Shia LaBeouf Has Reached Maximum Douchebag Potential

1/2/2014 10:00 AM PST, by
OK, let's do a quick review: Shia LaBeouf made a short film, but it turned out that he actually just stole a ton of stuff from a comic book by Daniel Clowes. Shia's been tweeting an apology a day for the past several days, but you know what? It turns out that Shia has been plagiarizing his apologies about plagiarism. Wacky, right? And you might be thinking "well, that's pretty douchey, but that's it?" And no, friends. No, it is not it. Not by a long shot.

First of all, the tweet where Shia reveals that he's been mocking us all with his silly apologies: And then, this stupidity: And now, finally, a brand new interview that Shia did with a site called Bleeding Cool in which Shia explains why plagiarism is totally not even a thing. Are you ready? Because it's going to get extra awful. Also note that this was an interview through email, so all the typos are Shia's.

Here's his idea of "art":

Of course – art is not about itself, but the attention we bring to it. Art is a lie the makes us realize the truth. In the 21st century there is NO personal language. Just personal selection of language. We are products of editing. Not authorship. Appropriation has been the most influential theme in art sense the 70s. If you look at Warhol’s work and say ” oh well he didn’t paint that – its just silk screens ” Your missing the point. Our notion of genius- a romantic – isolated figure – is f---ing outdated. An updated notion of genius would have to center around ones mastery of information And it’s dissemination It’s the 21st century, thug life It wants to be fee. 

A few of those quotes aren't his own, of course, but that's totally OK, because this:

Authorship is censorship Should God sue me if I paint a river? Should we give people the death sentence for parking violations- You’ll not only have less parking violations but less DRIVERS. 

It's not even plagiarism:

The problem begins with the legal fact that authorship is inextricably bound up in the idea of ownership and the idea of language as Intellectual property. Language and ideas flow freely between people Despite the law. It’s not plagiarism in the digital age – it’s repurposing ... THE FIRST LAWS ON AUTHORSHIP WERE USED TO CENSOR & PERSECUTE THE WRITERS WHO DARED PUBLISH RADICAL IDEAS.

So, all right, he's an artist with radical ideas, and ... nope, can't even pretend to understand this mess. Shia's whole problem is that he thinks he's smarter than everyone because he got a Disney show when he was a kid and he knows how to put words together so that they kind of look like they make sense. He honestly thinks he's above everyone because of "Even Stevens," how tragic is that? Hopefully, one day, he can manage to come back down to reality, even for just a moment. Surely he could at least get a chuckle over the astounding douchebag he has become. 
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108 days ago

I understood his point. And he's right. Pretending it's a group of words that take too much focus to find a point is another perspective- if you wish to undermine.

108 days ago

Hey Shia, Vancouver called, they are ready to shit kick your ass again. Bring it on Douchebag and see how the Canadians roll, AGAIN!!!

108 days ago

I agree with him in a way. I hate it when people sue over stupid stuff. Take the facebook example. They didn't sue him because he stole their idea they sued because HE DID IT BETTER THAN THEM!

Unless the author was planning to make a short film(and he wouldn't because it wouldn't be profitable) why should he get paid for it. Should be as simple as saying "this guy wrote the story....... i made the movie" if you want to pay him for the story then go buy his book... if not pay me for the movie i made.

So again i just hate it when people sue pretending they were hurt but it was nothing more than wanting money.

1 Reply
108 days ago

You can never have a point about what plagiarism is or isn't when you aren't even capable of creation. Shia is defective. If he wasn't he would be able to create something original. But he can't so instead he steals from people who can and then creates a childish reason for why he shouldn't be held responsible for his defect. Life existed before the 70s. What an idiot to speak about plagiarism as if art and the concept of art only started in the 70s. Even worse, he basically said he's willing to take advantage of the decline in the cultural value or art (i.e. we live in a dog eat dog world now and he's going to be a part of it). That's basically what he said. Meanwhile there are people out there creating ORIGINAL art because they are capable of it. He needs to sit his defective, fresh out the cave, childish behind down and stop talking around grown people, he's not on that level.

