You're So Vein

2/24/2014 2:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Kim Kardashian -- who claims to not really be into that whole body-alteration thing where plastic surgery is required -- has gone and done the gross: she's actually so self-involved and concerned with her appearance that she went and got stretch marks removed via laser surgery. Stretch marks on her boobs, because apparently they were bothering her that much that she needed to seek professional help for them. You know what else Kim might need to seek professional help for? Well, never mind. 

On the recent airing of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kim visited a surgeon to discuss her hands, which, according to her were "so wrinkly," and she's, like, totally "obsessed" with her hands. While she was there, she talked about having a scar on a toe removed, because ewwie, scars, and then went for the full monty by deciding to go with the stretch mark reduction thing that was on the menu for good measure. Next thing you know, she'll be complaining of varicose veins that she'd like to have lasered off, too. 

Kim, if this is the example you're going to be setting for your young daughter -- following in the footsteps of the toddler-waxing Farrah Abraham -- then you really need to buckle in, kid, because it's going to be a long and bumpy road for you and your girl. ... No matter, though -- any bumps will no doubt be eradicated by some kind of laser or abrasive surface or corrosive acid. We get it.

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592 days ago

She really has become one big joke. How pathetic can she get. It's so sad she has a child. I bet Ignori doesn't even know who she is. Kanye's awful concerts are done,I assume it's time for another selfy from k-trash. Lol.....

3 Replies
592 days ago

Brainless woman, get yourself some psychiatric help!

592 days ago

Wait...this is a bad thing because!? I had no idea there was such a thing as stretch mark reduction, that is so cool! Any woman hating on another woman for getting rid of her stretch marks is silly. Beyond's her body and last time I checked we live in America so freedom to choose shall reign. If hating on her and her body is how you cope with your body image issues you should probably reassess your approach to dealing with a bad self image.

She looks great!

592 days ago

I find this post very ignorant Sarah Taylor. The fact that she wants to have her stretch marks removed via laser surgery is not gross nor self - involved, i'm assuming that you don't have any due to your point of view but i can assure you that many regular women would wish they had the money to do what she did. I personally have them and i hate them! It makes me feel self conscious, less attractive and i have no control over them. I sure would have them removed if i had the opportunity.

2 Replies
monica roman
592 days ago

why is this Sarah Taylor so full of hate?

1 Reply
592 days ago

Maybe we tone down judgement. It is a bit high handed to look down on someone for making a positive improvement, don't you think. If they bothered her then they bothered her. And luckily for her she has the money to have them removed. If I had the money I'd remove mine irrespective of others thoughts on it. Let's check that our houses aren't made out of glass before we start casting stones. Also, to compare this to someone that waxes her child's eyebrows is not just overreaching it preposterous.

592 days ago

Made this account just to comment on how pointless and full of hate this post is. Whoever wrote this sounds like a whining 1st grader. So what she wants to do something with HER body to make herself feel better. Why does that bother you so much?? She has "gone on and done the gross..". Really??

1 Reply
592 days ago

Agreed. She sets a horrible precedent. A toe scar?

592 days ago

Let me first say that I am NOT a fan of the Kardashians in any way shape or form. In fact, I think reality TV in general is pointless. That said, this post is ridiculous. If you have acne, don't you want to get rid of it? Stretch marks are essentially the same blemishes. If I had stretch marks on my breast and could afford laser treatment, sure... I'd probably do it. It doesn't mean I am going to get or want a boob job or any other plastic surgery. Why are you hating so much that you knock the broad for getting rid of unsightly skin markings? This isn't even an invasive surgery. People get laser hair removal, laser tattoo removals, etc. during their lunch breaks.

And comparing her removing stretch marks with Farrah Abraham's waxing her 4 year olds eyebrows.. uh, what? Shes not having stretch marks removed on her kid ffs. Sounds like you're the one with body issues, Sarah.

592 days ago

Jeeeeeez, how vain can you get---------- no pun intended is in 50 oe 60ies, she will regret all this and have many health problems

592 days ago

Sarah u obviously haven't had any kids. Bc let me tell u am dying to get a mini tummy tuck to get rid of all the excess skin and stretch mark. I was a size 2 b4 the pregnancy and a size 2 now. If i had the money I would get it done, yesterday. So I find this post pointless. I think everybody wants to improve and feel better

592 days ago

Sarah Taylor you sound soooo jealous!! What's with all the hate? Removing stretch marks and/or scars is not that big a deal. If you had Kim's money I bet you would do the same. All women wish they could tweak small things like stretch marks and scars. You made it sound like she had some major surgery done to change her appearance. Leave this woman alone!! She's never done a thing to you Sarah Taylor!! As for commenting on her daughter, NOT COOL!! If you have nothing else to write about but what Kim K does to her own body that's fine....she's a grown woman and can take care of herself but to talk all that hate about her little girl and accusing her of being a bad mother is crossing the line!! Get a real story to write about so you don't sound so childish and immature.

592 days ago

As for all the women posting how appalled they are at what Kim is fixing, I call BULL SH*T on each and every one of you!!! All of you damn well know if you had Kim's kind of money you would spend it like her!! You wouldn't think twice about fixing the big and the little things on you or around you. So get off your high horse and stop being so judgemental! Don't you get tired of hating people??

592 days ago

1. If you've ever been pregnant the stretch marks ARE something every woman has thought about removing.
2. I'm not on the KUWTK train, but who gives a shit? No matter how many people don't like Kim or whoever from the family, all these stupid posts on what they do with their life aren't going to change a damn thing.
3. And as for her daughter & "setting a bad example" there are plenty of mom's out there that do MUCH worse than get cosmetic work done on them.

William Foresman
592 days ago

I don't like seeing stretch marks on a woman anywhere so more power to her. More women should care what they look like because most of them are overweight as it is.

592 days ago

You misspelled vain, idiots.

1 Reply
LJ Wolf
591 days ago

Why attack Sarah Taylor? This post has nothing to do with hate and everything to do with double standards! The double standards of one, Kim Kardashian. The fact is, Kim went to this plastic surgeon under the guise she was going to have a scar removed from her big toe...And turns around and gets a full blown session of stretch mark removal on both boobs and laser treatments on her face. That is the point! She is so VAIN! And full of herself..For once, I agree with Sarah Taylor.
When Kim attacked people on Twitter last week over her use of plastic surgery...Kim can't have it both ways. She either does or she doesn't. I can't believe people who apparently follow this dimwit didn't know about her recent rant on Twiiter for people calling her out for her constant use of plastic surgery. It's forced in our faces daily. You can barely escape Kim and her hourly updates on the Internet. No matter what site you go to to read your news there Kim is..With her frozen mug all in your face! Please!

1 Reply