It's Official: LeAnn Rimes is One of the Worst People Living

10/23/2013 7:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
So remember how LeAnn Rimes posted that tacky, ridiculous photo with her larking on the back of a truck that screamed "Wrecker Service!"? She's not even sorry about it, guys, and that can only mean one thing -- LeAnn Rimes really is the insensitive, selfish person that she doesn't want everyone to think she is. 

After being eviscerated on Twitter for a whole four days, LeAnn replied to a whole bunch of people on Twitter who called her out for being generally awful (just not us, because duh, we've been blocked by LeAnn), and had a whole bunch of even more absurd things to say about her behavior: 

"[The photo is] about laughing at something I know I'm not, and some very unoriginal people keep yapping about. ... [Other people have] yapped about it for years, and now I can make fun of myself whenever & however I want, thx." 

Oh, so calling a spade a spade is unoriginal, huh? Or maybe it's that there are some things in life you don't joke about, and being involved in an affair that broke up two marriages and one family is one of them. There really isn't a statute of limitations or anything where it's finally OK to poke fun, because you know what? As surprising as this information might seem to LeAnn, life is not just all about her. 

Sickening, LeAnn. The photo was bad -- your justification of it was worse.

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949 days ago

I can't even stand looking at her anymore.

949 days ago

"[The photo is] about laughing at something I know I'm not, and some very unoriginal people keep yapping about. ... [Other people have] yapped about it for years, and now I can make fun of myself whenever & however I want, thx."

something she knows she's not? how can she even justify that comment? she might not LIKE being a homewrecker, but I can't think of any situation that would exemplify the definition MORE. what a freaking jerk.

949 days ago

What Leann rimes doesnt get is that people HATE her for being a home wrecker. so poking fun of herself in that way isn't funny. Poke fun at yourself for being crazy with multiple personalities, you'll get a laugh. Because she is crazy with multiple (twitter) personalities, but while people hate her for that, too, they don't hate her AS much. She loses every time, can't wait till she implodes.

949 days ago

So what if she posted a picture in bad taste, and so what if she had an affair, that hardly gives her the Worst People living award. Obviously they were both in a bad marriage. Seems to me you are a bit jealous and a bully. I bet you had a crush on Eddie. Seriously, Brandi Glanville is a big bimbo - who invites other women to have a threesome with her husband and she had her own has affair(s) and when he finally leaves for something better she can't stop whinning. I don't blame him.

2 Replies
949 days ago

I think people need to get over it, it is not like she broke up a happy marriage. The marriage was already broken. Brandi was will to do threesomes while married. The day that I am willing to share my husband with another woman, even with me participating, is the day that I tell him he is allowed to sleep with whomever he wants. Brandi is just as much to blame as LeAnn.

949 days ago

This is a prime example of the type of internet bullying all the local schools in my area are campaigning to stop.

The article is mean and so are the comments. It is no wonder LeAnn blocks people on Twitter. Who would want to deal with negative and insulting comments for days?

I do not want my teens influenced by this type of behavior, and am glad I found this site so I can block it.

1 Reply
949 days ago

I'm sorry, but how can anyone take the time to justify being a cheating skank???? Is it me, or are Leann and Brandy both making careers out of their situation? Disgusting!!!

949 days ago

Cant stand her!

949 days ago

if two people in a marriage agree to add a third person to their bed, that doesn't mean their marriage is in trouble, nor is it a blank ticket for EITHER party to sleep with "anyone and everyone" they want.

Just because you personally don't approve of the arrangement, Beth, doesn't make it wrong, or justify in ANY way what Leann AND Eddie did to Brandi.

I don't particularly like any of them, but cheating on your pregnant wife, publicly, with someone else who is also married...makes you a scumbag. you want to flaunt your "soulmate" to the world? fine - get a divorce first, if only for the sake of your CHILDREN. Neither of these two have one shred of decency between them.

949 days ago

Does the Sleestak have a publicist or manager who could advise her to STFU? Because she makes things worse every time she opens her mouth/Twitter account.

949 days ago

If LeAnn Rimes is one of the worst people living, we should all be f'n glad to be alive. Sarah Taylor, CNN called. You didn't get the job.

949 days ago


You are the most disgusting person that I have come across in a very long
time. I'm surprised your agents even deal with your nonsense. You should
be ashamed of yourself. And to think, you're around someone else's child

949 days ago

Enough with picking on this poor girl! Where are your pictures of Katherine McPhee makingout with a married man WHILE she's married? Or the Steward chick and the movie director? Or even all the millions of actresses in extra marital affairs for YEARS! OK I don't believe cheating is acceptable but seriously, why aren't you picking on HIM? Where are his twitter comments and negative comments from you about him? He cheated too. They aren't the first to have an affair and they won't be the last. It shouldn't be your place to judge--not one of us is perfect.

1 Reply
949 days ago

... why the hell does she even matter anymore? Why are we still talking about her? Come on there has to be some new stories somewhere!

949 days ago

Yes, we get that Brandi should move on (so sick of people saying that),... it really hasn't been that long in my opinion, still feel something for a boyfriend from 10 years ago, and I wasn't married like B was to Eddie for over 10 years. Anyway, B has moved on.., this is all just about how Leann continues, to poke meanly, and be so insensitive towards B. Leave her along already Leanne, stop posting hurtful things about Brandi's kids.. try , just ONCE, to put yourself in her (brandi's) position. I wish, so much Eddie would cheat on you, and lets see how "you hold it all together". hahahahaha

949 days ago

Oh & BTW, If this was a breast cancer event I would think that she should be wearing the color PINK right???

949 days ago

Let's not forget that Eddie Cibrian is also part of the "HOMEWRECKING TEAM" I just feel she keeps getting a bad rap = and his ex wife really needs to move on and get on with her life and enjoy her children. Just my opinion.

1 Reply
949 days ago

she looks like a horse. she is terrible. good luck being a sl**.

949 days ago

She sure missed the boat with parents who should have advised her many years ago to act like a lady, even if she broke up 2 marriages.

Also, Leann darling, when performing for breast cancer, PINK is the color you wear. You do not represent many women who have had the struggle by doing this again in the public. This night was not about YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

949 days ago

Again, another case of Fishwrappr bullying... I do not understand why you feel it necessary to continue this type of journalism.. There are so many people who change partners and yet you say nothing about that. I dislike your tactics...

1 Reply
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