Let's Not For a Second Pretend That Paul Walker's Accident is Anything But What it Really Is

12/4/2013 12:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Paul Walker, a confirmed passenger in an out of control car, is dead, and the autopsy results are in -- Paul Walker died from traumatic injuries sustained in the accident, as well as "thermal injuries," which essentially means that burning contributed to Paul's death. 

To those condemning the prior related piece for being markedly insensitive: it's best to be unapologetically proactive in safety. There is no more. 

Do you think that just because someone's paid to drive you around -- taxi, bus driver, chauffeur -- that you're going to arrive to your destination safely? Do you think that just because someone's a mechanic with experience in actual race car driving that they're always going to make the best decisions when it comes to ensuring the longevity of their life, let alone that of someone else's? 

The whole culture needs to change. The texting while driving, getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the widespread rampant carelessness that ensues when people get behind the wheel of a car, whether it's a Porsche or a minivan. Cars are big, dangerous machines and taking light the responsibility that goes along with handling them is reckless at best, and extremely selfish at worst. 

Stop. Stop with the excuses, stop with the justifications, and stop blaming everyone else. The blame only lies within our selves, whether it's choosing to engage in a potentially reckless situation or perpetuating one by saying nothing and watching one unfold. You won't always be the innocent bystander that luckily got away. 

To the spectators, stop sifting through the ashes of Paul and Roger's wreck for a "souvenir." It's morbid. Car enthusiasts, quit organizing your spin-out memorial rides for Paul Walker -- it's counterproductive and it's dangerous. 

Paul Walker's (and Roger Rodas') death is, by far, the saddest and most tragic accident to happen in the entertainment world this year. Two people involved in a violent accident are dead and their families are without their loved ones. Let's learn something from this. 

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Cracking Up
905 days ago

Do you actually read what you write? Does anyone else (non-related to you) read the garbage you spew? Seriously, Sarah, now you're on a high horse after writing that last article that was so insensitive, so full of inaccuracies and such utter bullshit. NOW you're trying to say this is all about "let's call it what it is...an accident that was Roger's fault" (paraphrasing). We're not stupid. We know Roger was driving and Paul was a passenger and that they died horrifically. We know their families and fans are grieving.

We also know that no new articles you put up are going to erase the fact that your last article on this subject was nothing more than you trying to make yourself important by pointing out "facts" that were nothing more than guesses AND in many of your points - completely inaccurate.

We aren't doubting this is a horrible accident and that two friends died. We're doubting your ability to write professionally. Meaning ethically, responsibly and factually. You've done none of these things. The only thing you've done is put your foot in your mouth, now on TWO articles regarding the deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.

And by the way, family and friends of other Hollywood actors, etc, who died this year would beg to differ on this being the worst one. Either write an opinion piece or write a factual one. Don't combine the two and make them appear as fact.

10 Replies
905 days ago

I can't believe people are looking for souvenirs. Gross!

905 days ago

Bravo sarah taylor for showing us all what piece of work you are. Bravo!!

905 days ago

Unapologetically proactive in safety? Did you really just type that? I am directed here quite often by silly sites that think you might actually be a journalist and have factual information on things and every time I am horribly disappointed.
You have shown yourself to be quite asinine on many occasions, however I overlook it as it seems more personal opinion than anything, but these last two articles have me swearing you off forever. Your insensitive blog about a passenger telling a driver to stop was complete malarky based on what you feel should have happened in that car, not on any science or any proof from the crash.. just personal opinion.
Now you come out with this article to what? Make up for your foolish words in the last? To ease the anger of your readers?
You said, and I quote "Cars are big, dangerous machines and taking light the responsibility that goes along with handling them is reckless at best, and extremely selfish at worst." Well I have news for you.. words may not be machines, but they are dangerous too and taking light the responsibility you have as a journalist/blogger is reckless and selfish as well. So rather than just posting at that moment you finish, stop, think, evaluate your words and how you want your readers to perceive you. Take an extra ten minutes before posting just to let it settle properly. Do you really want us to think you are asinine, insensitive, and judgemental? Right now that is how you are coming across.

