Isn't Your 5 Minutes Up Already, Jared Padalecki?

2/3/2014 10:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Philip Seymour Hoffman dealt himself a pretty rough hand in life, and as if he didn't suffer enough -- or make those who loved him suffer enough -- assclowns like Jared Padalecki have to go in and throw their cheap 2 cents around and make it seem as if Philip's death by suspected overdose was this trivial, stupid thing that happened on a whim with no rhyme or reason:

"'Sad' isn't the word I'd use to describe a 46-year-old man throwing his life away to drugs. 'Senseless' is more like it. 'Stupid'."

That is a thing that "Supernatural" actor Jared Padalecki (in case you were one of the many who didn't know who he was to begin with) actually wrote on his Twitter ... before deleting it after receiving a crapstorm of hate. 

Jared then went on to save face, saying that his definition of "tragedy" was different than most other definitions, and yeah, he guessed that Philip's death was "sad." What a guy. 

The thing is, since we apparently have to spell it out for people like Jared, Philip struggled with an addiction most of his life. Philip wasn't some hasty punk kid who had a little too much fun this one time at a party and tragically died because of it. Philip was a smart, talented, 46-year-old man, as well as a father to 3 young children, and to assume that Philip was behaving intentionally recklessly with the lives and hearts of those that had been entrusted to him in his private life is heartless at worst, and moronic at best.

Addiction isn't a joke, and trivializing it because you don't understand it and the way it can systematically destroy even the strongest of persons only makes it apparent to those who have been affected by it -- or can at least comprehend its nature -- that you have no platform on which to peddle your inane BS. 

In short, Jared, how about this: count the undeserved blessings that have been bestowed upon you, and thank your lucky stars that your children have a father who's going to come home to them tonight. It's called "compassion" -- why not try it out for size? 


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842 days ago

I agree with Jared. The man was sober for 20 some years and threw it all away. He had 3 young children and choose to go back to drugs. When someone is sober that long its a choice to go back to it. It is very stupid. I feel sorry for his family but not him. He did this to himself.

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842 days ago

Seriously? Who writes this crap..,grow up. He didn't mean any harm, he can state his own opinion. It's like everyone is punishing him for having his own mind.

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842 days ago

You're not born addicted to drugs. You choose to do them then get addicted.

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larry green
842 days ago

Sarah..." 'Sad' isn't the word I'd use to describe a 46-year-old man throwing his life away to drugs. 'Senseless' is more like it. 'Stupid'."

That is exactly how one should feel. Nobody told any of these people to put the drugs in the first time or the last. All drug deaths that occur per recreational use are stupid. One with lots of money has even a better chance for help but they need to want to get the help. They have friends, families and others and it is stupid to be so selfish as to kill themselves.

Uh Wha?
842 days ago

I kind of agree with him.

I also find it funny that the writers here can trash talk any woman they want for what they were or how they brush their teeth... but when it comes to an issue where people are supposed to have passionate opinions... suddenly they're the bad guys?

It's not always easy, but if people make the right choices to begin with, this doesn't happen. I'm not saying that I don't feel sorry for his family but the man was being selfish, and this is what happened.

And yes, I personally know others that have done similar things. I don't have them for it (as that would be quite silly) but that doesn't mean that I can't think that they were stupid.

842 days ago

And Lisa, like Jared, you are an idiot. You have no idea what went on in his personal life, yet you feel you know enough to make ignorant statements. Go crawl back under your rock, I'm sure Jared will make room for you.

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842 days ago

"Stop being angry about Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death"

Is this the same author that showed incredible hate towards Christina Aguilera last week for her spray tan?…..I agree with you Lisa. I feel sorry for his family but not him. He did this to himself. He had this addiction since college? For God's sake, he's now 46 with children! What was wrong with him?! Sick of these "addiction is a disease" excuses.

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842 days ago

Yes, addiction is a terrible disease, but you know if this was some non-famous middle aged white male who died of an OD, no one would bat an eyelash and society would label him a no-good junkie who should have known better. I think it was terribly selfish of him to die in this way and leave his children without a father, his family without their beloved son/brother/etc. Mourn for the loss of a great talent, but this martyrdom that accompanies every celebrity overdose is too much.

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842 days ago

Once again the writers of this website prove that they know nothing more than any 16 year old high school bimbo.


