Let's All Hold Hands and Feel Righteous Anger Over Johnny Depp's Words

6/20/2013 1:00 PM PDT, by
You've heard people talking about that "Lone Ranger" movie by now, right? And the the things you've heard probably haven't been all that great. Let's just face it, friends: it doesn't look like a good movie. It looks stupid and boring and -- let's just say it -- maybe a little bit racist. And yes, we're looking at you, Johnny "Tonto" Depp.

We don't need to discuss every single reason why Johnny Depp playing the character of Tonto is a bad idea, but we all know that there are a whole lot of them. Alternately, if you're Johnny Depp, there are no reasons why it's a bad idea, because it's actually a very good idea! Are you confused? So is the rest of the world. But here's Johnny's argument:

"I wanted to maybe give some hope to kids on the reservations. They're living without running water and seeing problems with drugs and booze. But I wanted to be able to show these kids, "F--- that! You're still warriors, man."

Can someone advise Johnny to get in a time machine and go back to an era where he made good movies and didn't say ignorant nonsense like this? Because that is the worst statement ever. If he wanted to give some hope to those kids, then why not actually cast one of those kids in the role? Or why not make a whole different movie that's actually positive for Native Americans? Or why not think before you say stupid things about your stupid role in your stupid movie? Any of these options would be better than what just happened there.

Oh, friends, don't you ever just look at Johnny Depp sometimes and go "What happened?"
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1075 days ago

He is Native American and was trying to inspire them to want more than what a lot of them see and live around. Maybe you need to do some research on the subject you're writing on. . .

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Steve Durey
1075 days ago

Hahaha, sorry, Johnny Depp is still waaaaay cooler than you.

1075 days ago

Uh, you DO know that Mr. Depp is part Native American himself, correct? And that he has been recognized and praised by Native American groups who are happy with his portrayal of Tonto in this film?

So......how exactly does wanting to inspire kids make him a racist? Or ignorant? Maybe you didn't like the movie (I haven't seen it, as it isn't out yet), but I don't see where his comment contained hateful speech or incorrect facts.

1075 days ago

Why is his comment ignorant nonsense? Johnny Depp is part Native American .....as a matter of fact, Native American groups have honored him for his portrayal in the film.....and so both the actor and at least part of the group he's representing are happy about his portrayal of an iconic character and the fact that he worked to make it as historically accurate as possible. Maybe you don't like the movie (I obviously haven't seen it yet, as I'm pretty sure it isn't released to the general public until July), but how does his desire to give kids an inspiration make his comment "ignorant"? What facts does he have wrong, exactly?

Also pretty sure that an actor playing someone of a different lineage doesn't make them a racist (and, as previously stated, Mr. Depp has on many occasions let everyone know he actually is part Native American.) if it does, then we must have a tremendous number of racist actors. There are tons of actors who play people that don't have the same background as themselves.

1075 days ago

Hey Emily are you really that fucking stupid? How is Depp being racist he's saying these kids have no running water no food...I'm sure its hot as fuck on these reservations that means you have to be a true warrior to survive out in these kinds of conditions.

1075 days ago

Shut up. He said nothing wrong. Instead of sitting on your fatass, bitching about what he is doing, why don't you do something.

1075 days ago

Sorry there are two comments from me...when I tried to post the first time, I got a system error message so I tried again. It picked up both!

1074 days ago

Hm. Well that is interesting.

I for one, am Blackfoot, however I didn't get offended that my brothers weren't cast for the role, and no one in my family seems to be offended by this.
Did someone pull the Red card? LOL Because this is the first complaint I've seen/read about the film, and if so... Where were they for all the other films with Native roles??

Anyway, I'm glad he took the part for good reasons at least, For me it looks to be worth watching and I know his performance won't be an amateur one.

It could be much worse, have you ever seen the old western films? Johnny Depp at least looks a helluva lot more Native American than say.. Burt Lancaster and Charles Bronson LOL what a slap that was. They could've cast Jim Carrey and just painted him reddish-brown, Think about that for a second.

I'm saying, at least he is in part & really has the looks to Fit the part. I'm not going to have a fit over it.

Sure there are Native American actors, but it doesn't seem so Serious as to really need one. Plus, how many celebrities have made it known just how many people on reservations have no running water? At least he made an effort. Moving along, I've got bigger bread to fry =p

1074 days ago

Yeah youre way off here girl. What he said isnt ignorant and I dont think many people look at him and go "what happened" hes still hot as hell and still makes really good movies most of the time. Nobody is perfect.

1074 days ago

I dont see anything wrong with what he said in his statement. I do think this article is reaching and making something out of absolutely nothing.

1074 days ago

Yeah your way off base here, research before you blog. <3 Johnny Deep

1074 days ago

Yeah your way off base on this one. <3 Johnny Depp

1074 days ago

go to hell you fucking bitch and do your researches before opening your big fucking mouth. he's part native american and nothing happend to him he is great at what he is doing and making a very good movies. why are you talking as if you saw the whole movie bitch? it looks great and it will be a smash hit. Fuck you pathetic loser