which, to a certain extent, is fine: she doesn't have to look pretty and happy all the time, if she feels more comfortable just sticking her tongue out for pictures, that's all her. But she's gotten to a point where she seems to be bragging about being a hot mess, what with all the talk of drinking so much she vomits, that kind of thing. We've had all that, and now we have this.

Miley posted that photo up there to her Instagram, and felt the need to explain her outfit:

wearing a skirt that got me lucky last time

Oh, wow, Miley, congratulations. You have sex, and seemingly casual sex at that! You must be so proud of how edgy and grown up you are. And the way it sounds like you don't even care, like you you said you "got lucky," man, you're like the biggest, baddest girl there ever was. We're all so impressed, Miley. Really, way to be a badass. You're, like, so mature.

Ugh. Ugh forever.

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Throughout all of this Miley Cyrus craziness, all the intense partying and bad life choices, we've always had two things to comfort us through the hard times: Miley actually is a talented singer, and she's got the great Dolly Parton there to support her. But then this video happened. And it's making us question everything.

This is a video that Miley Cyrus took of herself during a concert, and she's doing a cover of "Jolene" by Dolly, of course. Except it's kind of hard to tell that's what she's singing, and the bits that you can make out, she seems to be singing something about pissing on Jolene, all before calling her a "stupid slut." Changing the lyrics to such an iconic song is basically sacrilege, and changing those lyrics while wearing weed leaf sunglasses? It's just a crying shame. It's all kinds of disrespectful, and it's really not OK.

Just stop it, Miley, please. If you can do this to that angel, Dolly Parton, there's no telling what you're willing to do to the rest of us. Stop before it's too late. Please.

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10/14/2014 8:30 AM PDT
Torn. Torn, torn, torn -- and we're not talking about the veil between propriety and impropriety when it comes to Miley Cyrus: we're referring to the fact that Miley is such a plumb obnoxious idiot 99% of the time, but that she actually is such a talented singer. 

Take this cover of "Lilac Wine" that Miley performed on her "Bangerz" tour stop in Melbourne, Australia -- it's actually kind of unbelievable. And it makes us mad -- mad! -- that instead of focusing on the talent that she does have, she relies on stupid shock value antics that only diminish her abilities and take away from her musical aptitude. 

Just ... just take a listen. And then go ahead and look at the photos in the gallery, listen to the audio one more time, and then bang your head off the wall a few times in frustration. It's just, you know, what we did.

Unbelievable, right? Simply, sheerly unbelievable ... and inexcusable that we have to put up with tongue and ass antics instead of being able to appreciate a true talent and not a sexual gimmick. 

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10/13/2014 5:30 AM PDT
See that pic? That's a pic that Miley Cyrus' BFF Cheyne Thomas shared on Instagram, and yes, it does appear to be Miley Cyrus, doesn't it. There are two options we've got available to us to take, here, too: one -- Miley was totally all right with Cheyne posting this bottomless picture of Miley on social media, and that makes her ridiculous. What, are nudie pics the new selfie? Get a grip and grow up. Two -- Cheyne took this photo and posted it without Miley's permission, which makes it way, way, infinitely grosser. 

Miley's been silent on Twitter for the last few days, so she obviously hasn't commented on the pic, since Cheyne just posted it last night, but damn ... in any case, this whole thing has "wrong" and "creepy" and "inappropriate" written all over its tiny little backside.  

10/10/2014 10:30 AM PDT
This situation with Miley Cyrus, with all the intense partying, it's probably safe to say that it's getting a little out of hand. And yes, a lot of 21-year-olds do get into some wacky shenanigans, but if other 21-year-old levels are on Miley's level, then you know what? That's worrisome, too.

Miley did a show in Australia last night, and here's this troubling little speech she gave:

"This is the first time we've done the whole f---ing show. South America couldn't handle the giant tongue and the sex. I got so drunk at other shows, puking at the side of the stage. And you can't be under the influence at shows when you're gyrating on f---ing cars, so I'm sober, well, sober-ish. I'm trying to create some memories for you motherf---ers here."

She also posted a video of herself falling on stage while dancing, perhaps from being "sober-ish"?

Miley captioned that video "never gets old," but we really can't agree with that. Because it does get old, and it certainly has in this case. It's not funny anymore, it's not "just bein' Miley." It's sad and uncomfortable to watch, and it needs to stop.

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10/9/2014 5:30 AM PDT
It normally wouldn't be news that Miley Cyrus is taking fan selfies, because she's not afraid of -- or allegedly hates -- her fans like Ariana Grande, but that face on the head of that baby up there? Priceless ... it pretty much speaks for all of us when we look at Miley, thinking, "What the ..." 

Go 'head -- caption this!

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10/2/2014 4:30 AM PDT
Miley Cyrus
has seemed to be on a weird, uncomfortable downward spiral for a while now -- healthy people just do not do the things Miley does, period -- but it seems like she just reached her lowest low yet -- she insulted our dear Katy Perry in just the cattiest way. And it's inexcusable.

Miley posted (and has since deleted ... hmm) that infamous photo of that time she tried to stick her tongue down Katy's throat. After the actual event happened, you might remember that Katy said she wasn't into the kiss because "God knows where that tongue has been," and Miley came back with a retort about where John Mayer's tongue has been. It seemed friendly, but in that weird way where you can't tell if they're actually friends or if they just hate each other.

Anyway, here's how Miley captioned the photo, in which Katy was apparently Miley's choice for "Woman Crush Wednesday":

Wcw is this slut @katyperry /tbt (not on t) to that time we made out during my #bangerztour

All right, we get that sometimes someone will call someone else a slut as a term of endearment -- which still shouldn't be OK -- but you know another reason why someone might call someone else a slut? To cut her down and insult her in a really nasty, hurtful way. We can't say for sure which way Miley meant it, but the way she deleted the message so quickly seems like it could be a little telling.

How about this, Miley: how about you just not? How about if you feel like you need to do or say something, just do the exact opposite of that. That way, you might actually get some good stuff done, and you might not be such a sad train wreck. Think about it, OK? It might get you some places.

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