Get Your Shocked Face Ready: LeAnn Rimes Is Saying More Stupid Things

10/25/2013 12:00 PM PDT, by
Just to clear up any confusion, LeAnn Rimes is a strange, twisted person who says strange, twisted things, and we would stop talking about her all the time if she'd stop giving us reasons to talk about her. Like she and Eddie Cibrian could have pulled a Brad and Angelina, and they could have just quietly started their own family and focused on that and their careers, and it'd be fine after a while. You know if Angelina Jolie was up on Twitter all day, every day, making passive aggressive jabs at Jennifer Aniston, we'd be all over it. But she isn't, and LeAnn is, and that is just the way this cookie crumbled.

Oh, but yeah, LeAnn is giving more quotes about her dumb reality show:

“It’s kind of not really scripted. We get to take our lives and expand on it. It’s not a docu-series. We take things that have happened and play up the joke. You definitely get us. To me, it flows back and forth between feeling like a sitcom and feeling like reality, which I think is a little different than most. We really don’t take ourselves seriously in this.” 

What does that even mean? LeAnn's just going to get filmed all the time and pretend that things are so much better than they really are? Isn't that her whole thing anyway? And speaking of that whole thing, LeAnn also said that they weren't worried about hurting Brandi Glanville's feelings, because Brandi “was the mouth piece of the situation for the last five years.” Get it, because LeAnn has remained so calm and graceful throughout all these trying years of her life. She is basically a hero:

“We want to tell the story and there are moments where we will definitely say what we feel. We are taking our lives back. You are going to sit there and say whatever you are going to say about us, I might as well take the joke from you. That’s where my mind is.”

OK, LeAnn. Sure. You take your life back, you poor, innocent victim. Bless your heart. 

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363 days ago

What really annoys me is she's so rich! WHO used to buy her records? Hunt them down I insist!

363 days ago

She's gained some weight, no?

363 days ago

I don't think she understands the meaning of the word joke. SHE is a JOKE, not WHAT is happening to her! The fact that she's loving all this and playing it off like her and Eddie laugh about it is disgusting! I like what the writer said about what if Brad made jabs about Jen for the past 5 years? How does Eddie not see her behavior as revolting and disgusting? I'm mean she's trashing the MOTHER OF HIS KIDS!!!! Brandi has EVERY right to fight back and defend herself but its LeAnn and Eddie that start EVERYTHING and take REALLY cheap shots! PLEEEEEASE IF ANYONE HAS A NIELSON (sp?) BOX DON'T WATCH THIS "SHOW". I hope the get the worst ratings in history! I will boycott the WHOLE network that decides to air this piece of S***'s show! She is so delusional! She's seriously needs to have someone sit her down and see what she's doing from a NORMAL person's view. She's ugly inside and out!

363 days ago

What a WH*RE !!! She is such a Home Wrecking Lying Jealous B*TCH !!! Someone Please Shove a Used D*LL DOE in her Mouth & Shut Her Up Once and For All , NOW !!! My God , She Is a Bigger Media Attention SL*T than the KarTRASHians !!! PATHETIC FOOL !!! Him too...

363 days ago

Didn't LeAnn do something like steal or cheat with one of her Coyote Ugly cast member's guys? I thought I remember hearing she was really disliked by the costars because of something she did or how she acted. Anyone know?

2 Replies
363 days ago

Wow this article is totally bias. Clearly you are on Brandy's team..Sorry I know it's your job but c'mon though Brandy isn't so innocent she is such a bitch and always has something rude to say. She is the type of person that will never be happy for the people around them. Regardless, it is not ok for a man to cheat on a wife but this article sucks and I can't believe TMZ collaborates with this site. What a waste of my time.

3 Replies
363 days ago

Oh gawd, would she just SHUT UP already?

363 days ago

She's not rich, Eddie is sucking her dry, they are spending way more than they are making. It seems to be his pattern, charge and spend and live women broke. Someone better stop her stupid tactics, she will be left alone paying his debts for years to come, Eddie will find another loser to sponge off.

After reading around this week, Brandi is being kind to Leann. I would send out sweet tweets to her to, so that she would not abuse my kids anymore than she has in the press. My lawyer would be sending her a nice quiet letter, letting her know she has crossed the line. It's time Eddie was put in his place, he is allowing Leann to take the fall for everything. She is heavy and miserable, no amount of fake love crap would be worth this to any woman who had self respect about herself.

363 days ago

Who cares anymore?! Everyone is always talking about Leann Rimes but let's not forget that Brandi Glanville is no innocent puppy either. Yes, Leann and Eddie cheated and it was gross what they did but, I am so over everyone making Brandi out to be the innocent victim in all this. She can't keep her mouth shut and is always bringing it up whenever she can. Especially when she is trying to promote her stupid book. Neither of these girls is really worth a shit anyways!!

363 days ago

LeAnn will never be tall or pretty like Brandi. She needs to move on and let it go. So stupid that she and Eddie just laugh it off, I think not. Eddie needs to grow a pair and tell his wife to shut up, of course that will affect his allowance.

annie Callahan
362 days ago

LeAnn cannot give it up, yes, she has Eddie the loser, they are both pathetic...If I was in Brandi's position, I would have clocked that crazy woman. Posing with the kids is just so horrible...LeAnn will learn her lesson soon...New reality show "Eddie and his Whorable Women"...:)

362 days ago

I can see you're on team Brandy, like a good writer you should point out both sides. Brandy also slept with a married man. She's no better than LeAnn.

1 Reply
362 days ago

I can't imagine her show being interesting at all.

362 days ago

"You know if Angelina Jolie was up on Twitter all day, every day, making passive aggressive jabs at Jennifer Aniston"

Angelina wouldn't be doing that. She's focused on her family. LeAnn will NEVER be Angelina (other than they both tooks weak men away from their wives).

LeAnn isn't attractive AT ALL and her behaviour makes her UGLY. Grow the eff up girl. You're no longer in high school.

362 days ago

There is NO WAY I would watch Leanns show! She is a down rite dirtball in my eyes! Who sleeps with another womans husband,wrecks a home, and then wants to make a reality show? GTFOH!!!! LeeAnn Rhino is TRASH!!!!

361 days ago

Any one else notice that Lele didn't wear pink for the Cancer Charity. The other ladies did, hopefully she will never be asked to represent the pink again.

do you really care
352 days ago

so called reporter is nasty herself..yeah i would handle things a lot different than leann has.. She had a great career, beautiful voice..she got involved w eddie ruined her reputation. Before that she was an "american sweetheart" Dont care if you agree w what i say. I dont follow this nonsense or watch reality show. Ive seen brandi be nasty too. Leann is not innocent but she could change her life. But doubt she will.