What Dumb Thing is Farrah Abraham Going on About Today?

10/16/2013 4:00 PM PDT, by
Here's something crazy for you to think about: Farrah Abraham, with all her stupid thoughts and actions, is a real person who actually exists, and she's out there somewhere right at this very moment, thinking or saying or doing something ridiculous. Really, just consider that for a minute. Think about all the things that Farrah has decided to say in interviews -- can you even imagine the level of idiocy she's at in her own head?

Like this right here, this thing she tweeted, these are real thoughts that she has: See? She typed that own stupid thought with her own stupid hands, and the saddest part is that she probably actually believes this. She probably believes that she really does save marriages, all by herself. And no, I'm not entirely sure what exactly the pleasure is that we're supposed to be getting ready for, but if I had to guess, it's probably got something to do with that vagina mold she had done a little while back. So you can buy something that was made, on purpose, to look like Farrah Abraham's vagina. Because the world is a weird, wacky place.

What is even happening anymore, guys?
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958 days ago

Umm, I'm pretty sure most of us are convinced just how horrible this mom/cum dumpster is. The constant reminders aren't necessary and they're not news anymore. If she saves a family from a burning building or gets a perfect SAT score (she can still take that, can't she?), that would be something worth reporting. Continuing to say stupid and outrageous stuff is just normal, everyday behavior for Farrah. Not newsworthy.

2 Replies
958 days ago

you may think she is stupid and says stupid things, but she's stupid all the way to the bank.......so who's stupid?

2 Replies
958 days ago

I think the saddest thing of all is that her own father supports her in this, and somehow in her mind she thinks this is the best path for her and her child....so sad....all about fame and money, at ANY COST!

957 days ago

Here's a thought. Stop reporting on all of this so she drops out of the spotlight and we never have to see or hear from her again. No matter how ridiculous she behaves, if everyone continues to report it she will stay in the spotlight... and we don't want that, do we?

Tuco The Ugly
957 days ago

La Senorita Farrah takes it een the ass.
That ees hall!

Ali baba
957 days ago

Why do you all keep saying she!? I thought he was a dude.

957 days ago

She probably does save marriages. She makes guys realise just how very very lucky they are and how great their partner is. Guys it could be much much worse you could be with Farrah. yuk.

Passion Of z Taint
957 days ago

Hopeless retard!

957 days ago

Emily, could you call her stupid one more time? Just so we get the idea?
Jeez. The girl did porn. So what. You write about every single thing she does. She's making more money then you. She may seem dumb but she's busting her ass, ha..literally, to support her kid. Who cares. Write about something interesting already and stop calling people down. It makes you look like an idiot.

957 days ago

It's so sad! When we first saw Farrah in 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom, aside from treating her parents so terribly, actually seemed like the most level headed one who wanted to make something of herself so she could be a great mom. What the hell happened?! She doesn't even realize how pathetic she's become and how people truly perceive her. Not to mention the fact that her daughter is going to hate her when she realizes mom was never around cuz she was busy making porn etc. She seriously needs a reality check. Stop drinking, stop partying, stop taking your clothes off and making porn and realize you've become a bad joke. You want to earn a lot of money and make something of yourself and have people and most especially your daughter admire you? Go back to culinary school and open a chain of restaurants. Do something productive with your life!!
So sad!

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Camille M
957 days ago

Okay, people say Courtney Stodden is a whore, and is ugly and stupid... well guess what? She doesn't have a child she neglects, she doesn't whore herself out for cash, nor is she an imbecile like this bobble headed horse face. Go audition for the remake of Idiocracy Farrah, you could play one of the citizens spot on.

1 Reply
957 days ago

all I see is those lips

957 days ago

The writer of this article clearly thinks she is a fame-whore.. Newsflash -> it is people like you who make people like this famous, with simply writing about her!

1 Reply
Imran Khan
957 days ago

Farah I don't so pretty, www.hdmovietimes.com

957 days ago

I would let that girl do very, very naughty things to me....

Cloonie Kuhn
957 days ago

Oh, Hell NO!

957 days ago

I googled Topco Sales and you have to watch the video of her making the molds of her you know what.

957 days ago

stop being a whore and be a mom you ugly peice of crap

957 days ago

The direction Farrahs life has taken, is really surprising. I thought she was the smart one. I get it, she is an adult, and there is no law against porno. I think she has mental issues. No need to go down that route.

827 days ago

This woman is the proverbial female dog. She is always in heat and thrives for it. If middle aged women could induce this level of estrogen naturally, without the iq reduction side effects associated, all pharmaceutical companies producing such would go out of business! She is the next wannabe Kardashian. This woman's daughter is doomed as much as it appears as are her parental units. And, as the saying goes, "...the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree." What a sad and pathetic bloodline.