7/20/2016 3:00 PM PDT

You know, after Tiffany Trump's big speech at the RNC -- which definitely caused less of a stir than Melania's speech -- a number of people were tweeting that Tiffany either looked or sounded like Miley Cyrus. At first, that struck us as a bit of a stretch.

But it turns out they were kind of more right than they knew.

Once upon a time, Tiffany wanted to be a pop star. And ... well, you need to listen to this actual song that she recorded:
6/15/2016 4:00 AM PDT
This is the best Miley's physically appeared to be in a really long time. And the cleanest-looking, too. There's something to be said about the influence of that Liam Hemsworth, there, and man ... if she'd just lay off the weird outfits, we might be in business. 

Who knows what the status of their relationship is -- whether they're engaged or dating or married or merely holding hands in NYC for the headlines hell of it, but one thing is certain: Miley better hang onto this one for as long as she can. 

Things can only go up, right?
6/13/2016 4:00 PM PDT
Well, they would have some supremely beautiful children, that's for sure.

If rumor is to be believed -- and it probably is -- Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are due for a beach wedding sometime later this year. They've been on-again, off-again for a long-ass time, so this seemed borderline inevitable. And, you know, good for them.

But the proximity to their (possible) wedding date is really drawing things into focus, like the possibility that the two of them might follow up on the whole marriage milestone with the children milestone. Given Miley's super gross antics, a lot of people wonder if this couple is really cut out for the parenting gig.

Liam sounds pretty open to it, though:
6/8/2016 2:00 PM PDT
We may have a few questions about this video, but we know one thing for sure: Justin Bieber should stick to his current job (singing in various states of undress). He's pretty good at it.

Not just the undressing part, but the singing. He has an amazing voice. But skill with singing doesn't always translate to skill with doing voice impressions ... clearly.

What's not clear is whether he was just making an affectionate reference to Miley Cyrus ... or deliberately trying to mock her. If it's the latter, he's not going after the recent, gross Miley, but the classic Miley. The oft-spoken-of old Miley. It's a weird video:
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5/17/2016 2:00 PM PDT

As much as we hate to have to side with Miley ... this is bonkers.

"Duck Dynasty" star and apparent Dark Ages enthusiast Phil Robertson has made a movie titled "Torchbearer." And it's one of the movies up for screening at this year's Cannes film festival. Which puts him in such esteemed company as Woody Allen. Take that as you will.

The movie features a lot of footage of Nazis -- in his mind, it looks like anything that's not his very specific brand of Christianity is on the path to a Fourth Reich. Oh, and what appears to be some scenes of him scolding people visiting the Parthenon (yes, there are people for whom that's a religious site, but most of the people who visit are just tourists and Phil needs to chill).

And while he professes to have never turned on a computer and to not own a cell phone (which, we guess, explains some things and rules out his candidacy for personhood at the same time), he still thinks that people should value his opinion on stuff. ... But let's take a look at how he's singling out Miley:
4/21/2016 4:00 PM PDT
We know that this will come as a shock to everyone -- so please brace yourselves. But we're beginning to suspect ... thanks to a few subtle clues ... that Miley Cyrus ... just might have some passing interest in marijuana.

Who knew?

We joke, of course, because Miley has stopped at nothing to make sure that everyone with internet access knows how much she loves pot. And ... we get it. We didn't need yet another photo, this time wishing us all a happy 4/20, to understand.

But we have some serious weed fatigue from Miley's ... everything. Her outfits, her social media, and yes, even her music videos. We support her rights and all of that, but she doesn't need to be so in-your-face about it. It's beyond obnoxious, at this point. This girl can do better.

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4/15/2016 7:00 AM PDT
"I am not engaged, no." 

--Liam Hemsworth, positively crushing all of our dreams, and likely, by virtue, those same dreams belonging to Miley Cyrus.

As you've seen, Miley's been spotted wearing the couple's former engagement ring, and man -- this has got to be some embarrassment, right? Poor Miley, stumping around, trying to put herself out and act like the Miley Liam was apparently first attracted to before "discovering herself" AKA "acting tacky" all the damn time, and man. Harsh. 

As for Liam, we get it, though, boy ... we'd keep mum on a life-long commitment to Miley Cyrus, too -- at least until she figures out who she's going to be one week to the next.