You Hold Your Coated Tongue, Miley: Sinead Isn't Even Close to Finished With You

10/8/2013 3:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Sinead O'Connor and Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus went and ignited a whole iron boiler of anger when she provoked Sinead O'Connor -- further -- by making an Amanda Bynes comparison last week, guys, and during yesterday's interview with Matt Lauer, Miley alluded to the idea that the feud was over and done with. ... But she was apparently wrong. While most of the world slept, Sinead took her anger to Facebook again, and wrote a brand-new open letter, which has been condensed for length. 

it goes!:

Dear Miley

Since I do not have any address at which to write to you I do so on my site. Since I have three children at home to take care of, I do not have time to come to meet you. 

You’ve said on Matt Lauer’s show ( where you again refer to me as “crazy”) that you don’t understand why I have been upset with you. I find that hard to understand frankly, since you’re clearly very far from being a stupid woman. ... Until you exposed me ( And Amanda Bynes) to abuse on the grounds of my having sought help (extremely coherently) to save my life, when experiencing suicidal compulsion as a side effect of a medication called Tegretol, I had no problem with you whatsoever.

I’m not sure if you are aware that in your own country 7 out of every 100,000 people between the ages of 15 and 19 commit suicide every year. The third highest cause of death for those in that age range (this is the age range you stated on Matt’s show “most of” your fans are) or that on average one person in your country dies by suicide every 16.2 minutes.

You’ve acknowledged most of your fans are “very young”. You might therefore consider being careful regarding what signals you send those of them who may be feeling suicidal and would now be afraid to say so. ...

... As a result of what you did I have had numerous communications from people urging me to commit suicide. Not to mention I have been the subject of literally thousands of abusive articles and or comments left after articles, which state that I and therefore all perceived mentally ill people, should be bullied and be invalidated. Luckily I am a strong person. And I have four children whose lives would be destroyed if I were to buckle under the abuse you set me up for. ... 

... If you like, my children can also let you have their own personal statements as to how they feel about what they have seen done to their mother. No person, myself included, should wake to the types of e mails and communications I have had for the last few days urging that I should kill myself, nor to the type of ‘net abuse’ I have had to endure as a result of what you did. Neither should I now have to have management write to half the show business world to explain my tweets were two years old and that in fact I am very fit for work. I have four children to support. I can’t do that if people believe me to be unemployable. ... 

Guys, have you ever read more 'right' in one place? Sinead also continued by saying that there is no "media feud" to speak of, which, OK, but that doesn't take away from the fact that there are two very prolific celebrities fighting over the rights that those who suffer from mental illness -- both past and present -- and one of them isn't even taking it seriously (hint: it's not Sinead). 

The more I read Sinead's thoughts, though repetitive at times, the more it becomes apparent that Miley Cyrus really does need to step it up a notch and take accountability for her actions instead of blathering on and on about meaningless things like why she sticks her tongue out and her sex drive. There's way bigger things at stake here than just a stupid follow-up to a really awful album called "Bangerz," you know. 


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966 days ago

What did she have a fourth child during this letter?...she starts off the letter with three kids and ends its with four...hmm...

3 Replies
Just me
966 days ago

She states that she has three children at home to take care of. Her oldest child is more than likely older and out on their own. It they still would be affected by what is being said about her.

966 days ago

She has four children- three at home, which she made clear in the beginning, and one older son who is around 20 years old and out on his own.

966 days ago

She does make a lot of sense.

966 days ago

Sinead is the one who brought this negative publicity upon herself, by writing an open letter to this wild child Miley. What was she expecting would happen? She left the public eye many years ago not on favorable terms. She had made so many enemies by ripping up the pope's picture, she had to run for cover. I recall she was getting death threats for her antics. She pretty much lost her mind in the process. People had all but forgotten about her, until she decided she qualified to be heard by the public by writing an open letter to Miley. She used Miley's exhibitionism as an excuse to come out to the public, and she has been met with rebuke from many in the public. Sinead brings this negative response upon herself, then blames Miley for people's reactions to her. Sinead is still suffering from psychosis of some sort, to think she qualified to write Miley a letter of "advice". Like the last time Sinead was rejected by many in the public, this will take a while for people to forget about her, and maybe she can go back to her life of seclusion and be left alone. I hope Sinead has learned a lesson here.

1 Reply
Yolanda Andrews
966 days ago

Ok does she have 3 kids or 4??? Cause in one sentence she says she has 3 and in another sentence she says she has 4??? Im confused now!!!

