Another Day, Another Series of Immature, Attention Seeking Tweets from LeAnn Rimes!

9/28/2013 8:30 AM PDT, by
You're probably never going to believe this, but yesterday afternoon, last night, and this morning, LeAnn Rimes has been on Twitter, tweeting catty things about Brandi Glanville. I know, I didn't believe it either! But she is, and it's silly, so let's talk about it!

The whole thing started when LeAnn heard that thing that Brandi Glanville said about how hard it was to deal with LeAnn trying to hijack her family. It started with this: Because everyone can tell that's a really mature thing to say, right? Because just ignoring it isn't an option when you're LeAnn Rimes. It also isn't an option to NOT stay on Twitter all day and talk about it: OK, and then after that, someone responded to that very first tweet, the smart ass one, and asked her if she saw what was going on, and LeAnn answered "didn't see anything been working," like she was talking about something else the whole time. She also said that her tongue bleeds "on the daily," because lord knows she never talks about any of this. And then she had to post a few pictures, like the one you saw at the beginning of this mess, which she captioned "some individuals have it backwards. #justsaying," because har har, Brandi's lying. She also posted a photo of her Halloween decorations, saying "my hubby is the cutest" for decorating, and a photo of her closet, because her "sweet husband" got someone to organize it. It's just ... really?

And of course it's not over, she had to rub it in more: And THEN LeAnn replied to a tweet that's since been deleted by saying "there's levels to this s--- lol just heard my new jam," and then another woman tweeted that "this is EXACTLY wut this ass told me..said Me n my kids deserve our 'asses whooped' LEANN says its her new jam," so she's saying the original tweet was about that and LeAnn was into it? I don't even know, but regardless, this is an amazing display of foolishness and ... nope, basically just foolishness.

LeAnn, honey, just quit, all right? Ignore it. Why can't you just ignore it? For the love of everything, just ignore it
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972 days ago

IS this LeAnn Rimes (Busta Rhymes' white country showbiz cousin but less talented) creature famous for ANYTHING other than:

A: Being on twitter and having random twitter wars with random losers
B: Stealing the husband of some chick with a long neck, kinda googly eyes and a bad case of fillers and botox filled typical LA face who is yet still hotter than LeAnn (stupid, misspelt name too).
C: Being scary skinny and allegedly addicted to laxatives, which must be gross for the stolen husband who has to live with her constant poo smells lingering around their house and yet does it 'cause she's got a new worth of $38 million ('rexics are usually rubbish in bed due to negative body issues so it can't be that she's a great, wild and uninhibited lay).

......because as far as I can tell she's pretty much just known/ written about in the blogs (not even the actual print tabloids now) for the above, which is pretty darn lame for a woman of 61 years of age.

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972 days ago

She's a pathetic loser. It's really unfortunate because Leann Rimes was so far off my radar I didn't care and now I'm writing that she's a pathetic loser because she behaves like an envious catty spoiled brat. She's much too old to behave this way.

972 days ago

Sounds like someone's drinking and tweeting.

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972 days ago

leanne is so insecure and she should be. she is so fugly, ya she maybe thin but thin doesn't equal beautiful. leanne knows she's ugly, she knows eddie is only with her for her money, and that's why she is so insecure acting crazy on twitter.

972 days ago

Grow up LeeAnn!

972 days ago

Who wastes more time on Twitter, LeAnn Rimes or Miley Cyrus? Both of them need to get off for a while.

972 days ago

Personally I find it more childish to dig up a persons tweets and then list them all, even ones that are with a variety of people, not just one crazy on going conversation and then try to define, call attention to finally chastise said person for her comments. Sorry.. asking someone to 'murder your vagina' is a crazy tweet.. not anything I've seen this girl write. Yes there seems to be a bit of a feud going on with this girl and her husbands ex but it's hardly the 'crazy' this article seems to try and make it. At least she isn't slashing tires or leaving rabbits in soup pots!!

972 days ago

This is so sad that grown women go online to basically just bitch at each other. The fact of the matter is Leanne you are the stepmother so there are certain boundaries when it comes to your stepsons and Brandi move on they aremarried and as long as she cares and takes care of your sons when they are in her care then you should be okay with that. So both of you grow up already because I am almost positive tthese 2 precious children would appreciate it and stop being embarrassed by their Mother & Stepmother.

972 days ago

Doesn't a feud have to involve two parties? Brandi didn't respond to LeAnn at all.

But, as usual, the Fishwrapper "writers" use an inflated, misleading headline to get people to click.

My IQ has dropped a few points reading this post, and I better leave before it gets to Emily's level.

972 days ago

I use to like her! Brandi move on mama! I feel you about seeing that bitch with your kids! But we all see he with her ass for her financial support!

972 days ago

Grow up LeAnn! Loser!

972 days ago

LeAnn is an idiot. She needs to keep her mouth shut and stop being so immature. It's really sad that someone with so much talent can be so stupid and blissfully unaware of her actions. Stop stooping to that other woman's level and focus on your music....PREACH.

972 days ago

No music left in the tank, just paranoia and tweets.

972 days ago

Jeezuz Christ she's a jackass.

972 days ago

I can't help myself, but I think about Eddie, that he must question his life and the choice he made- on a daily basis. He was kinda successful, but since he got together with Leann, there is a constant war between these two crazy women. I've never heard of him in a professional way lately.
Can you imagine what he and Leann talk about every single day? Is this happiness? Was everything worth it? Is the life they have everything they dreamed of? Why does none of thse women MOVE ON from this handsome duchebag? And he will never divorce Leann, because THEN it will be careyzeeeeeee!
Anyway, it's beyond annoying, immature, boring, stupid.
I wish, I could make it stop.

972 days ago

ok, what a nightmare that Brandi HAS to have this woman in her life for always. LeAnn is conceited, and so full of herself, and any smart person can read this about her. Smarten up LeAnn, the boys will see all this (you pushing at their moms buttons), one day, if not sooner as kids are on the internet younger and younger these days, and I hope they lose all respect for you in their adult life. i feel awful for Brandi.. For once, LE, put yourself in her shoes. !!!.. which should be easy, as you love YOURSELF ;)

972 days ago

I think the "media" (did you see that "media) in quotes.) is blowing this up to be far worse than it is.

972 days ago

Love Leann, Eddies ex has been nothing but a pain in her ass. his ex need to get off drugs and move on.

972 days ago

Last thing I am gonna say about this trash IF HE CHEATED WITH YOU HE WILL CHEAT ON YOU. Soul mate is laughable cash cow is more like it

Patrick Jones
972 days ago

LeAnn is so worried that she is gonna lose Eddie how she got him that she can't sit still. Anyone who is truly happy does not need to go on twitter and declare to the world how happy they are. She is truly delusional. Just saw Brandi on the Bethenny show the other day. She is HHHOOOOTTT and doesn't seem to be missing Eddie too much. Oh and by the way Leann....those are Brandi's children.....not yours.

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