Will Smith Understandably Got Upset When His Family Was Compared to the Kardashians

5/28/2013 3:00 PM PDT

Best thing all day -- there was this interview where Will Smith basically said that the Kardashians and their empire of fame are crap, and his family just doesn't get down like that. Of course, he used way more eloquent terms than "crap," or phrases like "doesn't get down like that," but you get the meat of the story. Bottom line is that the Kardashians aren't even all that unlikable as a whole to just the common folk -- other celebrities (well, except for Kanye West, but everybody knows he's kind of "special") don't even care much for them. 

Here's what Will said when he was asked what the Smiths' lives were like in comparison to the lives of the Kardashians -- and burn:  

"For our family, the entire structure of our life, our home, our business relationships—the entire purpose is for everyone to be able to create in a way that makes them happy. Fame is almost an inconsequential by-product of what we’re really trying to accomplish. We are trying to put great things into the world, we’re trying to have fun, and we’re trying to become the greatest versions of ourselves in the process of doing things we love. So the idea of fame or exploitation or orchestrating the media is sometimes even less than desirable for us."

Haha, guys. Oh man. How amazing is that quote? The thing is, too, if you read the rest of the interview, you'll have noticed that he was pretty much ticked from the moment the question about the Kardashian comparison even came up (and rightfully so). 

Will Smith wins the favorite person award for the day -- the end!

Are the Smiths Like the Kardashians?

  • Heck yes!
  • Hell no.

  --Sarah Taylor
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Issa bout the craft
1096 days ago

Unlike the Kardashians.. this is a hard working cohesive familly producing music and movies which arnt tied to the porn industry.. I would be upset also if compaired to a bunch of skanky whores...

1096 days ago

Give me a break, the Kardashians work just as hard for dar less money... the Smith kids have been handed everything they have gotten, if they have real talent it will endure long after mom and dad are out of the picture, Will smith is a hypocrite, he pimps his kids like no other,, I am sure that when Jayden was what 4 he signed a contract to star in a movie with his dad right??

1 Reply
1096 days ago

But he lets his kids hang out with them. Not sure I understand. If he's so against it wouldn't he not let his kids hang out with them??

1096 days ago

All of these stars, manipulate the media in one way or another. Who is better than who?

1096 days ago

Both families worship the same god "Money"

1096 days ago

You can't really compare. No doubt that Will has talent, but it wasn't passed down to Jaden or Willow. Their music is heavy autotuned and neither can sing live. Jaden on stage is like a mini version of his dad. I don't think either would have a recording contract or Career if is wasn't for their dad's fame.

1096 days ago

perhaps Mr. Smith should keep an eye on his daughter -- she has changed/shaved/colored her hair how many times and she is how old? Her way of dress, a little control on her 'individuality' may be in order. She is growing up way too fast. I am with him on the other group, he just needs to remember the 'people in glass houses' quote.

1096 days ago

Did Will Smith find a cure for cancer? What a load of crap his comments are.

1096 days ago

His son has been photographed with the Kardashian kids. What a hypocrite. Just this past weekend young Jaden was rejected admission at a nightclub....he's 14. He should be playing skeeball at Chuck E Cheese, not trying to get into a club with Selena Gomez.

1096 days ago

I guess he forgot about the media frenzy when he was in Brazil with Kanye and Kim. Also if your son is best friends with one of the Kardashian teens, obviously you have no influence or concept of reality. The Smith's have not sheltered their kids from the media or fame at all - their kids could still have produced "art" and been sheltered from the media until they were legally adults as many celeb families do. The interview proves that Hollywood has completely distorted his concept of reality, he does not walk the path he preaches.

1096 days ago

I like the Kardashians; but I am under no illusion that they are talented! They have no talent, they're nice and have a nice family but they clearly have no talent. Most of the Smiths are talented, the wife started out acting, single before her husband. The two are vastly different!

1096 days ago

In the '80s smith realized that in order to sell one album he either had to be talented or whip out the knee pads..he chose to whip out the knee pads and said..okay I'll do it..he publbicly slammed actual musicians and actual performing artists..cuz his claim to fame is that he accomplished the ability to not swear in his songs...awesom...decades later he is being reminded of his past and how he actually accomplished his career knee pad wise..of course the kardashians are as screwed up as his family...I really have zero respect for these manufactured "a-lister stars"..they stink..

1096 days ago

I would be insulted too. The only thing the "K"s have produced was a Not Guilty finding for O.J. Simpson and porn. I do not understand the public's fascination with big a-sed ho's.

1096 days ago

I appreciate Will trying to keep his cool and make a great point, but just come out and say it like it is Will.... "we have talent and those fame hungry, classless skanks dont...if it wasnt for OJ Simpson and Ray J, the world wouldnt be subjected to the kardasians...

1096 days ago

First of all the Kardashians don't really have any talent. They are experts at manipulating the media and generating interest in themselves. BUT they don't 'do' anything. Will Smith is an actor and has also been a successful recording artist. He is making money off of what he does. His children are following in his footsteps which is not that unusual. Michael Douglas father was an actor named Kirk Douglas. So that ain't no big thing. If both kids keep working they may attain the same level of success as their father. But the Kardashians are manipulating people's nosiness and have turned it into multi billion dollar business. Not the same thing. Now I don't blame the Kardashians at all. I don't watch them because I don't give a damn about them. Who cares what they do? If a camera followed me around all the time there is no telling what you would see too. But the Smith's are a family of working actors and performers. The Kardashians are part of the whole 'reality' b.s.

1096 days ago

The Kardashian claim to fame is a sex video made by Kim. They've been sucking the junk of life ever since with no talent or skills to show for it.

Mike Anthoney
1096 days ago

Will needs to be quiet and let the K family do what they do best which is making money. If you don't like the K family then maybe you people need to get your own life and stop worrying about them being skanks and all the other names people call them. It takes a lot of talent to create and operate all the money making businesses they have.

1096 days ago

That's funny Will....The only difference between the Kardashians and the Smiths is the Kardashians are Christians and the Smiths are members of that whacko Church of Scientology!

1096 days ago

HAHAHA--- Glass houses, baby. How about you let your kids grow up and then let them do what they want?

1096 days ago

Isn't his son dating or have dated Kylie Jenner?? Plus he lets his kid hang out with Justin Bieber. Really? His daughter can't sing and they promote her all over the place. I have not seen the son do anything so I can't comment. Weird.