842 days ago

PSH had three kids he was supposedly going to see on the same day he was shooting up and died. That is reckless and stupid and I 100% agree with Jared. I understand it's an addiction, but don't feel bad for someone who was going to be around his three young kids high as a freaking kite. Sarah Taylor you're an idiot.

E. Edwards
842 days ago

For pete sakes, I agree with Jared. No one forced the man to get high. Not the first time nor the last. Absolutely feel sorry for his family, but not the man who wasted so much. Suck it up and move on.

842 days ago

I agree with Jared. When is Hollywood going to stop letting their friends die over this stuff!!!!! Stop glamorizing the drugs and help your friends people!!!!

842 days ago

He's right. I agree with him. PSH was clean for over 20 yrs, he was 46, he knew the effect drugs had on him drugs won in the end. It's not a tragedy this man died. It's senseless, stupid & wasted. I've lost family members to drug overdoses, I know what addiction does to someone & their family. Yes PSH was talented & his children will never fully know him. If I feel sad it's for his kids.

842 days ago

I also agree with Jared. Drug Addicts are selfish and self serving, they don't think about there families or the damage their selfish acts cause. While some are mourning his death, did anyone thinkn that this may have been a blessing for his family and how they no longer have to live with the person he becomes on drugs. Also I'm not buying that he has been sober for 20years.

842 days ago

Simple, it's not sad, it's pure selfishness on PSH's part. He has everything someone could expect from life, but that's not enough for him, so he keeps pushing for something "higher" and ends up killing himself and destroying his family. Anyone saying it is not selfish is kidding themselves and enabling those around them.

842 days ago

I agree with Jared. It was Philip's choice to go back to Heroine after being clean for 20+ years. Anyone who does Heroine even one time is stupid.

Yes I feel bad for his family but he made the choice when he stuck the needle in his arm.

842 days ago

Compassion yes, but call a spade a spade. He didn't just fall off the wagon. He jumped both feet first and made a decision. Many decisions in fact. To get the money, to find the source, to give the money, to risk arrest, to risk death. All of it. Countless decision points, likely over a period of days. And to any one of those points a "no I don't want to do this" would have prevented his death that night. 50 bags of heroin? That's more than just an addiction. That's a death wish. And he was supposed to pick up his kids the following day?!?! That's reckless. That's endangerment. That is stupid. I am sorry the man is dead. I am sorry the children have no father. I am sorry he was a drug user.

There is no way that him saying "no" to any one of his stupid decisions could have been harder than his children never getting to see their father again. As a father he should have thought about that.

I get that there are people that are drawn to drugs. I am compassionate about all of those things. But it was still STUPID, selfish and everything else that Jared guy wrote. And he has the RIGHT to his opinion without the hate of everyone who disagrees with him. An addict is different from a user in my mind. An addict is a person who chooses to admit they have a problem and seek treatment. It's someone who takes responsibility for their choices and has compassion for themselves and everyone else their choices impact. This guy wasn't an addict. He was just a drug user who made some real stupid choices and got himself dead. You think he was thinking about anyone other than himself when he bought those bags? Nope.

842 days ago

Dear 'Lil Ms. Taylor, your VERY FIRST sentence, "Philip Seymour Hoffman dealt himself a pretty rough hand in life" IS AS BAD as the ignorant quotes you attribute to Jared whoever. Hoffman did not deal himself anything sweetheart...when it comes to addiction the disease. Would you have said that little tid bit had he died (dealt himself) from cancer? You lost this reader forever.

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842 days ago

PSH was found with 50 bags of Heroin in his apartment....FIFTY!!
That isnt a guy who was struggling for years and deserves a pity party...thats a guy who was looking BINGE when he was supposed to be with his children. I feel terrible for his family, and for the fact that such a great talent has passed. But what makes him so special that we should give him a free pass? This was a selfish move on his part. He was a grown 46 year old man who knew he had a problem and chose to ignore it. Jared was totally justified in having this opinion...leave him be lady

842 days ago

I know I'm going to catch some flack for this, don't really care. I'm not sure of today's numbers, but once upon a time the biggest heroin users were MD's..... I'm betting it was cut with something bad, or alcohol was involved. Heroin and alcohol is a deadly combination. That being said, I understand Jareds thoughts, callous and untimely as they were.

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