Quotables: Miley Cyrus Might Have Just Explained Her Whole Weird Problem!

9/1/2013 12:00 PM PDT, by

“I have so many f---ing issues. I am so f---ed up -– everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up. I don’t have a normal life. I take a hiatus every now and again, but I’m not good at that. All I do is work, so I eat to live and to keep going. People are impressed with me ­because I can sleep for just 45 minutes -- I’m used to it. Because I work so much, I’m always on the road so I eat healthily. I have to give my body what it needs to keep going and if you don’t then you will crash and burn. I don’t get to work out. I do yoga and 30 push-ups every day and try to get my mind right.”

--Miley Cyrus allegedly reveals what everyone already knew: girl's got issues.

Everyone is aware that Miley can't stop, and she won't stop, and she owns the night or whatever, but can't she just take a break from being 'bout that life? In her own wise words, "we run things, things don't run we," so can't "we" just go chill somewhere for a while? It's not going to happen anytime soon, of course, because #BANGERZ, but maybe around Christmastime she could stop for a while? Just regroup, maybe try to remember how to keep her tongue in her mouth? It would good for us all, I think. Every single one of us.

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1001 days ago

Where am I when all these hiatuses occur?

Lisa Diaz
1001 days ago


1001 days ago

This young woman is on a course for a major crash & burn. If her parents were smart they'd intervene BEFORE her mental problems get worse.

I have a feeling they'll keep their heads buried in the sand & pretend she's just fine & defend her terrible choices. Any parents who thought it was a good idea to do that naked photo shoot of father & young daughter AND also make the pictures public are a major part of the problem. They're more interested in fame than in self-respect.

Now that Amanda is finally getting help & the Kardashian empire is falling apart, the media will be even more anxious to find the next crazy celebrity to entertain the public.

1001 days ago

How about everybody just leave her the hell alone? Stop talking trash because everybody makes mistakes. So the eff' what if she sticks her tongue out and twerks all over the place? We should all remember that we ain't perfect either. I mean shiiiiit, I wouldn't mind if you were "PERFECT" and you haven't done one wrong thing in your life but guess what? YOU HAVE. We all have our own problems. So instead of judging others on their mess, why don't you just go home and check your shit first?

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jan Rendine
1001 days ago

Can I just add there would be less stress as to her looks on stage if she was confident enough to where a Versace outfit or other designer. How many Versace dresses did I See that night. You tell me! You tell her to grow up, are you there in the morning with her juiced breakfast to be sure she is getting her vitamins and she exercises; if she was doing this, she would not sleep 45 minutes any night. Who is her stylist and I do not mean her hair which needs to be replaced completely. What are you parents doing with this 20 year old, economy is still bad, most 20 year olds are still home living with their parents. What are you people about anyway!!!She no longer works with Disney, this would mean you are her guides. No more cartoon character clothes - they do not work in the 21st Century and we all know already China does not own her!

1001 days ago

Miley needs to go away for a while where she can take a deep breath and give her head a shake, otherwise she will for sure crash and burn. The VMA's were a good example of a girl on a train wreck and soon enough she will explode. Do we really need to see that? We have already had to many examples of this bad behaviour in the past!

1001 days ago

We're all sick and tired of you and your


1 Reply
1001 days ago

Its funny what she considers "work". Chick never really worked a day in her life. Sticking your tongue out and shaking your ass isn't considered "working"

1001 days ago

It's kinda amazing, gene simmons can stick his tongue out his whole career, and as someone else said, singers have been "shakin their asses for years" it just went by a different name...Was MTV that in the dark at the rehearsal, I think not...so really who's to blame...did I turn to something else...YES...just not my taste, and I'm a HUGE Robin Thicke fan, trust me, next week, Lady Gaga will sit naked on a stone again and life will be good, really are there not more important things to worry about, let poor Liam deal with all her issues...

Tony and Tina
1001 days ago

The girl is mental. At this point, all we can see is that she seems to have a smelly mouth. Hasn't anyone, a dental hygienist, her parents maybe, told her a white tongue equates stink? Please girl, scrape and brush your tongue if you can't keep it in your mouth. A bra would be helpful as well. And oh, maybe a little bit of talent. That would be nice.

1001 days ago

Umm.. and maybe some drugs.

1000 days ago

Take a break... your health and happiness are more important than your career.

1000 days ago

Sorry... Not buying this crap. She admits and flaunts the fact she is a drug user. Prior to her gross display performance she was bragging how hers was going to be MORE SHOCKING than anyones prior mentioning Britney & Madonna. And Btw although rehearsed even Robin said things she did were unexpected! If you noticed he just stood there, he was not grinding! Plus when HIS dancers came out Miley acted jealous and really got disgusting wanting to take Robin's thunder! Never once did she consider her fiancé Liam! She's always acted like an idiot with the tongue, this wasn't the first time! She does it at big time photo shoots! Liam needs to find a lady not a girl that wants to act like a rapper dude! Her saying she has issues is trying to cover up the embarrassing backlash! She should have focused on her vocals.

1000 days ago


1000 days ago

30 PUSH UPS a day? For real? Fark, i can barely do 1

1000 days ago

And she sleeps for just 45 minutes? erm there's a word for that: Cocaine.

1000 days ago

The only work this brat does is go on Twitter and beg people to vote for her or buy her latest crap.

1000 days ago

her poeple are just trying to save her career great PR Move

1000 days ago

No one is putting a gun to her head, are they? She's self absorbed and knows exactly what she's doing. Terrible role model and no morals. Train wreck. Choo choo.

1000 days ago

What a train wreck!She really wants people to know that she is grown woman that loves sex.Ok, we get it. You want to be sexy? Just put on a dress like Selena wore and show up with your gorgeous fiance. That is sexy. That is grown up. Not that horse and pony show that she put on at the VMAs. I'm so sick of her acting like a stripper.Maybe she should just make a sex tape and get it over with. Just make the tape with Liam, that would make it worth watching!

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