Brandi Glanville Absolutely Refuses to Stop Making Herself Look Bad

2/22/2014 9:00 AM PST, by
It's official: Brandi Glanville is too ridiculous for any words that have been invented yet. It's getting bad, guys, and you know it's bad because LeAnn Rimes comes out looking better in this (kind of) (a little). Here, let's back up.

This is about the child support claim, the same thing it's been about all week. Brandi tweeted that Eddie Cibrian had been asking for child support, she continued to tweet about it, and she also claimed that she didn't want to talk about it anymore, even though she started it, but you know what? She still wants to talk about it. Here are some tweets from yesterday: See, it's not technically her talking about her ex because she kept saying "a certain someone," get it? And if you don't get it, she did an actual interview on an actual television show -- Hello Ross -- to talk about how she doesn't want to talk about it anymore:

"[Eddie] wants me to pay him back alimony, but it's actually combined child support and alimony. The thing is when my first book came out, he pulled something similar and just sent me a lawyer's letter like a couple days before and it was a New York Times Best Seller. This time it's a New York Times Best Seller [again]. So I'm hoping if there's a book three he'll want some more of my money ... You know I went out and hired a big fancy lawyer for this one because before I would just like roll over and sign whatever because I was so sick of fighting. I want to move forward now." 

Oh my god, then MOVE FORWARD. Don't tweet about every single issue, don't write books about every single issue, just actually move forward with your life. No one started anything this time. No one did. Is this insane to anyone else?

Guys, it's insane to LeAnn Rimes, too, but for once, she's abstaining from tweeting. Well, kind of, she still had to tweet that she's not going to tweet about it:
You know what? This is fair. Brandi's been infuriating me lately, and I'm not even involved. What is this strange world in which we sympathize with LeAnn Rimes?! 


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824 days ago

Emily, Brandi is right about the timing. Don't you think she has a point? You need to find something more interesting to write about. Aren't you doing the same thing by writing this story. Get a new topic please. If you are really on LeAnn's side as I suspect you are, you would do her a favor and not report about what she does or is involved with because she usually is the one who looks bad no matter how YOU slant it. You lost lots of readers with that last line and may tank your career...

824 days ago

Emily, bitter much. Really you are taking the side of a woman who slept with a married man with second baby on the way. Brand posted a truthful event and it snowball. Was it the smartest thing to do? No, but this guy is a douch and this show just how much of one. Bring a married woman myself, I would not let my husband around a woman like yourself, because just by writing this article shows you have no morals.

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824 days ago

Is this article writer serious? Brandi has every right to complain about her douche bag of an ex. What kind of a man is he, trying to take her money when he has a job, barely but has a job. He's was just in a new movie. He disrespected her throughout their whole marriage, had a little side chick when she was pregnant with their son. And still to this day disrespects her and keeps her children away and now we know why... He wants money. I bet if Lee Anne' dumb ass wasn't around to take care of them he wouldn't give a damn about them. All he wants is a paycheck and all Lee Anne wants is a family with her barren as* Keep talk Brandi, send out tweets, emails, Facebook it, send out flare signals about how much of douche he is.

1 Reply
824 days ago

Why would anyone with even half a brain buy Brandi's book!!!!!

824 days ago

I agree with the other comments about the author of this post and pretty much every single post regarding Brandi. Emily Trainham you should really lay off Brandi considering her situation and the fact that LeAnn isnt exactly a great person.. she always seems to be fighting the battles when it should be between eddie and brandi.. either way eddie seems like a douche and him and leanne shoud go away on some little island they always seems to be posting selfies at reading brandi's twitter.

