Farrah Abraham Went and Reached Astronomical Levels of Annoying Yesterday

5/24/2013 7:00 AM PDT
media_removed_fishwrapper 2013

Whatever, Farrah Abraham. Whatever. Let's be all, "Oh, I know my sex tape is out there, but I don't want anybody to talk to me or anyone else about it," and then be all like, "It's weird that my guy friends from school watched me having #sex @Vivid & then told me #ItWasHot." First, who even uses hashtags when they talk? Second? You're stupid, Farrah Abraham. You're dumb, and you're obnoxious, and everybody sees right through you. 

Yeah, you might have a nice set with a hefty price tag, and a reasonable body to go along with it, but there's nothing aside from $$! going on upstairs, and no amount of mammary glands can make us forget that, alright? 

Silly, silly Farrah Abraham. Girlfriend puts the "twit" in "Twitter." Every frigging time. 

Farrah Abraham: Dumb or Ingenious?

  • So, so dumb. (Hot, but dumb.)
  • Girl's a successful MILF! MOGUL!

--Sarah Taylor 
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1097 days ago

This girl is nothing but all kinds of skank. I downloaded her video...it's definitely a 1 fap and delete kinda thing. Can you imagine being married to this girl? Total Cray-Cray.

2 Replies
1097 days ago

1: youre a skank farrah and 2: everything about you is disgusting. your body is ugly your face is ugly and your boobs just eeww. you need to set your priorities straight and start thinking of your child

1097 days ago

Farrah Abraham is quite obviously in love with being famous, however, orchestrating your own porn movie where you're taking it up the a** is not the way to go about it!

1097 days ago

Why would she do it? Why??

1097 days ago

"First, who even uses hashtags when they talk? Second? You're stupid, Farrah Abraham. You're dumb, and your obnoxious, and everybody sees right through you."

Shouldn't the writer of this article know how to write properly BEFORE attempting to call someone else dumb? To be honest; the writer seems a little jealous considering the "article" was noting but bashing Farrah. She may be one sandwich short of a picnic basket but who are you or I to talk down on her like that. Remember Jenna Jameson... I don't see people mocking her or is that because she was mildly more attractive then Farrah ?!?

2 Replies
1097 days ago

Looks like she just had some bad Baba Ganoush.

Rosie Posie
1097 days ago

She's a total ho-burger Eww

1096 days ago

you think her momma would have advised her on anal bleaching ?

1096 days ago

in regards to your poll...there is no place to click just dumb cuz this biatch is not hot. also i think if she is going to continue to stoop to newer lows she might want to look at anal bleaching. Brrrrrrrr

cecilia fraser
1096 days ago

who care about her sex tap

1096 days ago

Everyone does silly things when they are young! She does not deserve to be hated on like this.

1 Reply
1096 days ago

Farrah wants to show her child the video at 13 years old. That is disgusting and borders on incestious, which in turn deems the whole situation child neglect/abuse. Her child will soon be nothing more to her than a pawn to use in the celebrity fame whore game. And when she is no longer of use and cramps her style, she'll cast her aside, and turn THAT into another way to shoot her self back into the tabloids. I hope she's already on CPS's radar. In fact I pray she is, or that little girl may end up being very abused someday.

1096 days ago

The only person dumber than Farrah is Sarah Taylor.

This is nothing but verbal diarrhea from a $hit writer.

I can't believe I spent a minute reading this article: 30 seconds reading it once and another 30 seconds re-reading it trying to understand what the point was.

1095 days ago

If you want this stupid chick to go away, then STOP giving her ANY kind of press. THAT is how she is getting by at this point. Idiots that continue to post stories and pics about her on line and keeping her in the news is what is driving this bitch. Just stop talking about her completely, and she will go away. Right now, even negative stories like this one are just feeding her rise to semi-fame. Let it go and stop posting about her. We want her gone too!

Spell Check
1095 days ago

Farrah Abraham. You're dumb, and YOUR? obnoxious, and everybody sees right through you.

YOU'RE welcome.

Fort Lauderdale
1095 days ago

I cannot imagine looking at my daughter in her eyes once all of her friends start making fun of her about her mother being a pig. If she tries to explain this and make it acceptable, she will then be bringing that baby into this world. Please somebody in her family, step in to save the baby.

Fort Lauderdale
1095 days ago

I have no respect for Farrah, I find her selfish and truly disgusting. She is a pig! However, my heart breaks for her little girl Sophia. If my daughter had ever come home from school and wanted to go over and play at her friends house, whose mother is a slut porn star, there would be no way. Sophia is going to be subjected to that as well. There is no mother in the world who will want her daughter hanging out in her house. If you want to live you live as pond scum, fine, but not when you have a child who will be impacted as well.

1095 days ago

Just can't but notice how all the articles I've read by ST have been rather petty and spiteful. Very Perez Hilton 2009, minus the penises drawn on faces.

2 Replies
Issa bout the craft
1094 days ago

you could put a penis 3 times the size she had in her butt and she'd still have that stupid look on her face...

1025 days ago

Am I the only one in the world that thought she was an idiot during the show? All I can remember her saying is "OKAY MOM". Geez Farrah your parents were taking care of your child while you went away...most people struggle but not you. What a disgusting moron.