LeAnn Rimes STILL Doesn't Get It

9/22/2013 10:00 AM PDT, by
Isn't it so crazy how, after all this time, LeAnn Rimes is so unaware of what it is she does that upsets people? It's like she's just walking around, totally oblivious that a lot of what she does is wrong and rude and just plain ignorant. And this weekend, she did a whole, whole lot of that.

It started when someone tweeted -- not even at her, either -- a quote about Brandi Glanville from a "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" preview. Here's what she said: That was dumb, right? This was a message that wasn't about her, it wasn't to her, and it didn't involve her at all, yet she still felt the need to comment on it. And when some good citizens tried to explain to her why it was wrong of her, she just couldn't understand: Well, what a whirlwind of nonsense and foolishness. See, even when people try to explain it in a calm, rational way -- "you shouldn't say negative things about your stepchildren's mother, LeAnn" -- she's still a hot mess of ridiculousness. It just doesn't make sense, does it? Something just doesn't add up.
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975 days ago

LeAnn replied to her friend and photographer Sara Hertel @HertelSara tweet. She was with LeAnn when she tweeted about Brandi.

975 days ago

Everyone else has Miley's cameltoe up...you have this shit!!!!

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975 days ago

We have been watching LeAnn circle the drain for many years...When Brandi came on RHWBH, it became clear, to sensible people, she is struggling...Grow up, get off twitter,and tend to yourself,and your family.

1 Reply
Fighting the Good Fight
975 days ago

Things never 'add up' when the character in question has an officially-undiagnosed personality disorder

975 days ago

All that therapy for nothing. Just. Don't. Engage.

2 Replies
975 days ago

OMG this trick is so fucking obnoxious. This is an article worth reading because NO ONE likes LeeAnn Rimes. And whatever to whoever wrote about Miley CamelToe--that's sick shit and thanks for having a bit of class and NOT posting that.

975 days ago

What was she, drunk? What a pathetic mess that was. I was impressed by some of the other people, though.

975 days ago

Whoa! She brings all this drama on herself. Loose lips sink ships.

974 days ago

Clearly a breakup is coming. She got fat and now she's skitzing up on twitter! THOSE KIDS WILLALWAYS BE MINNNEE EVEN WHEN EDDIE DUMPS MY ASS! MINE I TELLS YA!

Brandi better watch those children like a hawk when the breakup happens

I Was the Wife
974 days ago

She be cray cray. "Speaking truth" = wayyyyyyy cray cray.

They aren't your kids. Now let go of Eddie's ankle; you're hurting him.

2 Replies
974 days ago

She is immature is all!

974 days ago

what a mess. she is so blinded by her hatred of that woman she can't even see simple logic. (isn't it logical to anyone with a working brain that it could be harmful to a child to constantly speak ill of their mother??)everyone makes mistakes, but her inability to ever acknowledge she is wrong just makes me want to get a gas can.

974 days ago

A little advice to LeAnn from a Step Mom - Keep all opinions to yourself. Be good to the kids when you have them, say nothing negative about their Mom in front of them or in public. Support a healthy relationship between Dad, Mom and kids. Stay out of decision making involving kids. You basically become a glorified babysitter and friend to the kids. You have to accept this for it all to work. Trust me.

4 Replies
974 days ago

@MaybeNot Leann, if you didn't want to seem so transparent you should work on your middle-school grammar. If these minions don't matter, why are you here wasting your time defending yourself?

Mr Poop
974 days ago

Speaking of Miley, I bet her clam smells like puppy breath

972 days ago

Definitely not a good idea to say negative things about your stepkids' mother to them or in a setting where they may end up hearing it. That's clearly selfishness, she's not thinking of the kids when she does that, she's thinking of her own anger toward their birth mother, not what it might do to the kids to hear those things, especially coming from their stepmom. But, I'm not sure why that last Twitter reply to her was even there. Gloria Hufnagel is wrong. Just because she didn't birth those children herself does not mean that they are not her family, not her children. It seemed like an irrelevant tweet to put up, since it had nothing to do with trying to explain to her the actual reason why it was wrong for her to say what she did, and definitely wasn't said in a calm, rational way.

Rolling my eyes
972 days ago

Eddie Cibrian cheated on Brandi Glanville, NOT LeAnne Rimes. Having watched RHOJ, I can not say that I blame him. He probably should have done it LONG before. Brandi Glanville is a HORRIBLE shrew. That does not mean that LeaAnne needs to respond to her though. I can understand her wanting to defend herself but... She really should learn to just ignore. There are a bunch of women who like to condemn and throw stones, but LeAnne Rimes is only guilty of cheating on HER husband, NOT that self centered, vacuous bitch Brandi. She does however need to put on a pair of big girl panties and realize that not everyone is going to support her truth, understand it or even care. Just move on. The best revenge against the haters is to be blissfully happy!

971 days ago

Good God, she looks like an old haggard Hillbilly. Way tooooooo much moon shine LeAnn

970 days ago

Bottom line Leann has put up with way to much. Poor Eddie he thought by divorcing Bitter Brandi, he was done with her crazy hot mess. I can't stand brandi, she is the one that needs to move on. Why are people so hard on Leann? I don't get it? nobody says crap about kelsy grammer mistress?

2 Replies
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