Quotables: Ethan Hawke Explains Brad Pitt Cheating on Jennifer Aniston

5/31/2013 10:00 AM PDT
"Why is Amadeus, Wolfgang Mozart a genius? Angelina Jolie was born to whittle men, to make them weak. And when she kisses you, you don't know your name." 

--Ethan Hawke on the thing that basically anyone with two independently operating brain halves already knows: Angelina Jolie is a golden goddess, and there's basically no one better in the whole world when it comes to beauty, philanthropy, family, and self-awareness.  

Ethan is, of course, referring to that time he played opposite Angelina as her love interest in the thriller "Taking Lives," which came out in 2004. Nine years later, guys -- nine years later this woman is still at the forefront of his mind when it comes to thinking about sultry, pillow-lipped seduction, and you know what, too? Nine years later, Jennifer Aniston's thinking the very same thing -- especially when it comes to stuff that happened nine years ago.

That's some serious staying power right there. 

--Sarah Taylor
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1078 days ago

A better explanation might be, some men will never be brave enough to leave a woman they're not in love with until there's another one waiting to catch them. It has nothing to do with 'pillow lipped seduction'. Brad Pitt was just a coward. End of story.

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alice kelly
1076 days ago

jennifer aniston supposedly told brad that she would try to get pregnant when friends ended. instead she kept putting him off in order to start her movie career. that went on for a while and he got tired of waiting so he divorced her and took up with angie. i don't believe in men leaving thier wives but if jen would have had kids he'd probably still be with her but her career was more important so really u can't blame brad for moving on.he seems really happy with angie and the kids. you gotta give them credit they do help people that's for sure. JMO

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1075 days ago

@alice kelly: thanks for saying "supposedly". It was long confirmed that Angelina had that story concocted to justify her unabashed pursuit of a married man. The truth was that when she had the story put out to the press, she didn't know that Jennifer had suffered a miscarriage. So, though it was an accident, she attacked/slammed and really hurt Jennifer Aniston, who did nothing to her, twice. Granted, Jen didn't have to be passive. She chose to be and lost her husband because of it. There's a lot of women that would have beat the crap out of Angelina. It's unfortunate that she corrupted the moral code big-time because I know personally of several women who saw her as their hero that got their behinds lit up-- one was in the hospital for a few days.

Never justify going after a married spouse (man or woman). It's an attack on the marriage and on Almighty God as the covenant created in the marriage ceremony is a promise to God as well. Just because it's not publicized doesn't mean Angie-dear didn't get jacked personally in other ways. Karma is a u-know-what... Now she just has to hope no one tries to do to her what she did to another woman now that she has who she wants. It is what it is...

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1075 days ago

Yeah well brad was married and cheated! If he wasn't happy in his marriage tell jen and make sure its a mutual understanding between each other before he went and stuck it in that sloo simple.

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1072 days ago

There is no comparison between Angelina and Jennifer. Brad essentially said he was high the entire time he was married to Anniston. Anniston is a vapid, surface oriented, low talent actress that seems quite self absorbed. Angelina is beyond gorgeous, a superb Mother, a philanthropist of the highest order and sexy is all hell. Choosing her is a no brainer.

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1071 days ago

I'm confused. The headline here is "Ethan Hawke Explains Brad Pitt Cheating on Jennifer Aniston."

I don't know about any of you, but I did not read one word in this story concerning Brad Pitt cheating on Angelina. Brad Pitt's name isn't even mentioned in the story at all.

I despise trash sites like this that draw you in with a headline that has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual story.


4 Replies
1071 days ago

to those of y'all that want to act like jenn deserved it and angie didn't do anything wrong, you do realize that this is the SECOND married man she has cheated with right? billy bob thorton was married when he and angie got together, he left his wife and married jolie.. she obviously has an issue with wanting what someone else has and proving she's better than other women...theres a reason she says she has NO friends, and brad is "the only person she talks to"...bc no women trust her...brad looks like hell now that they're together anyways...jen had him at his best..lol

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1069 days ago

Anyway you look at it. Brad and Angelina were wrong. You at least separate or divorce your wife before moving on with another woman. I cannot stand watching either Brad or Angelina. They should remember "what goes around comes around ".

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shelly harding
1065 days ago

1st how do any of you know how these people think and behave? You don't know these people. I like both Jennifer & Angelina. The bottom line & truth is Angelina gave an interview denying any relationship w/ Brad. She said and I quote" Her father did that to her mother( had an affair) she would never do that to another woman" then she did the photo shoot w/ Brad & the kids on some magazine cover. So she is a liar. The rest I don't know because none of them have told me their side

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1059 days ago

Thank you! I knew I wasn't the only one who remembers this. The cast of Friends did an Oprah special. She spoke to the women and asked each one if they were going to have children after the show (Lisa if she would have more). Courtney said, "Yes," while Jen made a sincere face and said, "Yes. I want to. Brad has been wanting children for a long time and I'm about due to give him a child." Then after Friends, she did The Good Girl and then other movies. Brad made himself busy and found another woman who would have his children.
Whether male or female if someone wants children and the other one doesn't or is stalling, it is rarely impossible to make that relationship work. It's obvious to see he wanted children. He adopted AJ's son before they had other kids. He was ready to have a family.

1055 days ago

No one mentions that Brad Pitt had this philosophy and expressed it to Jennifer that he didn't believe in marriage to one woman lasting forever......and Jennifer said she didn't want to start a family with a man who couldn't commit to her that he'd stay around and raise their children together. No wonder she was delaying getting pregnant....Brad was not sounding too solid as a husband who would stay with her.

