1/23/2015 11:00 AM PST

Miley Cyrus needs to shut her ranting, raving mouth right now, because if you were able to make any sense of the above interview -- which was erratic at best; manic at worst, then you'll "understand" that the takeaway is that Miley is totally centered and not at all out of control. (Hint: she's wrong.) 

You've got to see it to believe it -- this is one of the most bizarre sit-downs she's done in recent months, if not ever.  

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1/22/2015 5:00 AM PST
You know what would make people like you a little bit more, Miley? If you stopped being an obnoxious jackass all the time, always going for the big shocker, and failing miserably, because you do it so much. Transparency should be your middle name. 

Miley Cyrus shared the above pic with the caption, "Do yiew tink if I push muah titties up I'll get mo followahhhzzzz?," and honestly, it's getting to the age where being a "wild & crazy kid" has nothing to do with it -- Miley Cyrus is going to be 23 years old this year, and do you know what others at the age of 23 were doing, like Adele or Taylor Swift? Well, you can bet your push-up bra that it isn't this kind of stuff.

This is the kind of stuff that's gonna burn us out on Miley ... and is gonna burn Miley, herself, out.

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1/21/2015 7:00 AM PST

Get ur #vivaglam nowwwwwww to help raise💲for the MAC AIDS fund 💄💋💖

A video posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Because some things never change, Miley Cyrus is resorting to entertaining folks and promoting causes by throwing her tongue out of her mouth and slathering her saliva on every surface that's been nailed down, thus unable to move away from her. 

Big ups to MAC for a noble cause, but Miley Cyrus, really? You couldn't get someone, dunno, a bit more serious about thing and a lot less ridiculous? 

1/15/2015 8:00 AM PST
Oh man. Watching Miley Cyrus deteriorate right before our very eyes is as bad as ... well, as watching Miley Cyrus deteriorate right before our very eyes, because despite any and all reservations about liking her (it doesn't seem many do) or respecting her (ditto on that last thing), she is talented and she does have a great voice. It's all really sad, and it seems like day by day the sadness only gets more intense. 

You're too good for all this grossness, Miley. Or at least you were, once.  

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1/14/2015 12:00 PM PST
Oh, our bad -- did you think we were going to say "class" for whatever reason? Well, that might've been the case way back when Miley Cyrus was Disney's "Hannah Montana" cash cow princess, but these days it's not class at all ... it's flat-out trash. 

If that photo wasn't enough to put you off this post altogether, you're commended for your bravery ... because Miley's most recent interview with Marie Claire will make you gag even harder than the above pic ever could. Here are a few choice excerpts, and let this be said: Miley must not only pride herself on being trashy, but also on sounding incredibly unintelligent, too: 

"I'm 21, and I have a lot of options of what I could do in my life. And my next album is gonna be really fun. I think I'm going to do a lot of cool things by the time I'm only 25. Then I have longer to do some other really cool things." 

We'll give her a pass on that one ... because yes, it is hard to believe that she's already/only 21. 

"I'm definitely gonna lie about my age at some point. Even though people are gonna already know how old I am." 

Yeah, 'cause there's ever a valid reason for that. Moving on: 

"I don't get Birkenstocks because I was in high school when they were cool and they remind me of being a nerd. I just don't understand how they made such a comeback so quick. I think it's 'cause Céline and Givenchy started making them, so everyone's like, 'We can do a Birkenstock'."

Uh ... 

"I usually am like three hours late."

That's pretty thoughtful of you, Miley. 

Guys, yeah. She's 21 years old and wild and crazy and free ... but don't you think -- even just a little bit -- that she's going to look back on all of this vulgar insanity and shake her head one day (hopefully soon)? Talk about regrets, man. 

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1/9/2015 8:30 AM PST
We've known for a while now that Miley Cyrus has a great big ol' streak of wacky in her, and that's great. She seems to have a whole lot of fun, and good for her. But lately, she's been a little too out there, and it's been kind of scary: remember that bloody photo she shared earlier this week? It's just too much, but she's obviously not planning on stopping the weirdness anytime soon, because she posted that photo of her bloody knee last night. So what's the deal here?

It's just not normal. Normal people don't have bloody incidents like this, and if they do, they don't document them on Instagram. And her caption for this latest photo was "always f---ing dealing," and what does that mean? What is she dealing with that causes biweekly bleeding events? Because it sure doesn't sound good.

Maybe it would be best if Miley could just consider a little break. You know, from everything. No more Instagram, no more partying. Just some nice, quiet time to herself. Some time to pull it together, even if just a little. It would probably do her, not to mention our eyes, some good.

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1/6/2015 6:30 AM PST
Right, so Miley Cyrus is doing a lipstick for MAC Cosmetics' Viva Glam campaign, which is great and wonderful and all that: 100% of the profits made from the lipstick goes straight to "serve people of all ages, all races and all sexes affected by HIV and AIDS." It's an admirable thing for her to take time from editing weird, bloody photos for Instagram and talking about pizza and whatever else she's doing these days to dedicate some time to this cause, and of course we have to support her for that. But she just shared this ad for the product, and it's just ... really?

Yes, she looks gorgeous, and yes, the lipstick looks good, but check out the rest of the photo. She's in a onesie -- a glamorous onesie, to be fair -- with her legs spread and that empty look on her face. Oh, and don't forget those extra special images of those spread legs in the background there! If you threw in some pizza or marijuana leaves or blood, then you'd think you were just looking at yet another picture Miley made herself.

So is this the level she's at now? Is this just her thing? If so, man, this disappointment stings, huh?

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