Aww, Katy Perry is Shameful in a Good Many Ways

3/5/2014 8:15 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Want some pretty iron-clad proof that Katy Perry likely got kicked to the curb -- again -- by John Mayer? Oh, and that she's actually a pretty piss-poor friend? Because both seem to be true, and if her latest interview is any indication that somebody's still smarting from the sting of being dumped by a man who's dated basically everyone in Hollywood at one point in time, it's the quip she recently made about a "boyfriend" during an sit-down with an Australian AM show

When asked about the status of her love life, Katy said this: 

"All of my fans are my boyfriend. ... This is my boyfriend [pointing at a stuffed koala on set]!"

God, Katy -- what, are you a glutton for punishment or something? It's becoming pretty embarrassing at this point. We're talking about John Mayer, for crying out loud, not someone of the Ryan Gosling caliber or anything. 

After the uncomfortable mate exchange, Katy also slammed Miley Cyrus and her tongue-wrestling antics, claiming that she was appalled by Miley's girl-on-girl action, because only God knows where Miley's tongue has been. What a friend!:

"I just walked up to her to give her like a friendly girly kiss, you know, as girls do. And then she like tried to move her head and go deeper and I pulled away. God knows where that tongue has been! We don't know! That tongue is so infamous!"

Man. Does Katy's class know no bounds? It's not often that we'll defend Miley Cyrus, for crying out loud, but joking or not, that's pretty rude.

Get it together, girl. Dang.  

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816 days ago

you need help...your suck as a blog writer. smh

1 Reply
816 days ago

What she said about Miley wasn't cool, but probably true. And stop hating on John Mayer. Everyone knows he has commitment issues, so dating him in the first place is a risk. Women need to take some of the responsibility for dating anyone known as a player and then getting heartbroken. Stop victimizing yourselves, ladies. There are enough Taylor Swifts in the world.

816 days ago

NOT rude at all!! I wouldnt kiss Miley with YOUR mouth. NASTY!!! Katy's pretty smart if you ask me.

816 days ago

Ummm... isn't what Miley did sexual assault?
And who claimed they were ever friends? She threw Miley, someone who as far as I know never had any sort of real friendship together, under the bus after Miley tried to stick her tongue down her throat.

everyone in the world
816 days ago

YOUR BLOGS ALWAYS SUCK... YOU HAVE JUICY, SCANDALOUS HEADLINES FOLLOWED BY CRAPPY, BORING STORIES THAT LACK SUBSTANCE. Seriously, I wish you'd stop showing up on TMZ. They rock, you SUCK. You all seem like jealous wannabes that clearly couldn't get real jobs anywhere so you decided to make a job out of writing some of THE crappiest posts on the internet.

816 days ago

I'm not a fan of Katy Perry but I might be now. She was light bashing John when he's scum and will never forget his legs wide open in Levi's all wet, it was a view of not clean guy. She could have said more. And as far as Miley Cyrus goes, she is a toilet and Katy was right on. That tongue is an STC camper and with young fans who love her at risk as Miley knows, she should be thrown under the bus. Miley Cyrus knows she was our children's Disney idol and she's made an impact negatively that will alter their lives forever. I hope Karma is not kind to Miley and she gets what she's earned. IN fact, with all her porn antics, her fans equal the exact same amount today they did last year at this time. She soared in mid 2013 and fell back to where she was. She is scum and I hope she fails big. Katy is right and too nice on describing both of them. Katy GOOD !!

816 days ago

"God knows where that tongue has been." No shit. Here's to hoping she sticks her tongue in Hannibal Lecters mouth next.

816 days ago

Does she know where John Meyer's tongue has been? I agree with what she said about Miley, but John Meyer has been around the block a few times. Maybe that is why the relationship didn't go very far? She refused to kiss him or have sex with him.

Bethany Cosentino
816 days ago

This was an awful article. You used "for crying out loud" twice. And pretty sure Katy was being facetious.

816 days ago

What is this about?? Cluster fuck writing

Deborah O'Donnell
816 days ago

Don 't blame Katy Miley is a dirty girl It had to be said!!!

816 days ago

Ok, let's get this straight. This is bad reporting, it was a nine year old girl who asked about her boyfriend to which she did reply " all my fans are my boyfriends" including the very real and alive koala, not a stuffed one!
Secondly, when speaking about the miley cyrus kiss she made a joke about where Miley's tongue had been, and no not with discuss! She was laughing.

Give her a break this interview was in Australia, we are laid back! if your going to take the story out of context know the facts first.

816 days ago

Did she ever think about where John Mayers tongue has been?

815 days ago

Both she and Mayer kissed mouths that have kissed mouths.

815 days ago

What's rude about the statement? It's what most bloggers said right after it was posted when Miley tried to stick her tongue down her throat. Most people like the choice of who's disgusting tongue is going in their mouth. What's class got to do with it? Miley, ex-husband or ex-boyfriend, it should be up to the person to decide who goes in their mouth. Friend or not, I would not want to be used for a publicity stunt.

815 days ago

Didn't y'all just say the same thing when Miley kissed some random fan? (The answer is yes.)

815 days ago

wow. this is the worst website ever. I always get tricked by clicking on it form tmz and I forget that it brings me to this crappy blogger. horrible. horrible. and I am proud of Katie for saying that about miley. she is right. u can tell in the video she was in shock and pulled away. she was not expecting miley to do that. miley pretty attached her with her mouth. nasty. and miley also made out with a random fan at her concert the other nigh so I would not want to kiss her either. gross. and what she said about mayer was cute and she did it bc she obviously didnt want to answer questions about him. she obviously knew they were talking about him and wanted to deflect, so come one blogger shes not that stupid she just doesnt want to entertain the question!

815 days ago

Yeah well, miley cyrus has dogs. Hey fishwrapper, fire your writer and hire one of us. Or my grandmother. She could think of better stories.

815 days ago

Both she and Mayer kissed mouths who've kissed mouths.

The Wolf
815 days ago

Isn't Katy Perry supposed to be the one who kissed a girl and liked it she is such a twat and hypocrite

Who knows which celebrities taint John Mayers tongue has been around.

What a bitch LOL

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