1 Reply
966 days ago

This is the problem I have with Miley. She does things to get attention and she doesn't give a crap who she hurts along the way. She says she's grown up but she's very immature and self centered. You may like her music but as a person she only cares about how many headlines she can grab. I think she owes mentally challenged people an apology but she's too much of a narcissit to do that. I hope her 15 minutes of fame is almost over.

1 Reply
966 days ago

I agree that Sinead did stir the pot on this in the first place - however, her views and opinions on mental illness are spot on. I have gained an immense amount of respect for her based on these open letters. Good for her.

966 days ago

Miley is just a joke.

966 days ago

She is just trying to get in the headlines by provoking a current celb. Riding Mileys coat-tails to being relevant again. You watch after all this settles Sinead will have an album to release. She said it herself " I have kids to feed" Just a ploy to put her name in your mouth

966 days ago

Mental illness is nothing to joke about. For women such as Sinead, they struggled throughout their careers to not be objectified. If you study the group that came before Sinead, pre-Madonna, they had to contend with gender discrimination shaping and limiting their careers. Miley has no business calling herself a feminist. She willing allows herself to be objectified. A real feminist would never consent to being a liminal figure.

966 days ago

I wish Sinead would just let it go and stop making this a public feud. She is taking on a 20 y/o child. Hell....her kids are probably older than Miley. She is beginning to look like the immature and petty one. I agree that Miley may have made light of Sinead's and Amanda's illness. But she said that ONCE on a tweet. I have since seen Amanda Byne's name used 2 to 3 times in the open letter Sinead has written. Sinead is a woman of many means, and she has been in the business for a long time. I am sure, if she was mature enough, she would find a way to have a discussion with Miley without bringing the public into it with all these open letters! It just gives the impression that she is still unstable even though she refuses to realize it! Need I remind everyone when she tore up the Pope's picture on SNL??? And this was back when she was about Miley's age. People were not appreciative of her then, much like Miley is not appreciated now. I am Sinead's age and even I am realizing that she is just being a publicity hound and nothing more.

966 days ago

I am not condoning what Miley said about mental illness, BUT... it was Sinead who opened this can of worms by writing an "open letter" with her opinion in the first place. Everyone has an opnion, even Miley. Maybe if Sinead had kept hers to herself (like millions of other people do) she wouldn't be the target of anyone now. How is what she said about Miley any less wrong than what Miley said about her? If you're gonna dish it... be prepared to take it!

Observer_The Lovely
966 days ago

Sinead is a publicity seeking ass who hopes to ride on the coat-tails of Miley Cyrus.....

Miley Cyrus is young and likely to show her tits often in the next few years (while they're worth looking at) LEAVE MILEY ALONE.......

966 days ago

the follow up debate created by these two is the positive i growth for us ? maybe ? i'm trying :)

966 days ago

I completely agree with Sinead!! MIley Cyrus is nothing more than a lost, spoiled, vain, sad, little girl. AS with most young children her age that are looking for an identity and getting lost in the process due to a lack of wisdom and years of knowledge. I am sad that Miley has chose to turn her back on anyone with an opinion that isn't her own. Sadly this will be yet another celebrity child that turns herself inside out to gain attention and credibility and loses herself in the process and finds herself in need of help !!. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Miley...seriously you need to take a step back, a long breath and check yourself. You are starting to show signs of serious problems yourself. Stop acting like a spoiled brat and remember your little followers need guidance in a good way not callous immaturity to the point of hurting other people. There is a way to get through life with your self respect intact and without hurting anyone in the process. Try just being HUMAN.

1 Reply
966 days ago

Sinead has an Agenda here! She is making Miley the SOle reason she is going to lose work and wages...I smell frivolous lawsuit

Noreen Steinke
966 days ago

Sarah, did I read your article right? That "Bangerz" is an aweful album? Have you heard her songs there? Of course aside from "Wrecking Ball" which is NUMERO UNO for a couple weeks and "We Can't Stop" The songs she has in her album I just heard it this morning such as "Drive", "Someone Else","FU" are just one of the few that are PHENOMENAL. It is Miley showcasing her singing attributes her. I really really love it. So if you say "awful" I would like to hear you sing one of her songs and we'll see who sounds awful. Are you up for the challenge? I am.

2 Replies
966 days ago

Sinead is right. Miley is stupid, arrogant little bitch who is behaving like a ten year old.

966 days ago

We need more people in the world like Sinead

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