Robin Thicke Is Such A Gross, Weird, Gross Individual

10/25/2013 9:30 AM PDT, by
Oh, hey, you know how Robin Thicke has that weird ability to make you feel dirty and mildly disgusted just from readings words that he's said? That's a pretty impressive little skill he's got, huh? He can talk about anything, absolutely anything -- his dad, his wife, his career, even his son -- and it's just going to be weird. 

Here, let's use this interview he just did with Elle as an example, all right?

On his dad, Alan Thicke, and how he's a creeper, too:

"My dad was single my whole pubescent period. [Laughs] He had Ms. Alabama, Ms. Dominican Republic—every week. I was like, Dang, Pops. He had an indoor Jacuzzi, and he frequented it. The first time I saw a naked woman was when I went to take a shower one morning before school. I was like, Who is this girl in my shower?" 

More on his dad's creeper tips:

"We were on vacation and some pretty girl walked by. I started ogling her like a 12-year-old boy, and he said, 'I know she’s pretty, but you stared at her and followed her across the room. What if there’s a prettier girl sitting two tables away? Now she’s not going to feel special. She’ll say, ‘You look at all the girls like that.’ You’ve gotta play it cool so you don’t look like you're desperate.'"

On his hilarious catchphrases:

"We joke around. If someone’s got a great outfit on, it’s like, “Oh, you’re big-d--- swingin’ tonight.”" 

Speaking of his genitalia:

"Listen, compared to my son, I’m packing. If I’m next to LeBron James? It’s probably not quite as impressive."

Yes, he really just brought up his son in a conversation about penis size. So are we over this guy yet? Can we please stop blasting "Blurred Lines"? Because Robin needs to fade back into obscurity again real quick. 
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947 days ago

Further proof that Robin Thicke is disgusting and has a tiny penis. He's obviously waaaaay over compensating considering he feels the need to talk about his johnson every time anyone speaks to him. It wouldn't surprise me if every song on his album has some mention of his man parts. Who the hell compares their penis to their son's? That's so creepy. I mean of course his junk looks huge in comparison to his sons baby dangle. No wonder he's a disgusting person who treats women like property, he was raised by an equally disgusting man. Shame that his son will go on to perpetuate this disgusting view of women. Thicke's wife is possibly the dumbest woman alive.

1 Reply
947 days ago

Hey Emily Trainham, whats your obsession with talking about Robin Thicke being gross? Find something new to write about. You're boring the shit out of everyone.

I'm with yawn
947 days ago

i don't know why i click on these're articles are terrible.

1 Reply
947 days ago

Honestly, you need some lessons on how to write a proper article. You over hype everything. I thought he said something wildly inappropriate, he made a flipping joke. You are so juvenile in your reporting skills that its a shame real reporters are unable to find jobs because untalented people like you have some how wormed your way into thier position.

1 Reply
Time to move on
947 days ago

The only topic more tiresome than a Robin Thicke rant is a rant about Miley Cyrus. It is time to find another celebrity to rant about. We get it, you don't like Miley or Robin. It has been duly noted.

947 days ago

Gtfo this glorified article. You must not have a father figure in your life, his advice sounds like a dad who lived the single life. Stop causing drama when there is none. Idiot.

946 days ago

Another non college educated blogger taking a stab at someone more famous than them, typical

946 days ago

Yeah, I'm done paying any attention to these two - and by that I mean, Robin and his wife. Both are seriously disturbed. She's acting like the fact that her husband is fingering another woman two feet away from her is perfectly fine and even funny. Everything that comes out of his mouth is awful to me. Both of them seem somehow desperate. That's something I expect form 20-year old "rising stars" but these two people are in their late 30s!! It's just all so embarrassing, creepy and uncomfortable that I can't look at them or hear them at this point. Yack.

946 days ago

He is Hilarious!

Leave him Alone!

946 days ago

What's the problem? He's a great role model for America today. His son can see what a "pimp" he is and how much money he's making of crap music with topless women. Isn't that the American dream? He can bang girls from da club next door to the crib. Sound like a sweet deal!
Getting an education? Not being a no talent ass clown; trash raised by trash, raising trash? Yeah, he can't help you on that one.

946 days ago

He's an aging douche clinging to relevancy. I see lots of cokehead, wannabe "pimps" like him where I live. Don't worry, bro! The money from your one hit will last long enough for you to go on a HUGE drug binge.

1 Reply
945 days ago

So does anyone in this chat know that Robin Thicke has had two successful albums before this Blurred Lines one....and they are some of the most beautiful love songs written in the past decade. I know you guys are simple minded and believe Blurred Lines is about rape and all. So your liberal spidey sense goes on full-fledge alert and feel the need to discount Robin Thicke's 10 years of being a celebrity making music. But just to let you know you guys sound completely ignorant and uninformed.

744 days ago

Robin Thicke is "repulsive" and so is his Father,the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!!!