Quotables: Ariana Grande Just Racked Up Some Serious Human Points

1/26/2014 10:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor

"I think it's really serious. I've seen tweets of people making fun of the mugshot and all this stuff, and it's so ignorant.
It's got to a point where I just want him to be okay. It's this very serious thing. It's not just like a kid who's, you know screwing around, it's dangerous.It's very serious and upsetting. ... He's the most visible and yet isolated human being I've ever met." 

--Ariana Grande in a recent interview on Justin Bieber's recent DUI arrest in Florida, and finally, the voice of reason emerges in a sea of Seth Rogens, and it is so much better than listening to the hate about how Justin's a "piece of sh--" because he's so obviously going through an absurdly difficult time right now. 

Listen, it's no secret that I'm actually rooting for Justin to recover from all of this awfulness he's allowing to happen to him, just so he can return -- healthy -- to the spotlight singing songs I hate immensely. At this rate, Justin is only another Michael Jackson waiting to happen, and as long as all of the putrid people in his life continue to help him perpetuate the crazy negative behavior as of late, that's exactly what's going to happen -- Justin Bieber is going to end up dead, and it is going to be sad, and even people who jokingly sing that "Baby" song don't deserve to die sad, lonely, self-destructive deaths. 

Grow a heart, people. Try to see past the general 19-year-old douchiness and understand that there's likely a scared, lost, not-yet-grown person in there who doesn't even know what to do with himself. 


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672 days ago

Who cares? He thinks he's above the law and everyone else. He needs serious jail time. This is what happens when people spoil a brat for so long. His parents did a bad job raising him. Wake up Bieber. You need to clean up your act or you'll be in real trouble soon.

672 days ago

You are a shrewd one I have to give you that Sarah. Also, you have no idea how many times I had to go back and add the d to shrewd.

You started the Kaley's husband is sketchy hate and when you got enough hits off that, you handed it off to Emily so she can get a few hits with your sloppy seconds. Now you are going to post a bunch of articles about how great Justin is and how we just need to pray for him and give him a chance.

You know the way the wind blows, you know that this will get a bunch of people saying mean things about Bieber and than you'll rack up the views you crave. Then after maybe 3-4 of these, Emily will get to be the Bieber supporter and you'll find a new way to click bait us.

Props for the plan, boo for the fact you feel you have to do it rather than be a real writer with real thoughts.

672 days ago

By the way, I think the only people who care about him are his paternal grandparents. They have no idea why he wants nothing to do with them. I'm sure they tried telling him to clean up his act which he refuses to listen to. Instead he said get lost. Everyone else is as bad as Michael Jackson's family. If they do care they can all get all over him and tell him to clean it up or else. He's the one who has to do it. He never will as long as he's surrounded by Yes people.

672 days ago

What BS. The media and the public didn't "break" Justin Bieber. He's a spoiled, rich, bratty punk who thinks he can do anything he wants with no consequences. Before we talk about how much it sucks that poor wittle Justin is such a victim can we look at:

It would suck to go to a concert and have the main event show up two hours late because he didn’t feel like turning up.

It would suck to have your hotel vandalized by someone, only to have that person get away with it because he’s a celebrity.

It would suck to be a DJ who was physically assaulted by someone who was mad because you wouldn’t play their music.

It would suck to have your celebrity idol spit on you outside of his hotel room for his own enjoyment.

It would suck to be the owner of a restaurant and have one of your celebrity customers pee in a bucket while he was eating.

It would suck to have your house egged by a celebrity, only to have him get away with it just because he’s a celebrity.

I don’t care who he is, and I don’t care if he’s “judged for every move,” because when it comes down to it, he has committed scores of illegal acts and continuously gets away with it just because he’s famous.

672 days ago

How insulting!! Justin Bieber is NOT and will NEVER be another Michael Jackson first off so it's only highy insulting and disrespectful comparing him to Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson NEVER did drugs of ANY kind, he once abused of painkillers due yo Pepsi incident NOT to get high and I remember you that he was MURDERED and the Coroner stated that he found NO sign of drug abuse and NEVER did something illegal. Aside from being a legend a genius and an icon.