108 days ago

Shia is a different breed of person. He doesn't go along with what Hollywood considers "normal". Most of the time he means no offense to anyone. He is an artist and goes along with what he feels in the moment. I haven't ever heard anyone really say anything bad about him. He always seems super nice and is awesome to how fans. I love him and I think he's an amazing actor.

1 Reply
Steve Phillips
108 days ago

If you are a plagiarist, who needs you. Your ideas or work are already out there. You are little more than an unoriginal echo. This guy's "art", or impact on "art" has a very limited, narrow scope and will last not quite as long as he does. Give us something exciting and new. Challenge our senses and sensations with something we have never experienced before. If you are a no more than a recycler, then you are just a pretender - a fake. And that's the problem with modern culture. The people most caught up in modern culture are too ignorant of the great pool of alternatives offered by the vast universe of art to know just how deprived and stupid they are. Don't forget for an instant that pop culture is the most ephemeral of all art forms. When is the last time one gave a thought to "stars" of the past such as Sinatra, Crosby, Jolson, etc., who were much more vital and relevant than the arrogant zero, LaBeouf will ever be, except in the faux realm of his own limitations.

MIke Grant
108 days ago

Insulting a man's pecker has got to be the ultimate act of douchebaggary.

107 days ago

Shia is a pretentious jerk with no original ideas, so he has to steal someone else's to pretend he's relevent. That's not art, Shia, it's theft. I hope Mr. Clowes sues the crap out of you and that people in Hollywood realized you're a nobody with nothing to offer except communist ideas. Mr. Clowes came up with something original, and you rode his coattails without even deigning to acknowledge that the idea came from him. Go smoke some more dope.

1 Reply
107 days ago

I actually laughed out loud twice, something I never do. What a load of pretentious prattel wrapped up in pseudo-intellectual claptrap. This young man is the embodiment of what happens when the mind gets warped at a young age. He would have always been surrounded by people he had power over and it appears he has lost out on the psychological health and growth because of this lack of balance in his life. He's got all the markings of a psychopathetic thug. Of course that may or may not be my opinion because, per Shia, those are just words that I used to shape some sentences with. Wonder if that ever reflects back at him in the form of 'oh wow man, that means I've never had an original thought.' He sounds like my son when he was a young teen, they know everything -- their logic and intelligence is totally owned.

107 days ago

Give him a break. He has to bring attention to himself. It's not like if he has much of a career anymore. He's done...maybe Dancing with the Stars will give him a call?

107 days ago

This guy is a jerk on so many levels. from what I understand he is hard to work with and no one in Hollywood can stand him. He acts like an idiot and thinks he's some huge hotshot! Not so... he looks and acts like a punk.

Mark Toitia
107 days ago

For the record, "death penalty for parking violations" is stolen from a Steve Martin joke from his "Comedy is Not Pretty" album of stand-up comedy.

107 days ago

He is such an ass. I hope his career ends up in the toilet.

107 days ago

I don't think there are many people left who don't know he's a douche at this point. he just keeps doing stuff to remove all doubt from those who were wavering. .

107 days ago

I can't stand to seening Shia on the big screen; he ruined the last Indiana Jones movie playing the role as Indiana's son. That movie franchise will not last if he is chosen to play the heir of Harrison
Ford's iconic character. What do Hollywood directors and producers see in him? I just don't know.

107 days ago

think the style of the article is more offensive, and you maybe think "what a douch wrote this", you could be right friend^^.

107 days ago

I am not 'taking a side' on this one because the more important thing I have noticed is Disney, what do they do to kids? How many kids end up with Mental problems, or a feeling they need to distance themselves from Disney at any length. Think about it , the unbelievable things they do . How many Disney kids are stable??????? yea, maybe a few

107 days ago

From a technical standpoint he is right. However, a decent person gives credit where it's due, instead of copping out with existential gibberish that doesn't apply to a fair, civilized culture.

105 days ago

His BS makes about as much sense as listening to Kanye West, but Kanye's is at least interesting. God he is so boring. Walking around trashing stuff is not being an artist., which is basically what this guy does....he even trashes movies he's been in and people who gave him opportunities. He never seems grateful for anything.

I highly doubt such an empty, destructive person makes much art.