2/4/2016 5:00 PM PST
Her unending quest to be edgy continues. Lovely.

A Texas man was arrested for theft, and a stolen Miley Cyrus blow-up sex doll was found in his backpack. We can't even begin to understand sex dolls, generic or celebrity, but our only actual issue with this guy is that he's a thief. Okay, he's a creepy thief.

But Miley wants the world to know how endlessly amused she is, by captioning this with "Yaaaaas." Which is just ... typical and disappointing.

The thing is that Miley doesn't embody that libertine image that she clearly wants ...
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1/30/2016 7:00 AM PST

It might be trying a little hard in places, but it's not bad. It's not.

Zayn Malik's first solo music video, "Pillowtalk," is definitely a departure from his boy band days with "One Direction." There's so much to discuss, honestly, but let's cover some highlights.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you -- that's model and Kardashian bestie Gigi Hadid in the video with him. It's not exactly shocking, since she's his girlfriend. 

We're not super big on psychedelic effects in music videos, but after some of the garbage that we've seen lately, this was pretty refreshing. Because the light and imagery in this video makes sense in 2016 -- it's not some desperate recreation of trippy 1970s blasts of light and color. Other artists who like that sort of effect in their videos (this means you, Miley) should probably take note.

Some people tried to raise a stink because of the naked black woman in the video: 
1/27/2016 7:00 PM PST
There may be hope on the horizon if you miss literally any pre-twerking version of Miley.

So we all know that Miley can't be tamed, but perhaps she can be ... tempered, slightly. Specifically, we're very hopeful that her reconnection with Liam Hemsworth heralds some moderation in her behavior.

And, given that this post was waxing nostalgic about her wacky antics instead of a set of more recent nonsense, maybe this is a positive sign. Maybe we could go back to the "Wrecking Ball" days?

Apparently, however, it'll be a cold day in hell when she sets aside cultural appropriation. Or maybe, just maybe, the milestone we're waiting for her wedding day.

Let us believe in miracles just a little while longer, okay?
1/26/2016 10:00 AM PST
According to Deadline, yes. All the yes, because Miley Cyrus is going to be in Woody Allen's yet-untitled Amazon series, a 6-parter that's said to take place in the '60s. Perfect for Miley and all of her happy hippy horsesh ... you know. 

Strategically speaking, this is the perfect time for something as 'serious' as a Woody Allen project. She's sown her oats, come full circle with all the craziness; that sort of thing -- and now that she's getting close with Liam Hemsworth again and showing off her mature, adult side, it makes a great amount of sense to go ahead and explore other venues of entertainment besides waving dildos a ... 
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1/22/2016 9:00 PM PST
Quick! What's the opposite of a wrecking ball?

Actually ... we guess that "Industrial 3D Printer" would make as good of a song title. Too bad, because it looks like what was "wrecked" a couple of years ago is back together again.

According to what a source tells Yahoo Celebrity, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth aren't just back together -- their engagement is renewed.

"They are both really excited and happy. It might seem fast to people who don’t know them, but they started reconnecting months ago."

We're excited for them -- they're both beautiful, talented people and we want them to be happy. But we also hope that this might lead to Miley, either through greater satisfaction in her personal life or even simply to please her loved ones, tones it down on stage a little.

Maybe we're being overly optimistic for holding onto hope like this, but we used to really, really like Miley. We still love everything from "See You Again" to "Wrecking Ball," but it's hard to talk about liking Miley herself when her recent attention-grabbing, tacky theatrics immediately come to mind.

We've always had the impression that Liam likes a little less of a spotlight on his private life, so it may be some time before we get anything in the form of an official announcement.

Miliam, we can't wait to see you again.

1/21/2016 7:00 PM PST
Well, this is quite the, uh, duo.

Kanye West is known for being a little goofy. "Eccentric," you might say. And then there's Miley, whose most recent displays have been ... well, we imagine that even 2010-era Lady Gaga is like "You need to tone it down a little, girl."

For two years, it's been rumored that Miley and Kanye collaborated on a remix of Kanye's "Black Skinhead" song before quickly burying it. And now, it seems, the (unfinished) track has leaked:
1/18/2016 7:00 AM PST

Miley Cyrus
 is hotter than ever -- or, at least, hotter than she's been in a real, real long time -- so it'd only make sense that she might consider going full-normal and take Liam Hemsworth back so hard that she could be wearing his engagement ring all over again. 

We're into it. We are so, so very into it. And if she'd cut out all the weird, psychedelic ...