12/15/2014 8:30 AM PST
"I've watched Liam do things I did at his age, like being in relationships he shouldn't be in, or being reckless just to prove a point. And I had no empathy. My mom had to remind me I was the same way." 

--Chris Hemsworth to GQ on his relationship with younger sibling, Liam Hemsworth, and on maybe -- just maybe! -- Liam's relationship with the ever-deteriorating Miley Cyrus.

That's how we're going to take it, anyway. Chris is older, wiser, more established, and judging by the rest of the interview, one of the greatest guys in Hollywood. It could very well be so that he shares our sentiments about Miley Cyrus, and really, would you blame him? (Hell no.)

12/9/2014 4:30 AM PST
Oh Miley, no. No, girl. Yeah, it's your business what you do when you're on holiday, and yes, that terrycloth robe is the best thing you've worn in probably 2 years or more, but you're looking less healthy and less healthy as the days go by. 

We're getting scared for you, friend, and think it's high time that you take a break and hide out in some zen joint somewhere where you can heal and detox and just reflect on where your life is actually heading.

It's not such a bad idea if you can clear your mind long enough to consider it, you know.  
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12/4/2014 4:00 AM PST
This is Miley Cyrus leaving a concert, which might explain why she looks the way she does. We don't particularly like it, but when in Rome and all that, yes? 

The thing is, Miley is just becoming a hotter and hotter mess as the days go by. It's pretty shameful that she's fallen so far in her quest to reinvent herself from "Hannah Montana," and though girlfriend once said that she was bent on "killing" Hannah, we here at Fishwrapper actually think it was Hannah who killed Miley. Mind blown, right? 

Check out more of Miley being ... well, this, earlier in the year. It's still pretty bad, isn't it?

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11/25/2014 9:30 AM PST
This, dear friends, is the latest chapter in the sordid tale of Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus and their beautiful friendship that has wilted and died. Yesterday, we heard straight from Demi about how the two of them "don't have anything in common" and are just "acquaintances" these days, and now, we're hearing some details about what actually happened to tear them apart. Hint: it's basically all Miley's fault.

See, allegedly, the thing is that "Miley is a wild card and Demi has made a point of not surrounding herself with people" like that, because "Demi's sobriety is very important to her." Also, Demi is apparently all about her reputation, which of course could get hurt if she were to be seen with Miley, doing all her crazy antics. Then there's this story:

"About six months ago at a small gathering, both Miley and Demi were there. They were in the same room for a only a few moments, and it was super-awkward, very girly high-school, pretending to ignore each other. They didn't speak, they didn't even make eye contact."

Look, sometimes people grow apart, especially people Miley and Demi's age. It's totally normal, and it doesn't say anything bad about those people, it's just what happens sometimes. So there doesn't need to be any "girly high school" antics, and honestly, neither of them need to continue commenting on it. Demi got sober and smart and amazing, Miley's having fun being young and partying, and both of those are legitimate life choices. So no more awkwardness, OK, ladies? No more weirdness. Just love.

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11/24/2014 11:30 AM PST
There was once a time, many moons ago, when Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus were friends. It was a very different time, a time when Miley Cyrus had long hair and had not yet discovered twerking, when Demi Lovato had not developed the immense wisdom that she has today. But, obviously, things change, and so do people, and that's basically what Demi said when she was asked about the state of her friendship with Miley. You know, except it was a lot more awkward:

“Um…yeah… that, um… we’re, we’re like, we’re acquaintances… it’s life, and people change, and, you know, I don’t have anything in common with her anymore, and I wish her all the best.”

Well, that's nice, isn't it? For Demi, I mean. It sure does sound like Demi cut her out of her life as politely as she could once Miley started her brand new phase of crazy, and that's fine, really. She doesn't need Miley smoking weed and "dancing with molly" while she's trying to be sober and so very lovely. And isn't it a nice testament to Demi's greatness that she's not just slamming Miley and her weirdness?

Be a Demi, kids. Don't be a Miley.

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11/20/2014 6:00 AM PST

... And we only say that for one reason: it's because Miley Cyrus' new commercial for Italian lingerie company, Golden Lady, is kind of adorable. 

Yeah, that tongue is still lolling about, and she's doing her awkward drop-it-low moves, but all in all, her commercial for GL's "Rock Your Legs" line is pretty fetching. Could it be the presence of a new boyfriend that's making Miley's moves seem less desperate? Could be ... but we'll just pretend that Miley's on the uptick and surge it forth with positive thinking. It's gotta happen anyway, right? You know, someday? Let's make this be the start. 

11/18/2014 4:00 AM PST
Oh Miley ... if there's absolutely one thing we can count on from you, it's extreme absurdity, but in this case, we like it -- it's pretty funny, and LOL can you even imagine Miley Cyrus ever having a backside like the one above. No -- that's a joke; it's also a firm, firm 'no'. 

This is what Miley's sharing on her IG page, as if we needed another reason to "break the internet." How about we start a trend called "break the computers (with a hammer, y'all)" every single time a celebrity shows off an ass ... whether it's Kim Kardashian's or not? 

Come on, now, be honest: who's sick of seeing all the butts lately?


Too bad, so sad -- here's more: 

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