Heidi Klum Needs Attention Too, Y'All!

9/16/2013 1:00 PM PDT, by
Heidi Klum
seems like a sweet lady, right? She's absolutely gorgeous, obviously, and "Project Runway" is pretty great, oh, and she and Seal used to throw some killer Halloween parties, so she's probably at least halfway all right. But this thing she said about Miley Cyrus? It's just dumb. Sorry, but it is.

"I'm sort of in between chairs. On one side, I like that she pushes the envelope and she owns it. There is right now no one who is like her. But at the same time, do I want my girls to dress like that? I don't. Do I want my girls to look up to the way she performs? No, I don't. I have to say I am a little in between chairs. I think as an artist you have to have your own [expression] and not copy someone and express yourself and that's what she's doing. I'm a little here and a little there." 

Look, can we get past being absolutely scandalized by Miley already? She's wacky, we got it. She can be super annoying. Her twerking schtick is awkward. She's trying to show everyone that she's a grown up. But she didn't murder anybody, and she's not going to be the downfall of society. Please can we just stop acting like she's dangerous or something and go back to talking about how ridiculous she is?

Also, Heidi, your daughters are nine and three. If you have to worry about them dressing like Miley and looking up to the way she performs, you probably have some bigger fish to fry, girl.
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984 days ago

Hey I gotta idea.... if you truly wanna "get past being absolutely scandalized by Miley" then maybe stop posting stories like this

Logic hurts dont it


Stephan B.
984 days ago

Her comment wasn't dumb to me at all. On the other hand some of the journalist's comment wreaked of stupid. Just saying, A Fishwrapper Fan

984 days ago

Her comment made perfect sense to me. The only part that was different was that she said "two chairs," instead of "two minds" like we would in the U.S. Since she's not American, she used different phrasing. So what?

Maybe she's just too nice to say what you want her to say, which is that Miley is ridiculous. Grow up!

Estelle Johnson
984 days ago

What she said is not dumb! The so-called "journalist" who wrote this IS dumb! We don't even know the source! Maybe Heidi was asked about Miley and she just gave her opinion she never said that Miley was dangerous or something! Emily Trainham you really suck my dear!

2 Replies
984 days ago

What part in her statement was dumb? She didn't describe Miley as dangerous. She's just concerned about the image Miley is portraying, especially for young girls. Goodness! Try to read her comment again!

984 days ago

You know what is dumb??? Sleeping with your bodyguard while you are still married and act like you guys started dating after you broke up with you husband...Heidi Klum. Before you judge Miley make sure your life is perfect.

984 days ago

Wow Emily Trainham you are the dumb one here . Heidi just gave her opinion here ... you ar so ridiculous putting words that she didnt say . You should get fired ASAP . Miley is an artist young and beautiful . Let her be idiots !

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984 days ago

This writer kisses Miley Slut-rus's ass while she twerks on her face. What an idi0t!

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984 days ago

I don't see a problem with what she said. I completely agree with her. Pretty sure she wasn't speaking literally about HER daughters. She's making a statement. "I wouldn't want my daughters to dress like that".

984 days ago

I agree with Ray, and this isn't about Emily. Heidi literally gets naked in front of her kids at the beach with a body guard she slept with while married? Please, maybe her kids will be like her instead of Miley.

Emerald Jonz
984 days ago

Sorry Emily, I don't see the big deal. Casual type of conversation. I guess we gotta go sensational so we can get the clicks on the article, huh? Journalism is not what it used to be.

984 days ago

Heidi, do you want your children to know you slept with an employee while married to their dad?

Do you want your children to know your are still paying your boyfriend to be "your bodyguard". He has no job but to hang with your family?

Worry about your children and hope they won't be like you.

984 days ago

Says the lady who posts pics of her ass on Instagram. I'm sure her kids would be proud and not embarrassed at all.

984 days ago

I think is you, Emily Trainham who is in need of attention,,, loosen up gurl..!

984 days ago

The articles written by the fishwrapper staff often seem petty and just plain stupid. What Klum said is absolutely accurate. I get it. I understand Miley is a 20 year old girl and many 20 year olds make outrageous choices. It is a time of exploration into finding out who you really are and also a time to let loose. Klum understands that this is normal but at the same time would any parent want their child out acting like a whore and doing drugs? Absolutely not. Let's face it. There are probably many young ladies looking up to Miley thinking what she does is cool. Klum doesn't want that type of influence on her child and as much as it is a parent's responsibility to keep their child from certain things kids do have a mind of their own. Klum is the smart one. This article is what is dumb.

Observer_The Lovely
984 days ago

......... But at the same time, do I want my girls to dress like that?

Depending on how old they are and what they look like.....I'd rather they went nude like Heidi...

984 days ago

I just made a tinkle

984 days ago

Emily, I think your comments are the ones that are "dumb". Seriously you are so far off the mark and Heidi is the one who is spot on....Especially when it comes to her concerns for her daughters. You're judgements seem to be a wee bit "off" to me. (Please don't procreate for a while k?)

984 days ago

Emily Trainham...this is just plain silly. I have to wonder if Heidi was ASKED her feelings on the situation, and this was her very elegant, thoughtful response.

Please Emily, if you need attention this badly, do it at a real a**hole's expense, not a caring Mother of two young girls, who has a right to weigh in on the matter.


984 days ago

Why do we always assume that liking a song.. or a person.. or a movie.. means our kids need to 'look up' to these people?? I mean how many hall of fame musicians are druggies.. we love the music.. do we 'look up to them' for our life lessons and values??.. or do we just love their music?? Why is everything an issue of 'looking up to' ?? Why can't we just enjoy (or not) what performers give us and leave it at that? Why are they suddenly held up to 'idol' status? You can't do that , you are an 'idol' to kids. Sorry you are you first... I have never seen anyone claim to be an idol... you don't get to label someone as an idol and then dictate, praise or berate their actions when they don't meet 'your' ideal of what the person should represent. We are all our own individual selves who do what we do. Like it or not.

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