Quotables: Amber Heard Tries So Hard to Impress, Si?

7/10/2013 12:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"... Wild has a negative connotation to me. It recalls a Lohantype approach to life. 
My embarking on a journey to question a religious system, to demand or beg for answers, is, in and of itself, wild, but for me, it seems morally and intellectually imperative. I’ve always acted in what I thought was the best way possible."

--Amber Heard on what it means to live a "wild" life, and if a life of sleeping with a legend like Johnny Depp isn't considered "wild," then who really knows what is. ... Oh, wait. No. Amber knows what is -- it's her "embarking on a journey to question a religious system, to demand or beg for answers." That's wild, but don't get too bent out of shape -- it's just Amber being Amber, because that's who she is. She needs these things to stay alive, guys, and they are so, so imperative. 

Real talk? Eyeroll. Major eyeroll. This is what Johnny Depp left Vanessa Paradis for? This? Because man. The 27-year-old Amber Heard is (hopefully) going to look back on these weird, indulgent, canned interview answers and guffaw in a few years. Guffaw, for real. Because laughing just isn't even a good enough word for it. Like how regular old life and crashing on the couch with Johnny and potato chips is so totally pedestrian, "laughing" is, too. And because Amber is embarking on a spiritual journey with whom Johnny Depp is an "imperative," intricate moving part dependent on Amber's intellect and scintillating powers of recollection, these things paired with her eerily-accurate internal compass are sure to result in ... well, you know. Something. 

See? Anybody could throw a whole bunch of big words around in hopes to be taken seriously, but the fact of the matter is that it doesn't always happen that way, friends.  

Oh, and Amber, honey? You aren't famous enough to be throwing Lindsay Lohan under the bus yet, OK?  

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1050 days ago

I think she was referring to her bisexuality and previous relationships.

Lautaro San
1050 days ago

So, according to Sarah Taylor Amber Heard isn't "famous enough" to speak about Lindsey Lohan...and who the heck is Sarah Taylor anyways? ... right, a nobody!

1050 days ago

Not sure that's really the point. The point is that when the biggest thing Amber has done is a shitty Nic Cage movie and a shittier zombie movie, she doesn't get to sneer at Lindsay. No matter how large (and in this case superfluous) Amber's vocabulary may be, she's still a D lister who's biggest achievement to date is making a huge deal about coming out and then immediately hopping onto the sleaziest peener she could find. If someone challenged you to name even one of her character's names without using IMDb, could you? Probably not, but you can bet that we all know who Cady Heron is.

1050 days ago

Good god, you sound like a 50 year old woman obsessed with Hollywood celebrities. No wonder you don't have to intelligence to assuage such statements - don't dumb anyone down to your lowly standards, please.

1050 days ago

tired of Amber being referred to as a wild child or free spirit just because she eats snatch. so stupid. self indulgent is more like it. and the chick is the worst actress EVER! When Johnny dumps her, chances are, we will never see her again.

1049 days ago

Amber Heard will be a nobody in two years, when Johnny snaps out of his mid-life crisis and gets rid of her controlling arse.

1049 days ago

If? If what? (in regards to the article's title)

1047 days ago

Amber's just another attractive, ambitious, untalented & unprincipled social climber. Vanessa is a very talented actress, but if you read her interviews or hear her speak, you will see she's not too bright, either, but is very arrogant. Neither of them even graduated high school. Long before Depp & Amber even met (2008), there were rumors that Depp was unhappy & would leave Paradis as soon as the kids got a little older.

1046 days ago

Francie..the reason Vanessa didn't finish high school was becasue she was already a famous singer/model in France...not becasue she was too stupid to do so...as far as her interviews go, you have to take ones with someone whos first language isnt english with a grain of salt, things get lost in translation, i have never gotten the sense that shes arrogant or dumb...

1 Reply
800 days ago

I still am stunned that Johnny Depp has thrown away his dignity and respect and family for this self centered, fame seeking nobody! Amber Heard is absolutely repulsive. She actually brags in articles about how much she loves to shoot and kill innocent animals! She also...gag.. sometimes skins and eats them. She kills for sport mostly though. She brags about all of her guns and with every word that spews from that gross mouth of hers she manages to offend yet another group of people! So we can add animal killer to Amber Heard's resume`, along with home wrecker and gold digger and fame whore!

746 days ago

The statement made by Amber Heard doesnt even make intellectual sense. I have only one answer for
Johnny Depp's engagement to Amber Heard..Mid life
Crisis for him..and Gold Digging whore for her..Id say
Please,please Please have her sign a prenup before doing anything Legal..and if he wont..Well. I guess he
Deserves to lose the fortune he's amassed...cuz sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. .this union will not last.

725 days ago

I am so glad that I am not alone in my low opinion of whats her name.. HEARD. (I am sure all she cares about is a name check) She is so arrogant and self absorbed, i have never heard a kind or decent word out of that hillbilly mouth of hers. She contradicts herself from one sentence to the next. For the life of me I don't know what johnny see's in her. Her looks are average, there are so many more beautiful, and talented and smart and good hearted women to choose from.This is the best Johnny can come up with? Every time she speaks she gets more and more unappealing.I am really questioning Depp's judgement here. It seems the entire planet can read this girl and everything she stands for but he just can't get past his own ego to see her for who she really is.