Quotables: Miley Cyrus is Going Through a Mid-Life Crisis, I Guess

6/26/2013 4:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"We're very similar ... we both are, we both are [so high we don't know what our names are]." 

--Miley Cyrus to Jimmy Kimmel on how "similar" she and Snoop Dogg Lion are, because if "Heartbreaks and Ashtrays" wasn't enough of an indicator, then the fact that Miley's been taking most of her fashion advice from Rihanna lately should make up for the rest of it.

What's Miley even going through? Well, you know. Maybe you were her kind of girl (or guy) when you were a young, impressionable twentysomething. Maybe you weren't the one who was all sorts of focused on getting into the best colleges or even trying to maintain a semblance of corporate young adult on the rise, and that's OK. That's where Miley's head is at (well, there and all up in some burned-out ashtray with Snoop Dizzle [Lizzle?]) -- at least on a meta level, guys, but it's fine. 

She's gonna be just fine, promise. 

Oh, but also, there's this -- watching Miley loll around rhythmlessly on a guy's lap while she performs "We Can't Stop" for a throng of shrieking fans. It'll make your day, promise:  


Man, girl. You really can't be tamed, huh?
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Jack Holland
1064 days ago

As expected from Miley, she gives a contrived, mediocre performance lacking passion, soul and believability. I can't seem to understand what Miley actually does well enough in order to deserve the fame she enjoys. I give her a 'C' as a singer, a 'D' as an actress and another 'C' for attractiveness. There are truly talented people in her age group, such as Jennifer Lawrence, who can actually act and deliver the goods. Good thing her time on the world stage will be severely limited by a lack of talent.

1064 days ago

WTF was that? I've been a musician for 30 years and done more gigs than I can count. Again, WTF is this? She's riding a guy at the start in front of 10,000 13 y/o's???? Weird. If you allow your child to go to these concerts, don't be surprised if they come back pregnant and on XTC...not necessarily that order. TMZ, are you being sarcastic or just "cool"?

1064 days ago

.....I'm embarrassed for her. It's a shame that she thinks this = growing up/maturing/being a badass...she's not the greatest singer, but she can sing, she can act...and she truly was funny in Hannah Montana. It really could have lead to so many different things for her. It's pretty obvious she got a little messed up along the way..wether it was being a huge child star, or her dad, mom, management...but she obviously feels like she needs to put it all out there for attention, and it's sad.

1064 days ago

WTF did i just watch??????

1064 days ago

How embarrassing. I think it's all been done before. Trying so hard to push the limits with a f**k you, I'm cool song. Complete with humping both girls and guys. Too bad she decided to take this route. I feel her shame.

1063 days ago

What a piece of trash. She is so desperate, isn't she? There is no way she was singing live either. Her career is going nowhere. She will do anything to be relevant. No talent and can't sing.

1063 days ago

She's completely lost as to what her identity is. She can't act and her music career isn't much better,if she continues to smoke she won't have what's left of that either. She should take a break,go to college get some education and stay out of the limelight for a long while. Tattooing,stripping,using foul language is just her way of getting attention and acting out. She will continue to push the envelope because as Hannah Montana she was all that but as Miley Cyrus,she isn't. I see a blowout like Britney coming very soon,having it all doesn't bring you true happiness,she's a mess and needs help!

1063 days ago

ewww... she looks and acts like straight up white trash...

1063 days ago

Face it. Cyrus is a pig. She looks like a 12 year old boy in drag, sounds like a 90 year old chain smoker, and has a rotten attitude to boot. Personally, I say to hell with her. She's a no talent hack that THINKS she's pretty. Just like Bieber.. Those two belong together... Crap, meet shit...

1063 days ago

You rocked it Miley! You go girl!

1063 days ago

I didn't know Justin Beber had a twin brother!
I guess she don't realize that she is a role model for thousands of young girls.

1063 days ago

doesn't she look like Justin Beiber? Are they one and the same?

1063 days ago

My GOD what a filthy disgusting pig this kid is. YUCK!

1063 days ago

If you want to see a true talent for singing (4 albums), acting (3 successful shows), dance and be sexy for days from this 34 year old:


Miley needs to needs to Go. To. School.

1063 days ago

Now she is just getting boring with the same old act of trying too hard. "She's gonna be just fine, promise." Don't make promises you can't keep.

1063 days ago

shes built like a lil boy,she aint even cute.!blah...

1063 days ago

WTF....im sorry...she confuses me. Such a pretty face but looking like a prostitute aint working.

1063 days ago

She's trying too hard

1063 days ago

Wasnt this Britney Spears a few years ago??? what a boring performance. she had no energy and just blah. yeah you can always scream screw you for so long before everyone is over it. she needs to give it up.

1063 days ago

Those high notes were the only impressive thing I've seen out of her in her career. The rest of the performance was tacky and embarrassing. I feel bad for the parents who let their kids idolize her and paid hundreds to go see her in concert as Hannah Montana. Everyone else knew exactly how it was going to play out

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