905 days ago

Does sarah have twitter ??? if so what is handle ?

905 days ago

How did someone so disturbingly dumb get this writing gig?

I'm guessing nepotism, or she has a picture of Harvey with a goat.

phil osopher
905 days ago

I've read both your articles, I'm new to this site. Both your articles can really be summed up in a few words. "IF" people would just use, what we used to refer to as, "common sense", this wouldn't be being discussed now.
I know the area very well where they were. You DON'T drive a are like that in that area, why? Because a Porsche of that caliber CAN'T be driven slow and that area is a business area with a lot of turns.
What about NOS? Maybe that's a contributing factor to that fireball that happened. Car's of that caliber can't run on the gas you get at Arco. They have to run gas way over 100% octane..(additives).
Anyway, two senseless deaths due to speeding obviously.


905 days ago

The only person who's trying to pretend this accident is something it isn't, is YOU.

Seriously, step away from the keyboard. Delete both posts. TRY to regain the respect of your readers. The original article had everyone in an uproar because you cast your outrageous assumptions and opinions in a factual light. This article is an attempt to cloak yet another misguided piece as a call to action for "safety," when all you're doing is grasping at straws of relevance for the Paul Walker accident being connected IN SOME WAY to all of the issues facing drivers today. Once again, you are OFF THE MARK.

If you want to write a piece about safety, do it. If you want to write a piece about texting while driving, do it. Chauffeurs, DUIs and even squirrels in the road are all REAL issues, but NONE of them are relevant to the circumstances of this tragic news. You trying to make those things relevant undermines nearly everything about this story that you should be "reporting" on.

Let's not attempt to make this gossip site into something it's not, either. And, fellow readers, let's continue not allowing this writer to be irresponsible, insensitive and outright foolish.

1 Reply
904 days ago

I usually enjoy your site but you need to not make assumptions and then go off on a rant about a tragedy like this. You wrote about Paul Walker being..'a confirmed passenger in an out of control car'.

OK Sarah, where is the report that says the investigation is complete and it has been proven that the car had been driven 'out of control'? Then you go off on the texting crap. Why in the hell are you using the horrific deaths of two men to rant and rave about things that had NOTHING to do with this tragedy. Maybe you should shut up about this subject since you can't write about it without speculating. You are blaming the deceased driver for this without knowing what happened. Are you aware that there is a chance the steering fluid was leaking and THAT is why the car could not make the turn? Are you aware that the skid marks to point of impact were straignt NOT swerving...which implies that the driver did NOT lose control of the car? You clearly aren't informed and you are jumping to conclusions and writing like they are fact. That is irresponsible.

Just go back to what you do best, bitching about Gaga, being on the fence about Miley, and blaming LeAnne for the breakup of Eddie and Brandi while leaving Eddie blameless. That's the fun stuff.

Paul Walker Fan
904 days ago

I agree with everything you just said about people being careful while driving, fans not taking "souvenirs" from the wreckage, etc. And I strongly agree on the fact that at the end of the day, this is no one else' fault but Roger Rodas'. HE was the person behind the wheel and it just irks me to think that because of him, we no longer have Paul. What I DON'T agree with is the fact that your last article was about blaming Paul as to why he didn't say STOP! YOU DON'T KNOW what was said in that car. No one was saying he thought he was invincible. As a matter of fact, Paul out of everybody knew EXACTLY what tragedy was like. He had HIS OWN foundation. He traveled the world to help others with disaster relief efforts. It is rude and disrespectful to Paul and his family on your part to accuse him of "not speaking up" when you have no idea what happened. Do your bosses not read your articles?

1 Reply
904 days ago

How are you still employed?

