Dr. Laura Needs to Retire -- NOW

8/30/2013 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Dr. Laura Schlessinger -- a conservative radio host -- just slammed Miley Cyrus for being a "disgusting little pig" and "little miss piece of s---," whatever that second thing even means. Seriously, "Little Miss Piece of S---"? An adult actually said that? Grow up, Schlessinger. 

Naturally, Dr. Laura was referring to Miley's twerking incident on the VMAs, and when cornered about her take on it, she said, “There is a place for the Miley Cyrus’ of this world … and it’s in whorehouses and bars! And if you are a parent who takes your kids to see her, you are a moron and you should lose your parental rights!”

First of all, no. No. If you have a concern, Dr. Laura, this is not the way to air it. This is not the way to go about being taken seriously, especially when you're talking about a 20-year-old girl. Miley's performance was not overtly sexual, it was overtly uncomfortable. It was not overtly whorish, it was overtly sad. Slamming her by calling her sexist names and squawking that parents should be stripped of their rights for taking their children to see Miley's performances? That's possibly even worse than calling her a "pig" who belongs in a "whorehouse." 

You're 66 years old, Laura. You've probably got grandchildren Miley's age, or will someday. Take a step back, get off your high horse, and put the mic down. Even if they LOLed all week long at Miley's performance -- and they did -- not many reasonable people are going to come forward and have your back. You're just as pitiful as Miley's performance was ... but in a majorly different way.

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1005 days ago

I heard this broadcast live and I think Dr. Laura hit the nail on the head. She said there's a place for behavior like this- in Whorehouses. She is absolutely correct and I'm happy that someone had the courage to say it. My favorite quote from her broadcast "If I were a Pedophile, I would go to a Miley Cyrus Concert. Because all the kids are sexualized and all the parents are absolute morons."

You Go Dr. Laura!

Mr Poop
1005 days ago

Sounds about right.

Miley's performance wasn't overtly sexual?

Okey doke

1005 days ago

Give Laura a break. Yeah she's 66....so what? At this rate, Miley will be forgotten by 26, thank goodness.

1005 days ago

I think she was spot on, 100%. That performance was OVERTLY sexual, and disgusting! Is she wants to act like a stripper than a stripclub/whorehouse is where she belongs. Don't worry, she'll fit right in! Get real Sarah Taylor, Dr. Laura was 100% right!

1005 days ago

Laura Schlessinger is right Miley Cyrus does belong in a whorehouse im only 18 2 years younger than Miley Dr. Laura Schlessinger maybe 66 but she is right on when it come to miley

1005 days ago

What rock do you live under?? You must have missed the so called "performance"!

1005 days ago

why is justin beiber wearing a sports bra

1005 days ago

The Doctor was just saying what any reasonable responsible adult thought who saw that ronchy nasty "performance" that was a nasty 20 yr old acting like a spoiled 3 yr old who had just found her private parts and can't stop playing with herself......She was nasty, dirty, disgusting and in No way , shape of form was she entertaining.....and like my granny use to warn us kids...."You keep sticking that tongue out of your mouth like that and somebody's likely goina cut it off " . but then again she has been hanging with that soul eater photographer Terry Richerson....who eats the very souls out off any young person he comes into contract with ...don't believe me go look at his photos of young kids he like to hang with they all are empty eyed....and Miley is just his latest victim....

1005 days ago

well, she's right

Mr Poop
1005 days ago

Sarah obviously hasn't seen anything overtly sexual for a while.

We can fix that. Sarah, go to the Dearborn Street station at 10:00 pm tonight. Find stall number 3 in the men's room, put on a Lone Ranger mask, pull down your panties, and whistle Dixie.

Sorry I can't make it. I'll be at the Cubs game, but someone should come along shortly. I'm sure they'll be happy to enlighten you

1005 days ago

I totally, 100%, agree with Dr. Laura.....

1005 days ago

Saying Miley's performance was not overtly sexual is absolutely absurd. She was wearing skin colored (for some) clothing, and very little at that, shaking her butt, hanging her abnormally long tongue out, licking a married man, touching his junk with a foam finger, then used same foam finger as if it were her penis. Wait you're right, that's not overtly sexual it's completely and totally whorish!

1005 days ago

Seriously? Not overtly sexual?? Did you even see the performance? It was disgusting and yes, it absolutely was whore-ish and Miley has turned into a little piece of S***. I think Dr. Laura was absolutely justified in her opinion of Miley's performance. She is no longer Hannah Montana and she is no longer a performer that small or younger children should be allowed to see. Dr. Laura was dead on

1005 days ago

Of course a woman with wolf p--sy would say that.

1005 days ago

"Little Miss Piece of Shit"...can I get that on a t-shirt?

1005 days ago

I don't necessarily agree with calling her a little piece of s***, but I agree that what Miley did on stage belongs in a strip club or whorehouse. I don't think parents who let their kids listen or watch Miley should lose their kids, but they should certainly think twice before they do it. I wouldn't want my daughter strutting around like this in front of millions of people. I wouldn't want my kids gyrating on married men or on teddy bears and dressing like she just got off her shift at the local strip club. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though, even Dr. Laura, whether we agree with that opinion or not.

1005 days ago

I'm not a fan of Dr. Laura but she is correct here. A 20 year-old is not a girl, it is a woman. Miley was overtly sexual and overtly uncomfortable and she was disgusting.

Amanda D
1005 days ago

I am SO unbelievably tired of this writer. Is she an actually employee of this website or just a lonely blogger who has nothing better to do than defend the girls who, as Ron Burgandy says (and no one says it better) need to "Go back to [their homes] on whore island!"? If you don't think reenacting pornographic sexual maneuvers with a foam finger and grinding your little white girl a$$ all up and down a married man and father (who is MORE to blame than Miley and really shouldn't get off as easy as he has..no pun intended....) isn't "overtly sexual", then I'm really trying NOT to picture what your vision might look like.

1005 days ago

i agree dr laura...she is a little pig...and an ugly one at that!

1005 days ago

Dr. Laura is right, Cyrus is a first rate PIG. For those who don't know, this means Mylie takes being a PIG to the inth degree because she is a natural...PIG!!

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