This is EXACTLY What's Wrong With Justin Bieber

1/27/2014 12:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor


Steven Tyler
, though a nice man, has been to rehab several times in his life. Steven Tyler has almost died a few times, too, by rumor, and yet Steven Tyler feels qualified to tell Justin Bieber that his personal problems are totally no big deal because he's the "biggest" pop star in the whole entire world (oh God, his words, not mine), and that is sickening.

See, it's this kind of person that Justin Bieber needs to purge from his life. People like Steven Tyler, and people likely like his very own father. It's this kind of person who should be ashamed of himself because inappropriate comments to 19-year-olds who have zero grasp on reality to begin with are way out of place in this day and age. It's this kind of person who should just be keeping their mouth shut, because encouraging -- or justifying -- bad behavior from anybody is ridiculous.

They don't make musicians like they used to, friends -- Justin probably can't handle half of what Steven probably went through, and in the very same breath, Steven needs to cut this crap out. The end. 

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848 days ago

That really reminds me of Michael Jackson and his rabid fans. The biggest start ever, can do no wrong, including child molestation!

848 days ago

It's true, bands and singers these days are such pussies, except that Demi Lovato sneaking her coke on the planes she traveled in was pretty bad ass.

848 days ago

I was redirected here when I clicked on a link from TMZ.
How does one become a journalist, when they don't proof read?

"This might -- might! -- be even worse than the role that Bieber's fown ather played in his messed up life."

Fown ather?

848 days ago

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, Fishwrapper. They are trying to put felonies on a kid who blows a .014, drives 27 mph, and allegedly throws eggs at a neighbor. I guess you must have been a saint at 19 years old. This is so LAME. I think Steven Tyler has some perspective on what BAD really is...give the kid a break until he truly does something worthy of all the media attention received.

2 Replies
848 days ago

Hallelujah Jenn !! My sentiments exactly.

848 days ago

I don't know any nineteen year olds that are this immature. The teenagers and or young adults in my life do not act like 10 year olds. If anyone thinks this is ok, you are an enabler. It is just creepy that people will not help this man.
This is going to be a problem for his future.

848 days ago

Journalist? Less commentary, please. Unless you're going to be funny. Stand on your self righteous soap box somewhere else.

848 days ago

just a mom

848 days ago


My comments were directed st Sarah, not you!

848 days ago


848 days ago

All you do on this site is bash celebrities without even knowing the whole story. That's all you do. Never a positive story. It's just constant belittling. Guess that's your MO and people eat it up but I see right through it.

Uncle Chucky
848 days ago

He looks like Miley Sirius.

848 days ago

They don't make musicians like they used too????? Are you kidding me? What planet are you from? Do your homework when speaking of something you obviously know nothing about.

Adriane Gilder
848 days ago

Bieber's fown ather? Hmmm TMZ has fumble fingers, just like everyone else.

848 days ago

Besides the speeding while under the influence, Justin really doesn't have any problems. So he eggs a house; big deal! I have egged cars, houses, and even people when I was younger. I put bologna on someone's car because I knew that it would eat the paint... Never was anyone appalled at me. Can anyone tell me what Justin's alcohol point level was? Justin is 19 years old. when I was 19, I went to jail for underage drink and drive when I only had a .04! Now I'm going to be vulgar: This shit is no big deal!!!

848 days ago

Everyone is entitled to their on opinion and he gave his. Whatever is gonna be is gonna be.

848 days ago

It blows my mind that people are making a big deal of what Justin Bieber is doing! He is a 19 year old kid that has acquired millions in the triple digits. That's right, over a hundred million dollars. So he drinks some sizzurp, egged a house, drinks some beer, pissed in a mop bucket, drove a Lamborghini 27 MPH, etc. He smokes a little weed too, big deal! When I was that age I made great money and partied way harder but I always knew when to say when. Now I'm 40 and making lots more money than I did at 19 and still hit it harder than Bieber. I think a lot of normal 40 hour per week people overlook the welder that drinks a case of beer per night and smokes 3 packs of cigarettes per day. They don't think that guy has a problem until he beats his wife up. Justin Bieber doesn't have a problem! He's a young man enjoying the fruits of becoming famous.

1 Reply
847 days ago

Sarah just when i thought you couldn't get any lower! Bitch what are you carrying on about! the boy is 19 with lots of money & girls screaming his name,what did you expect exactly,so he has fckd up but people are making so much out of nothing.Reminds me of the whole Chris Brown thing,granted he did fck up by beating that woman but carrying on about it years after is just ridiculous,were people act like they're such saints & have never made mistakes.Its bottom feeders like you that perpetuate these type of exaggerations.Cunt go out & do some actual journalism not this shit your always on about!

821 days ago

lol i love drinking cofee from my bieber mugshot mug