Kylie Jenner Can Add "Insensitive" and "Ill-Spoken" to Her Repertoire Now

11/6/2013 4:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Just when you thought it was safe to avoid passing judgement on either or both of the Jenners (forget the Kardashians; the avoidance of judgement passing on those people is a fruitless, lost cause), Kylie Jenner gave you a real, tangible reason to think that she's a total moron who's completely out of touch with the real world -- and that's even despite the fact that she's 16 years old, and most of us were morons at 16 who were also completely out of touch with the real world. 

The latest ridiculousness ensued on Kylie's Twitter earlier this afternoon when she posted photos of her formerly black hair, captioning them "I miss my black hair I'm so bipolar," adding a sad face for good measure so that -- DUH! -- everybody was obviously given the heads up that Kylie was legitimately sad about her no-longer-raven tresses.

The thing is, using the term "bipolar" to describe the regret that one fickle, spoiled, mini-egomaniac might genuinely feel is not only ignorant, but it's insulting as well. It's ignorant to think that a 16-year-old in this day and age -- this day and age where people are bullied over things ranging from their weight to their choice of dress to their mental illnesses, some of which might include bipolar disorder -- who's supposed to be "worldly" and "sophisticated" and "intelligent" (can we use quadruple quotes on that last one, friends? Would that be OK?) could use this term so flippantly, when she, herself, faces myriad scrutiny over many things on a daily basis. 

Big, gross failure, Kylie Jenner. Not only should you be ashamed of yourself properly, you should also consider maybe apologizing on a global scale in addition. How thoughtless and embarrassing. 16 years old or not, you should know better than this.

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935 days ago

Top photo looks like a matte box color with no shine at all. What is she covering up?

935 days ago

I do not see anything wrong with what she wrote her compairing her quick change in mind to a biopolar disorder yes I think she was right on it for that. Your article however, was a waiste of time....try better next time.

4 Replies
935 days ago

I'm confused. As much as teenage boys use the word bipolar to describe girls on their periods, it's absolutely horrible when she does it? She's 16, let's be happy she's over exaggerating her love for her hair color instead of posting pics of the camera crew from 16 & Pregnant.

935 days ago

Whats up with this website being so mean toward the Jenner girls? Who calls a 16 year old a "gross failure"? This website just wants more viewers and they only way they know how to get it is by attacking Kendall and Kylie. I'm not a big fan of the Kardashians but there is no need to talk about girls like that.

Shannon Doherty
935 days ago

Yea this article was stupid. I thought she would have actually said something derogatory towards mental illness instead she just used a colloquial expression that is insensitive. Grow up. No more traffic from me thanks.

935 days ago

I stopped reading after the second paragraph, and it makes me sad that an adult is so hell bent on tarnishing the name of a child. All over the use of the word "bipolar" I believe there are much much much worse things she could have done, to really have written an entire article about.

I now am waiting for Sarah Taylor's "global scale" appology.

935 days ago

Are Emily Train-wreck & Sarah Failure the only journalists on this site? Or do they like own this site? Their articles are really awful. It's so strange that all they do is write non-stop bull about all these celebrities, and then bash them for 'bullying.' You want to talk about a 16 year old girl using the word 'bipolar' and claim that for doing so she is ignorant and out of touch with the world??? You both are crappy journalists that probably spend countless hours obsessing over celebrities and writing a paragraph of bologna about them. Who's really out of touch??

935 days ago

There's nothing wrong with her comment! People can say whatever they want. It's unreal how offendable people are!

935 days ago

Damn this was a reeeeeeeeeeeeach. You made it seem like she deliberately bashed a mental illness. Come on now. Stop

935 days ago

No need for apologies. She's just ignorant.

Please Stop
935 days ago

Wow... really? Making a mountain out of a molehill with this one. Talk about blowing something completely out of context. These girls aren't my favorite people in the world, but I think it's ridiculous how far you people will go to try to make them appear as something they are not. Of course they're out of touch with reality... they're millionaires!! The whole family!! ...their form of reality is very far from what 99% of the population deal with, and that's okay. But leave the kid alone... she's a kid! She's going to be saying strange things for the next few years... get used to it!

Please -,-
935 days ago

Blown way out of context and made into something that's not. Maybe the writer of this article suffers with a bipolar disorder and was offended? No one should be this sensitive, especially towards something so small and harmless.

934 days ago

LAME!!!! I hate when people take things way too seriously. We can't say this, we can't say that...ugh!!!

934 days ago

Wow what a ridiculous article. You made it seem like she said something grossly offensive or ignorant about mental illness. I actually have Bi-polar disorder and was in no way offended by her harmless teenage statement. What does offend me is a "journalist" (Can I use quadruple quotations? Is that OK?) writing a mean, nasty and misleading article about a 16 year old kid. I'm no fan of the Kardashian/Jenner clan by any means but this is just trash. Pathetic this was even written about... You seriously have nothing better to report on? What a joke.

934 days ago

Worst article ever. You should be fired for this's stupidity.

934 days ago

ughh! I miss my brown hair I'm so depressed!

1 Reply
934 days ago

The person who wrote this article has no children older than 10. Preteens and teens ALL use the term, "bipolar," and countless other descriptive words they learn IN THE MEDIA to (improperly and slangily) refer to themselves and their friends (and pretty much everyone else)and their behavior. This girl is acting like a very normal 16 year old girl, and the author is a shameless moron.

934 days ago

"Myriad scrutiny?"

1 Reply
Mel J.
934 days ago

The people who don't get offended by these types of comments, are those who are not empathetic. It's unfortunate that unless people have personal experience with something like mental illness, being overweight, the "wrong" skin color, etc., they say others are too sensitive until it's something they can relate to.

It's actually hilarious that people who will never even meet Kylie (and she's doesn't know or care about you), spent your precious time to get "sensitive" and write about how much this article is a waste of time.....

2 Replies
934 days ago

Sarah, are you Bipolar? You must be to get this bent. What she did was no big deal. I am not a fan either, this one annoys me but come on Sarah, really???

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