904 days ago

An accident is like saying sorry, this was lack of being careful everyone thinks the car turned into a dragon and ate these two, I feel bad, for our loss but really this article should of talked about being more careful to avoid accidents not embrace them

904 days ago

Sarah Taylor: Do you think perhaps the driver wanted to play it safe and Paul wanted to see what the car could do? Perhaps this accident is the fault of Paul for pushing the driver to push his car to beyond the limit. Do you think before you write? Don't come here and try to back peddle. You said what you said earlier, we all saw it, there's no turning that around, so just quit while you're ahead. Quit trying to profit off Paul's death and let the man rest in peace!

damian pryor
904 days ago

Sarah, some of your comments are completely valid. But using Paul Walker's death for "viewership" or "readership" is just as disgusting as the people taking souvenirs. Your first article was horrible and felt like you were only using this crash to get people to read YOUR opinions about something completely different.

Of all things that need to stop is horrible journalism. I have read a lot of bad articles in my time, but none have been so grossly irresponsible that I felt compelled to respond.

"Stop. Stop with the excuses, stop with the justifications, and stop blaming everyone else. The blame only lies within our selves, whether it's choosing to engage in a potentially reckless situation or perpetuating one by saying nothing and watching one unfold. You won't always be the innocent bystander that luckily got away." I'm sorry WTF are you even talking about?

Good luck

904 days ago

I agree, your writings here on this have been atrocious.

First of all, how to you presume to know what Paul was thinking? You presume he was wanting to be cautious, but how do you know he wasn't actually egging the other guy on to "show me what this thing can do!".

The point is, media outlets such as yourself always jump on the bandwagon just to get print out there, so you can make money. No regard for knowing any facts about anything (You don't know a thing about what caused this crash, yet you presume to know exactly what Paul was doing and thinking). Just take what's being reported (often inaccurately) add your own assumptions and run with it.

Which of course is ironic, given your self-righteous preaching.

904 days ago

You're an idiot. Get off your fucking pedestal. I don't know anything about what either of them were thinking and you know nothing about this car. Stop posting garbage thats disrespectful to not only the deceased, but their families as well. Just shut the hell up and get off this topic. Try posting about something you do know about, if there is anything.

Pamela Gray
904 days ago

I'll keep my comments relevant... just as long as your writers stick to facts and the real story without trying to fabricate facts that are unknown and will never be. I'm referring to where you say "Please keep your comments relevant to this blog entry)
What the heck was Sarah thinking and then tries to wrangle out of what she wrote in the first article and then make a dig to the readers who posted their comments?
I was waiting for her to start quoting what those two poor, dear men were actually saying to each other, at the time of the unfortunate circumstances.
She's riding on the merry-go-round at the playground in her mind !

904 days ago





2 Replies
904 days ago

WOW...and I thought yesterday's article was the most ridiculous this site had ever kicked out...after reading this, I'm not sure which is worse.

Yesterday you cackled that Paul was yelling for Roger to slow down. Today you've decided the entire incident was Roger's fault.

To make these claims, you would have had to have been in the car. You most definitely were NOT. That means you have NO CLUE what happened or didn't happen inside the car. You're blaming everything on Roger...you have NO clue if Paul was telling him to go faster. (and I am NOT saying Paul did that...I obviously have NO clue...but you're making some pretty serious assumptions and accusations against a situation you know NOTHING about) My goodness, the investigation isn't even over yet and you've already decided what happened and what was said!

Not only are you printing false and inaccurate information, you're also guilty of starting rumors. Because that's what this insane article will do. Start rumors.

Think about Paul and Roger's families before you write such insane, insensitive, false articles.

jay cotton
904 days ago

NO one wants to hear the truth. These deaths were an horrible accident and it hurts so bad, but this article is right. Texting, speeding, and not paying attention to the road will end tragically like this may they rest in peace and their deaths be a wake up call for others out there. I pray for their families, and their souls.

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