This Might Be The Worst Thing LeAnn Rimes Has Ever Done

3/4/2014 11:00 AM PST, by
This is bad, friends. Really and truly. And no, I'm not talking about that manicure, that's more "eh" than anything. I'm talking about that tiny little tattoo that you can see on LeAnn Rimes' ring finger there. No wedding ring, mind you, but a tattoo. Can you make it out?

A lot of people had a hard time figuring out what the tattoo said, but lucky for us, LeAnn answered that question in a short tweet: OH GOD NO. LeAnn got a tattoo for Eddie Cibrian, gross, unfaithful ol' Eddie, because that's not going to wind up being a bad decision. No, because it's going to wind up being the worst decision. Even if you don't believe that little tip about never getting tattoos for significant others, you've got to admit that it's probably not the best plan to get a tattoo for your significant other who became your significant other while married to someone else. That's fair, right? And obvious?

Hope you came up with some good coverups for your finger tattoo there, LeAnn. You know, just in case.

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410 days ago


4 Replies
410 days ago

She's had that for years. Never misses an opportunity to talk about it. He has one too.

Oh, and she has a tattoo on her foot that says "the only one that matters". Chick is certifiable.

410 days ago

Here's another stupid on behalf of the DRAMA QUEENS...

410 days ago

You annoy me.

410 days ago

This might be the lamest story you've ever done!

VyAnna Slavens
410 days ago

Damn...who cares ? Next you will be telling us that Woodlawn creatures come out at midnight under a full moon to sprinkle fairy dust on them

410 days ago

Really? Who cares. Old news. Sad world when we have nothing better to do than bring up the past. Get over it.

410 days ago

Those must be the shortest fingers I've ever seen. It's like something between a hand and a foot :/ Brandi, you're winning.

Julie Byam
410 days ago

Oh for heaven's sake . I thought for sure she had her name, or initials, and Brandi's kids tattooed on her somewhere. Geesh!

410 days ago

Who writes this garbage???? What's the big deal about a tattoo regardless where is is..........

Someone needs a journalism class or some sort of writing class......

1 Reply
410 days ago

Is there a petition we can start to get whoever owns this site to fire these numbnuts who run these blogs and start over with a whole new staff? What is this tripe? OMFG she has a TATTOO OF HER HUSBAND'S INITIAL HIDDEN ON THE INNER PART OF HER RING FINGER! THE HORROR THE HORROR!! THIS IS SOOOOOO WORTH WRITING ABOUT IN A FREAK OUT MANNER!! (See how ridiculous that sounded? That's basically how stupid you and that Sarah what's her name Always sound.) Especially when you get on your ultra creepy Kaley Cuoco's husband kick.

2 Replies
410 days ago

This was a really stupid excuse for a story.

410 days ago

Ok, I am soooo done with the bs headlines like you really, truly, honest-to-God have something to write about! Geeze Louise you catty women who write this tripe should be flipping burgers somewhere! Buh-bye!!

410 days ago

The headline should read:

"Holy shit, could this finally prove that Emily Trainham is the biggest fucking idiot/loser, ever?"

Followed by a two sentence story about how an ignorant cunt can actually get paid for being, well, an ignorant cunt.

410 days ago

Should be "s" for stupid. Or "d" for dumbass. Maybe "m" for moron. They just keep coming.

410 days ago

Tell me Emily... do you and that Sarah Taylor read the comments to your blog posts? Cause I'm curious I can't imagine you'd continue to post this kind of "hard hitting insightful" CRAP if you truly read how ridiculous your readers thought you looked. "Tripe" "crap" "ridiculous" "Stupid" "idiot" "Loser" - those are about YOU GUYS not the articles!! Not to sound mean here... but geez... most of your stories are just "these stars are stupid and they can't do anything right and I'm so much cooler than they are and I hope their lives fail in every way shape and form" - grow up already. Try meditation. May help you feel more positive about life and start writing about more positive stories.

1 Reply
410 days ago

Next time you make it sound like someone has killed a bunch of babies and ate them please make sure that someone ACTUALLY killed a bunch of babies and ate them... grow up! this is probably the least "worst thing" she could do. Albeit potentially stupid but that is just my own personal view on potentially cursing your relationship. But on the grand scale of it all. REALLY NOT THAT BAD!

shutup EMILY
410 days ago

This is The Lamest thing Emily Trainham has ever blogged about! There's my headline. Nothing horrible here except for your writing.Get a life.

Ruby Testarossa
410 days ago

The worst thing Leann Rimes did was to get involved with a married man who had children, which resulted in a marriage breaking up and hurting two innocent little boys. This tattoo is the stupidest thing she has done on the very long list of stupid things she has done, but it's not the worst.

409 days ago

As I've said before, I am firmly convinced this site is "helmed" by a
twelve year old girl who's vocabulary consists solely of phrases like this is "the worst" or "the best" or whatever catch phrase strikes her fancy that day. Please, for the love of God and all that's holy, shut this site down while there is still an iota of gray matter left in anyone who gets suckered into reading this drivel. Please stop, Emily ... and be honest with your Mother about what you're doing with your time. This is not healthy, honey, and I can't even say it's schlock because that would be an insult to schlock everywhere. If anyone knows of a 12 step self help group for prepubescent girls who exhibit an unhealthy obsession with "celebrities" and gushing about them on a daily basis, please let Emily know. Thank you!!!

1 Reply
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