Eminem Is Really, Really Mean

8/27/2013 4:00 PM PDT, by

Warning: this video contains adult language because it's an Eminem song, duh.

All right, look, it's not like any of us ever thought Eminem was a great dude who made fun, happy music with beautiful themes of love and kindness, but there's still a line somewhere, isn't there? Well, there should be a line. There isn't one, obviously, because Eminem just released a new song, and here's part of how his little ditty goes:

They say that love is as powerful as cough syrup and Styrofoam
All I know is I fell asleep and woke up in that Monte Carlo with the ugly Kardashian
Lamar O, sorry, we done both set the bar low

All right, now that's not nice. It's not even true, either -- has he ever even seen Khloe Kardashian? There's not really any such thing as an ugly Kardashian to begin with, but it's most certainly not Khloe. Also, did Eminem really have to do this song right now? Really? Don't know if you heard, but Khloe's sort of going through a lot right now, and it probably doesn't help to hear this douchebag call her ugly and apologize to her crack-addicted, semi-estranged husband on her behalf. 

But hey, way to be, Em. Way to be.
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824 days ago

Nobody likes this fag anyway. He never made good music, just a wannabe.

7 Replies
Foam Finger
824 days ago

Oh please...like that beast and her trash family deserve our sympathy? At least we know what Em's talents are..can you explain K-Dawg's? She hooked up with an athlete..like Kim (USED TO)..Like Mommy did..and even like her Daddy (come on, he was on O.J.'s dick...but Em has done and said way worse in life...come up with something a little better than the "poor, little rich guy..err. girl w/ druggie husband she married for ratings" angle to judge..

Stephan B.
824 days ago

Couldn't make it the whole way thru, hard and edgy though, never heard anything 'bout Kardashian and her baller, oh well

Zeroh Tollrants
824 days ago

I'm new here, but doesn't anyone know anything about rap, or keep up with current releases, since its a pop culture blog? C'mon NO ONE likes the KKK family, and rap is about dissing. I'm sure Em cuts everybody on this new album,its SS vol 2.

823 days ago

Yea right, whenever someone says "the ugly kardashian" we all think of her. Do I think she is ugly, no. But in comparison to her sisters, she would be the "ugly one".

And this is a major release. The first single off an Eminem album. What, do you think he recorded it last week? I am sure he recorded it a while ago. Dr. Dre said a while back, Eminem was done with the album. It's not like he heard about their troubles and ran in the studio to make this song. Is he supposed to rewrite his first single at the last second, because she is having a tough time?

But lets be honest here. This is the Kardashians we are talking about. They are probably elated that he mentioned her to keep her 15 minutes going a bit longer. Kim even said she was "honored" when Eminem talked about her. And now the kardashians are probably trying to figure out how to get him to talk smack about the third sister. They live off people making fun of them and talking about them. Excellent publicity, having Eminem talk about you. And we all know the kardashians never met publicity they didn't like.

822 days ago

Ha defending that scum family? You must be on their payroll, all of them.are ugly and can all die a horrible death.

822 days ago

Sorry I have to disagree. There is absolutely nothing about Khloe K that says "fragile". Now maybe the state of her relationship with Lamar may be "fragile", but her as a person. Nope.

1 Reply
822 days ago

LMAO that was funny. Of course it's not true though, because Chewy is NOT a Kartrashian. She's a Roldan.

822 days ago

Smurf, you are so right. They do make a living because of people talking about them. They can't sing, act, or host a tv show. But if we start not talking about them, their Mama will come up with some BS story or they will start running out to get their photos taken. I am glad to see EM is coming back. He does have talent, yes some of it is edgy, but we know to expect it.

822 days ago

They were talking about the new baby.

822 days ago

Eminem is a sad ugly little man. There is no such thing as an ugly Kardashian. Say what you will about that family, there is one thing you cannot take away from them, they are gorgeous, and Khloe is very beautiful.Has Eminem looked in the mirror lately? He should concentrate on his own ugliness, which is inside and out.This music sucks.

1 Reply
Julia Albanez
822 days ago

eminem sucks as a rapper. shoulda never made a come back.

1 Reply
822 days ago

"There's not really an ugly Kardashian." Are you kidding?? They're all ugly where it matters most!

822 days ago

I used to think Khloe was the pretty one in that family. Even through out her size changes. she was the one with a decent personality and had real people type skills unlike the rest of them not including Bruce. it seemed to me that she was more of a peoples person unlike her troll sister Kim. Then she puts Lamar's personal issues on Blast for the world to know. Gotta sat with a wife who does that, who needs foes?.! I could see her saying something if he got arrested for this or blew all his, and I stress HIS money. I don't know how he could go back to her after this but who am I. What happens in his house is his business. As long as he goes to work and does his job why is it any of our business. Its kinda like she took a page from Kims book and could give Lamar a hard life from here on out. I still cant believe she did this. She knew telling certain ppl about this, that it would get out. Shacking my head. theres my 5 cents

Vedder of Rensselaer NY
822 days ago

Eminem is an actual skilled person with talent. The Karsashians are famous for having sex and making our youth dumber. What are the kardashians famous for? They make sex tapes and talk about the nastiest shit on thier show that our children watch but yet we defend them when one is called ugly lol. Eminem gets called names and no one says shit but you call a kardashian ugly or fat or something and the whole world comes crashing down. Get over yourselves. Most of you can't even name who the vice president is but can name the whole kardashian family and thier spouses. Is thier something wrong there? I think so

BTW the whole Kardashian family is a waist of breath and dont do shit for society except distract us from the real news and cause problems. Kylie thinks shes the shit driving around and texting days after she got her licesnse and slamming into people. Who cares tho cuz mommy and daddy warbucks can just throw some cash and make it go away. until they kill someone and learn the hard way

2 Replies
822 days ago

Khloe is very beautiful. and she only knows what love means.Em how about talk about your own life drug,ur mom and ur daughter

822 days ago

I agree with Smurf and Vedder... He already made the song a long time ago not over the weekend... Plus I'm sure it's not the first or last time someone is going to call Kloe or any of them "ugly"... I'm pretty sure they've been called worse. Ciao obviously you don't listen to his music...he's already done that unlike this family that just keep talking about fame and money..oh and their "family". I'm just excited to hear Eminems new album...YaY. :D

Mr Poop
822 days ago


822 days ago

What the hell is that mess??

822 days ago

Not a K family fan at all but their looks have made them the empire they are.. Khloe, yes not the best looking one of the bunch but I wouldn't say ugly or fragile.. EM- you keep making that music dude.. hope this record is better than the last..

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