Look Who's Just as Classy And Thoughtful as Ever!

11/9/2013 12:00 PM PST, by
All right, guys, this will only take a minute: LeAnn Rimes is being really inconsiderate and awful on Twitter again. I know, I know, we're all shocked, but let's try to push through this bizarre occurrence and just get through to the other side, OK?

Here is the offending tweet: Get it? She's been known to steal children because she had an affair with a married man who had two kids and then she started acting like they were her own kids! That's why it's funny! Except that it isn't funny.

Look, this isn't the worst thing she's ever said or anything, but it's just frustrating because all she has to do is not do things like this. All she has to do is not say things that could possibly hurt other people. Is that honestly so hard for her to do? She wonders why people won't let the affair go, and it's because she won't let it go, because she keeps doing nonsense like this. If it's really so hard for her to resist this, then maybe she should hop off Twitter for a minute and do some soul searching.

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929 days ago

she looks more and more like a transvestite everyday

929 days ago

Someone please sock her in the throat already!!

929 days ago

She's hateful.

Chica Audaz
928 days ago

Well at least she's honest with the comment "could't resist". She's helpless and hopeless when it comes to letting things go.

928 days ago

That's what happens with alot of child stars...her immaturity shows every day...along with continuous weight gain. Her and her D list husband need to go away.

928 days ago

I really don't see the issue. When one is accused over and over again, it's not surprising she makes a joke. I've been in her shoes, where my husband's ex accused me of MANY things, some of which I made fun of...no big deal...

927 days ago

Homewrecking tramp !

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927 days ago

Re: the "tweet" from LeAnn-- I laughed at it. I did not feel it was offensive. Sounds to me that she was joking around like many of us do. Actually, I didn't know she does have a subtle sense of humor along with a beautiful voice (which I did know!)

1 Reply
James PapaSmurf Murphy
927 days ago

She has held the same class and style since she started. On maybe her first tv performance I was privileged to be one of the cameramen here in Dallas. How fast they grow up. :-)

Brian Lewis
927 days ago

She really needs to resist...learn some self control. Didn't she and her hubby hurt people enough already? If she really gives any of herself to those children, then keep it real. Stop taunting their mother.

927 days ago

Sounds like she is making a joke about all of the over the top negative media coverage she has had tossed her way since the affair became public knowledge! Get off your pulpit, US Magazine. Must be a slow gossip day...

927 days ago

LMAO! I came here from a teaser about an offensive tweet. I was expecting to find another anti-free-speech moron sticking up for Obama, or some other liberal political commentary. Instead, I find your whiny drivel!
Unless it's your kids she's talking about? Why do you even care? And who exactly are you to tell anyone what is acceptable for them to say? I mean common! You say, "she had an affair with a married man who had two kids and then she started acting like they were her own kids!"
What does that even mean? What did she do? take them places with their dad? Buy them stuff? What? Did she pick their schools, or change their Doctors? I mean you accuse her of being a Cuckoo bird (look it up, if you don't get that--I know you don't LOL), and offer nothing beyond your accusation. Personally, I don't know, or care what the deal is with this, as I'm no fan of Rimes, or country music; I couldn't name one of her songs to save my life. I just came here to see what kind of Thought Police, PC crap this article was gonna be about. Imagine my horror when I read the horrible offensive, tweet? LMAO!
Honey, get a life!
Finally, I give you huge points for getting Huff to direct traffic to your blog, thus exposing them to your affiliate links. How you do dat?

927 days ago

She's always been a terrible person. My cousin was her best friend when they were kids, before LeAnn was famous. After she got signed, she sent Jenn a letter (before the days of texting) to let her know that she couldn't be friends with her anymore because Jenn was, "poor and not famous." Just a worthless human being, always will be.

927 days ago

I'm also aghast at the, "amongst other things" part of her tweet. For years she's been denying that she "stole" Eddie from his wife despite eye-witness accounts that she was actively seducing him (NOT that he is blameless!) Is she now owning up to it??

926 days ago


926 days ago

LeAnn needs to take lessons from her ex-husband. They separated and he went on with his life with his new family. You do not see him doing anything news worthy, until a few weeks ago he was on TV promoting his latest venture. LeAnn, Eddie and Brandi should realize the kids are growing up, can read and have friends, and do not need to see negative things about their parents or step-Mom.

926 days ago

Oh man. Good one! The same way Spitfire tanked. Ha ha. Your career is in the toilet! Your husband openly gawks at other women in front of you! Lol. You are hated and people are slowly realising what a pig you are. I bet she is rolling on the floor now. There aren't enough dumb hillbillies and homrwrecling sluts that make up your fanbase to keep you relevant. Don't worry she was giggling from the couch and not at the CMAs.I guess saying rude and horrible things and laughing at other people's pain is funny.

926 days ago

She might have the husband, but the kids will never be hers and she knows it. She bought the husband but the kids always will remain with their mom. She can only borrow them during Eddie custody time. When he leaves thyt leave.

Carlette Boudreaux
926 days ago

I am so glad Jennifer Lawrence realizes you do not have to be trash to
sell. Less start with the WONDREFUL Miss BETTY WHITE. How about in
my days, Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor.
Maybe kids today do not know them...... But they SHOULD
Real Class..... Real Stars.