Miley Cyrus Has Some Seriously Skewed Priorities

10/29/2013 11:00 AM PDT
Exhibit 1,482 in "Miley is Way, Way More Immature Than We Ever Thought," here's your girl's sentiments on being literally naked versus being figuratively naked, but beware -- all the stupid that's coming out of her mouth is prone to be contagious:

"For me, nudity has never been something that I’ve ever tripped about. I don't really see it the way that everyone else sees it. I'd rather be naked in front of people than cry in front of people because I don't like showing weakness, and that shows a lot of, like, vulnerabilities." 

See, she had a point there for a second -- there is nothing wrong with nudity, because it's natural, and it's only gotten to the taboo level that it has because of its perception and manipulation by other people. It was a really good, solid point. But then she had to go and ruin it by saying that crying -- or showing emotion, by virtue -- is a "weakness" or a "vulnerability." Come on, Miley Cyrus. You're a performer, for crying out loud. You know better than this.

Damn. Just when we thought that Miley might be taking an actual break from being annoying long enough to make a well-rounded point, right?
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942 days ago

I wish you'd guys get over Miley and stop writing about her. Your story says 'shut up Miley' I wish you guys would. So freaking annoying seeing this crap every where and I have to click on it just to tell you you're annoying!

1 Reply
942 days ago

I don't think there's anything wrong with what she said - many people wouldn't want to cry in front of others, especially strangers. A lot of people want to be seen as unbreakable by the public, not a sobbing mess, especially if they're a professional (be it in the music industry, business, medical, etc). Woman, especially, get blasted with "she's too emotional" or "suck it up" or "woman up" when they cry. I think this writer just wanted to attack Miley instead of accepting this is how she and others feel.

1 Reply
942 days ago

True nakedness is also supposed to include vulnerability. That's the daring and risk of it.

She's too superficial to even embrace nudity in that manner. She probably thinks nudity is just to show her T&A.

1 Reply
942 days ago

Fishwrapper. Please find some new writers for your website. It's horrible the demeaning way everything is written. Stop the hate and start the love.

1 Reply
Isaac Newton
942 days ago

I wish I could ram my cock inside her pussy...i bet she's an amazing fuck

2 Replies
942 days ago

Wow, she is a hot mess.

942 days ago

She is young, successful, and popular, until she isn't. Then life will set in and she may look back and cringe at her manner of present, most of us do and we're broke, imagine being on top of everything and then you're not.

She already sounds like a 30 yr old woman who smokes too much, imagine when she IS a 30 yr old woman that smokes too much.. Live and learn and she is in the process, just at a point that is annoying.

942 days ago

She is so beyond annoying. Just the fact she THINKS anyone wants to see her naked is absurd! She looks and has the body of a 12 yr old boy. She's disgusting and needs to STFU, people need to stop writing about her and keeping her in the spotlight. Let her fade away like every other trashy washed up has been.

942 days ago

Wait a sec... isn't Miley crying in front of the camera in her video for Wrecking Ball? Color me confused...

942 days ago

The hookers that write for this site are DUMB AS FUCK!

942 days ago

Too bad when Miley does nudity it makes everyone sick. Keep your clothes on brat.

942 days ago

a lot of people would rather be naked vs. crying in front of people. I don't really think there was anything wrong with her opinion - just another day of you trying to find something to trash her over.

You are a gossip site, so duh, trashing is your job, and yes, she definitely has trashworthy moments, but you seem to be on this seek and destroy mission that is just really annoying to read about and frankly puts me way more "on her side" than I ever thought about being.

942 days ago

Wait till her metabolism slows down about age 30 and she has had a kid or two. She'll change her tune about nudity.

942 days ago

this is why she is on top of the world know because of people bitch about everything she does wake up this is what she wants people to talk about her bad or good.Very smart girl

942 days ago

I can't stand Miley but she is 100% right that crying in public is a very vulnerable act. She obviously is a very damaged young woman and she puts on a front to hide how she really feels inside.

942 days ago

This was either written by the turtle-faced retard, TRAINHAM, or the slut-shaming bitch Sarah Taylor. Either way, both of you cunts need to find new hobbies.

2 Replies
942 days ago

I really hate that pic of her. It reminds me of this rat-faced opossum I found on my porch with it's white face glaring at me.

942 days ago

"I think everyone's really written my life for me in the last five years -- so skewed/ skewed version of it."

So that's the comment that Leann Rimes made. Uses the word skewed.

The title of this deep article is, "Skewed priorities".
Sooo, Sarah or Emily decided to use this as the word of the day I guess.
Skewed. Like the boneheads that write this crap. I think I only come here just to read the bad writing. I'm sure there is something else I could do with my time, but until I find it, I'll just keep skewing the screw heads on this sight.

942 days ago

I don't see what's wrong with what she said...can you like get get over Miley and stop writing these lame ass idiocies..because realy, you're being ridiculous