672 days ago

How insulting!! Justin Bieber is NOT and will NEVER be another Michael Jackson first off so it's only highy insulting and disrespectful comparing him to Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson NEVER did drugs of ANY kind, he once abused of painkillers due yo Pepsi incident NOT to get high and I remember you that he was MURDERED and the Coroner stated that he found NO sign of drug abuse and NEVER did something illegal. Aside from being a legend a genius and an icon.

1 Reply
672 days ago

I'm pretty sure Michael Jackson wrote most of his songs.

672 days ago

The media and the Miami B!tch PD is full of BS. He was not drag racing! video, and the GPS, plus the speed tracker proved that! NO alcohol in his system! breathalyzer test was .014 Police lied. I hope the judge does the right thing, and dismiss the charges. As far as resisting arrest, and confessing to them that he drank, smoked weed and took xanax??? it's all lies. Truth is coming out...

1 Reply
672 days ago

this article is as boring and trite as Ariana Grande herself. Justin needs to face consequences for his actions - plain and simple. As long as he keeps flipping his finger at people/property/the law, he deserves all the scorn and hate that is being thrown at him. We are all responsible for our actions, and he needs to be responsible for his. fishwrapper.com came up on a tmz link and I have never heard of it before.....now I know why. #lame #pointless #neednewwriters

672 days ago

People need to stop making excuses for these celebs!!! Why do some fall victim and others don't?!?! Maybe they should take a page from their books...how they are successful, famous and have their stuff together!!! As long as we make excuses for them, they will continue thinking that it's ok for them to behave in this way!!! He needs to surround himself with people that will say no to him and be a positive guiding force in his life!

672 days ago

Boo freakin hooo. He was driving drunk, he could have KILLED SOMEONE. And he's smiling in his mugshot, does not even feel a bit guilty for what he did.

I'm starting to think either you Sarah or the other one, Emily is somehow related to Harvey Levin, and they just gave you this website so you have something to play with.

You just write random crap without anything to back it up, or it making any logical sense.

672 days ago

When did it become ok to talk like this about a 19 year old? who does that? would you go up to a 19 year old kid on the street or in your neighborhood and talk like this to them? lol wtf.

1 Reply
672 days ago

ariana say anything for publicity grande at your service.

this is the girl who was so quick to lie about getting bullied at nickelodeon and play the victim when she cheats on her boyfriends. she's a spoiled opportunistic witch.

672 days ago

Nice to see Arlana Grande speaks with common sense. It's interesting how many news reports copied TMZ earlier reports of the charges and the so called criminal activity; however when TMZ started to expose the false accusations not as many were as quick to correct earlier reports or expose the authorities in Miami like they continue to do to Mr. Bieber. We continue to bash, yet we allow the corruption behind all the charges slip to the wayside while we continue to incriminate a possible innocent person. In the end I hope Mr. Bieber sues the bottom right out of Miami’s coffers and donates the money to a worthwhile organization. If this is how the city of Miami treats their guest perhaps JB fans should boycott the place.

672 days ago

Says the whispering singer. Mic turned up much?? Lmao ur style is horrible little girl, save ur money,

672 days ago

Richard Sherman: all-pro corner back, Stanford graduate with a 3.9 GPA no criminal record calls out a NFL WR and gets called a thug. Bieber numerous incidents both violent and drug related but he is just a misguided kid? Please grow up

671 days ago

"He's so obviously going through a hard time right now."

My friend and her brother were raised by a druggie mother and abusive stepfathers... she is a successful CEO with a double master's degree, her brother is a druggie. Both blame their childhood.

Bottom line... Justin isn't "just going through a hard time", Justin is a brat going through shit and not handling it well and not being held responsible for it. Stop with the pity. He has enough yes men and women around him.