1 Reply
824 days ago

Brandi is a pathological liar. First, Eddie asked her to pay child support, then she post a letter that was clearly half of the truth. The lawyer answered, I will figure everything but support - altho the letter never mentioned alimony. You do not repay child support in cases overpayment so why would she hire an attorney? Der! She's lying again! My guess is her book isn't doing as well as the first book. She needs pity sales..
Child support. That money is for the children! It would be asking them to do with out- re: pay it back! It doesn't work that way. I know for a fact it doesn't! Been there! She's lying! She doesn't have a point about timing.. This was originally filed in 2010.. She has received reminders which she just mentions. She received her last reminder in dec.. Why did she wait till now? The timing helps her 'victim' status. She's lying. I hope she gets sued! If he overpaid in CS, all they do is adjust so he doesn't continue to pay Brandi more than required. He has the children 50% of the time.. Prob makes more than Eddie right now.. Why does he pay her so much anyway? I don't pity anyone who was overpaid 114k in alimony. Should all women who are married to cheaters be so lucky to get rid of them and live at ease. Come on! This is absurd! Brandi is absurd. Brandi is the most relentless Ex in history. ( she's so unstable, it's scary) That man may end up trying to commit suicide or inadvertently start resenting his children over this nutcase. How could you not? She cost him jobs with her public display if insanity, and whines about paying back overpayments! Excuse me, maybe he wouldn't want the repayment if you would stop losing him money with your big unrelenting mouth. If I were Eddie and LeAnn I would pick up and move to Texas or wherever she's from. I would also seek full custody. If he doesn't, he will resent those boys.. And guess what? When they're older, being men, they'll see why dad left, and why he moved out of the area. They'll blame mom. I don't get it! Brandi simply can't understand divorce, can't get over a man who's remarried... It's seriously sick. She's sleeping around herself. Stop using this old story to gain pity you loon! No one in their right mind wil ever settle for this nut.. Look what she's done to Eddie. What sane man would say, yeah, I wanna risk marrying that and it not working out! Ha ha! Yeah!

3 Replies
824 days ago

Didn't Brandi admit in this book, or while talking to the media, that she cheated on Eddie during their marriage. This woman is by no means a saint so I don't understand why so many women (and I am one myself) keep defending her. She's nothing more than a media whore who is obviously willing to do anything to keep her name in the papers. I don't blame Eddie one bit for wanting his alimony back. She was a model before marrying him and brings in a salary being on RHOBH so I have absolutely no idea why he should be paying her any alimony in the first place?!?!

1 Reply
824 days ago

She did this ALL for publicity for her new book! Hey, it's worked for all forms of the media have bought in to it.......

824 days ago

Emily, please get laid. You sound too uptight. Also, please know LeAnn will never... Ever... Be your friend. Get off her panty strap...

823 days ago

OMG Brandi is acting just like one of the LA super models in the awesome book Model Citizens Riding For A Fall.

Celebs behaving badly? You ain't seen nothing yet!

823 days ago

Ugh. Brandi just needs to get over it all. Can doctor Phil just get all three to talk it out? It's obvious Brandi is pissed and hurt that Eddie cheated on her and left her for a woman who brings home the bacon. Leann should apologize for being the bitch that she was also having an affair with a married man. Leann needs to butt out and not post or say anything. And Brandi too should quit talking or posting such a private matter, between two people, in public! This is all just so old.

823 days ago

God, watching this woman who can't even pronounce her (R) words is annoying beyind anything. Like as if she has a wad of cotton in her cheeks. Just goooo awaaaaay please. You are an idiot.

823 days ago

Emily, I feel your writing as a journalist should probably be more neutral, "Brandi's been infuriating me lately"

and who are you? why does the reader care how you feel? report the news and shut up thats your life.

823 days ago

I like how she keeps saying it's a NYT's bestseller. She probably thinks a Pulitzer is a type of smoothie blender.

1 Reply
823 days ago

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822 days ago

Hell has no fury…..She is a woman scorned and it will be a long time before she is ready to move on. Eddie should have filed for divorce and then have his relationship with LeAnn. But he chose to cheat and LeAnn as well.

Brandi will not let it go and LeAnn is not moving on herself. The fact she has to share her children with her adversary is hard to swallow. Unless anyone has been in that spot, then you don't know.

Maybe LeAnn should get her own child which would lessen the focus on Brandi's children. Until then, LeAnn and her in your face bonus mom routine with Brandi's kids will only keep this terrible situation festering.