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1055 days ago

Billy Bob Thornton was NOT married when he and Angelina got together. He had been engaged to Laura Dern but said publicly that the engagement was over when he took up with Angelina. Dern has said the opposite, but she has no room to talk since in a previous relationship she had, it didn't bother her one bit that the man that time was married.

1055 days ago

RC, there is no "supposed" about it. Brad Pitt was on television at least twice talking about how excited he was for Friends to be ending so that they could start a family. That is what he thought was going to happen. We all know the choice selfish Aniston made. She brought about the demise of her marriage because she did not want children at that time, no matter what she says now. He did and when it didn't happen, he walked. He would have left her whether Angelina came into the picture or not.

1055 days ago

SO Long ago and so tasteful to give it a rest forgiveness is good all have obviously moved on give it a rest

1022 days ago

My opinion is who cares what is going on in the lives of our movie stars I don't, but I do find them very entertaining. Angelina Jolie is a spoiled brat that was born in the spotlight I could not imagine living with her or even being romantically involved with her. But she is talented I will give her that. And Ethan Hawke? Brad Pitt? Jennifer Aniston? Really people... They are actors playing the general public as fools, that is what they do best. Who cares what they do in their on time I don't but I am irritated because a majority of our population seems to care. WHY! you don't know them and they really could care less about you. It is shown through Angelina Jolie's actions herself-- she helps people and adopts kids from other countries to gain what? We have kids & people here in America that is living in poor living conditions too. It is all about her and the praise she gets from the public I think it is ridiculous. I think we need to focus on the more important ideas in our nation, for example: the state that our economy is in and face it and as a whole try and salvage it.

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1015 days ago

I had read an article stating Brad did not even attend the last taping of "Friends" because by that time he was involved w Angelina. If that is true, which I tend to believe, how was Jen supposed to work on having kids with him after her show ended if he was already with Angelina? So your argument of Jen not having kids pushed him away doesn't really add up. Angelina had swept in and Jen didn't have a chance to even try to become pregnant.
I was done w any type of respect for Pitt after reading that. His wife was on that show for years and he is not there for her last one, a very emotional time when you need your partners support? What kind of guy does that? yeah-exactly

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994 days ago

look, we don't have to *know* these people personally to get some inkling of deeper motvations in their lives. Jolie left billy bob because he would not have child with her--and she adopted maddix. brad pitt has always had higher goals in life than just making money and looking good. Jennifer A is obsessed with her body in a ocd way that has seen her avoiding having a child--no matter what 'reason' she gives. brad is stand up guy and was dumped by gwenth before annison got him. I don't think brad is a typical 'abandoner'. I think Jennifer strung him along and he realized he was not going to have family with her. I think angie was right there with a ready made family already and it just fit together. alhoguh I hate a cheatr, I don't think brad meant to hurt anyone, but was just faced with evertything he wanted in angie--and the family thing is very strong in many people. you cannot be happy with a spouse who doesn't want a child when you do. angie may have given brad too much family too soon. she seems to be the driving force of adopting children and this has to be a different way of family than maybe brad was expecting. its way different to have one biological child at a time than have 2-5 adoped children and biological babies who all need you all at once. however, brad has stuck in there and he seems to be cool with all of it. and despite jen having money, she still gives nothing of her time or wealth to the greater good..her pursuits are hair styles, clothes, yoga, and landing the next 6 month relationship. brad and angie are give back people with high end minds who see the world much differently than someone like annison ever will. while I would not wish the pain of what happened to her on anyone, I do feel that the marriage of pitt and Anniston was more based on brads midwetern desire for traditional values than it was a sure bonding of pursuits and heart.

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994 days ago

First of all, Jennifer Aniston dug her own pit (no pun intended). After "Friends," JA thought she would become a BIG movie star...NOT! Perhaps she married Brad Pitt b/c she thought it would boost her boring career. Obviously, did not work out that well for her. I have reluctantly seen a few of her movies, all of which seem the same...BORING! She may have been good while on TV, but her movies just remind me of "Rachel". Again, BORING! She has no range and is a lousy actress. All of her "movies" are the same old same. As far as Brad Pitt...I will never condone what he did and have not been a fan of his after what he did. Although, if I were a man, and were married to JA, I might have to be stoned 24/7. She is a downer. Even though she is currently engaged, she is too old to start a family, and even worse (when she was younger), she even admitted it would ruin her career and ruin her body. She looks pretty good for her age, but give it up sister. You will never be anything more than "Rachel." All of her money comes from residuals from "Friends." Good for her...she is very wealthy. I would bet my last dollar that her engagement will not last, let alone get her to the altar. She is a self-absorbed, talentless B, and that's pretty much it.

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993 days ago

Dear Hollywood,

I hope & pray that folks realize the difference between lust & the seriousness of a God-given marriage covenant.

Acting ought not include kissing another actor as this violates the trust within a marriage. Please realize that any "feelings" that one "thinks" they have on-the-movie-set are merely emotional intensity which is nothing to base a relationship upon. Relationships take hard work, lots of time, commitment. More time. More talking.

More devotion that it takes to get-into-character, learn an accent, and getting-the-lines-right. Marriage is about showing up on-time, early-to-set and performing like you are up for an award.

Maybe if there were a Hollywood award show for long-lasting marriages, y'all would do a little better?

983 days ago


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