Amanda Bynes Basically Just Divorced Her Family, and That's Some Sad Stuff

5/26/2013 5:00 PM PDT
You guys have been real troopers, you know, following the crap out of this Amanda Bynes story. It just keeps getting stranger and sadder and somehow more and more bizarre as the days go by, but this -- well, this is a whole new ballgame, and it looks like Amanda's even tossing her parents right out of the pitch at likely the worst possible time in her whole entire life. 

After launching a Twitter campaign against Rihanna this afternoon, blasting her for being "ugly" and telling her that Chris Brown beat her up because she wasn't pretty enough, she made yet another statement (on Twitter, of course) that she was suing NYPD for sexual assault, that she did nothing legally wrong, and oh, right -- that she'd rather see her parents be "homeless" than "live off" of her money.

Here's the statement in its entirety:

"... to say I wasn't offended being treated like a mental insane person/criminal on the night the cops illegally entered my apartment, found nothing, sexually assaulted me, then arrested me taking me to a mental hospital, then locking me up all night for no wrong doing us criminal on THEIR part. My lawyer and I are taking this mistake extremely seriously! You cannot illegally enter my apartment then take me to mental hospital without any grounds. I have never been so offended in my life. They found nothing criminal on me or around me, one cop then sexually assaulted me, so I'm suing for all of the above! I'll be happy when I get money compensation from the cop who assaulted me and NYPD for wrongfully arresting me and having me put into a mental hospital and jail overnight! I don't want to keep talking about it. My lawyer is taking care of it for me. My real friends don't talk about me on twitter. Also, never trust or listen to a word any person from my family says to the press. I am suing them for money laundering/unethical manager work, I never signed a contract with them, and they had been stealing my money without me knowing, claiming they were managing me somehow when they have no right to act as if they did anything to help or enhance my career and I want $ back that I earned on my own. I'm 27 and don't like when press talks to my parents. My parents are almost 70 years old. We are no longer on speaking terms. I would rather them be homeless than live off of my money."

Harsh, Amanda. Way harsh, girl. 


--Sarah Taylor 
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1095 days ago

You are delusional, crazy, drug addicted, stupid, an idiot, etc... Wake the F$#K up, you are very talented and used to be pretty... You are now ugly and a stupid.... GET HELP!!!

1 Reply
1095 days ago

Wow, sad!!!!

1095 days ago

They didn't care when she was raped by that Nick producer.
It's HER money, not their's.
I'd feel the same way.

1095 days ago

Sad, sad, sad. Of course, her parents didn't help her when they were driving her to auditions and paying for lessons for her - she was always naturally talented and she beamed herself all over.

She's so far divorced from reality. I hope they are able to do a Britney on her before she does an Amy Winehouse on herself so she can be in the "27" club.

1095 days ago

Rhiannon, WTH are you talking about??

1095 days ago

I can't wait til this idiot gets her due. She wants to sue everyone in town. When they put her stupid ass in jail in NY,They will eat her up..So next time you need a cop you drugged out piece of shit, Call a cab.....

1094 days ago

She rants well!

Geo McDonald, III
1094 days ago

I know she says she is 27 years old, but this little girl really needs emergency help. Either she has regressed in the maturation process or she simply got to a specific teen age and for some reason stopped growing emotionally at that point, remaining to be, for example, a 14-year-old girl.

How tragic it is that her parents are at their 70s and Amanda still acts as if they will live forever. That is a classic maturity problem that teenagers go through, which is even more of an indication that she is thinking and acting like a teenager and not a young woman. I say that, not in support for her parents – I know nothing of the issues between them – but for hope that all parties could come together on a foundation of love and work through them.

I don't know who this girl is – I had to scroll up to find her name to add to the paragraph above, so I have no preconceived ideas about her. I have simply read in this online paper and a couple of other stories about her and her extreme mental issues.

Finally, I hope the other commentators here aren't yelling at her, mocking her, swearing at her or being ugly in their comments. In situations like these, we need to call upon our humanity and realize that we are watching this young lady publicly self destruct, which could even possibly lead to her death.

I pray that there are good people around her to whom she will listen and get some in-depth help before it's too late.

1 Reply
Amanda Best
1094 days ago

Amanda Bynes is a very angry girl. She is ugly when "offended". Weak, childish people are easily offended, and even look to be so they can feel powerful by lashing out.

This is what happens to indulged people who only think of themselves. Their world gets petty and small. Most folks work and/or volunteer their skills to feel good about what they offer the world and to be content in life.

I wish that feeling of worthiness for the sadly lacking, superficial and currently mean-spirited Amanda Bynes. Get a job, look beyond yourself, strive to be a women one can admire. Your privileges demand it.

1094 days ago

Awh, I think this freak out is sadder than any other celebrity freak out. She needs help, even if not meds... I hope she gets some rest and a break to take care of herself soon. I suspect this illness, moment of discontent, started during her first "retirement".

Warren Latto
1094 days ago

the over/under is 2 months before she ends up in jail, an institution, or death....either way her career is over no one will ever want to work with her. Hope it was worth it! Now do us all a favor and go away and take those disgusting studs out of your cheeks, gross!

1094 days ago

She's mentally ill. She's not an idiot or a slut or any of these things you assholes like to call her. She's sick, and she needs serious help. It's scary how often Americans see a sick person and you either turn a blind eye or call them 'scumbags' or some other name. Then when these same people you deride or ignore turn violent, you sit there scratching your head wondering how these tragedies could have been prevented.

1094 days ago

The assholes attacking her below should be ashamed. You are not God how dare you judge someone you don know. You are the evil in this world. Amanda is just lost and hurt, and trying to plead for help. But you commentators...should be locked up in a prison and analyzed.

Judging someone you dont know, and have never met. Shameful.

1094 days ago

People have no idea what it would be like , or what they would be like, if they lived the life she has. She was huge from childhood. Now, not so much.
Poeople like to go off about things without putting much thought into it.

1094 days ago

I don't know who these unqualified people are who interviewed her on the psych unit of the hospital, but they need to find new careers because they have no business in health care! She is CLEARLY suffering some kind of mental breakdown at break fast speed. Either she is a Bipolar Paranoid Schizophrenic (which typically can start to really show at her age and decline is rapid) or she could quite possibly have a brain mass or stroke which in some cases the person starts to behave erratically and aggressively. Long story short...she needs help before she harms herself or god forbid someone else.

1094 days ago

My solution for her. Take away her phone or any electronics. Have her work with less privilidged ones who never ever got a chance like she received. Maybe go to another country and see what the soldiers or piece volunteers have to face. See how the orphans and the poor that were not so lucky to be born at the right place have to do to survive. The only mistake her parents made is giving her the opportunity to become a child star. It is sad but I think before the age of approximately 25, it is hard for a person to embrace fame or sudden success and if they have issues anyway then its much more difficult. Fact is as you grow older and if you don't use certain skills in your life, you can very well forget it. Unfortunately, I don't believe she ever had to struggle, just hope its not too late for her.

1 Reply
1094 days ago

this girl need some serious help. She gone be dead soon if no ones helps her.

Issa bout the craft
1093 days ago

I think the forced trip to the loony bin may have been a try by familly to regain controll of her mony through conservitorship/ gardianship. Her trial starts on July 9. I wonder how much dammage control a lawyer hired publisist can help her with before that court date comes around. The twitter tiraid is killing her credability.