Khloe Kardashian's Face is Getting Pretty Comical

3/5/2014 3:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor

Khloe Kardashian
This is Khloe Kardashian's latest face, and it begs the question of "What was wrong with Khloe Kardashian's former face?" The answer, of course, is "nothing," but apparently some people don't realize that the adage of "bigger is better" is not always the case, and in this case, if Khloe got her lips done, it was an epic failure on quite a few levels. 

See, Khloe was always -- in my opinion -- the most striking-looking Kardashian, and even if most people didn't consider her to be conventionally beautiful, she was anyway. 

Lately, though, she's beginning to resemble the flat-faced, stretched-skin, plumped lip look that Kim Kardashian's made herself emulate, and the results ... well, you can see for yourselves, guys -- they're not good. 

Leave yourself alone, Khloe -- if you're doing something different to change your look up, start with your shoes. ... At least that's what Sister Kim would tell you -- but what the hell does she know, anyway?


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818 days ago

What is up with the duck lips pout?

818 days ago

ugly is ugly. fat is fat. is she trying NOT to look like her daddy OJ?

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818 days ago

Getting comical??!! Oh, she reached that level a long time ago.

Duke Steele
818 days ago

The most striking Douchebagian? Thats a joke,right? Do you mean striking as in Girlzilla trampling Tokyo? This chick is a beast.Nothing wrong with her face? Theres everything wrong with her face.Is her pig mother paying you to say good things about her the way she is paying TMZ to do the same?

1 Reply
818 days ago

Huh..... Medical science sure has come a long way. Even Wookies can get plastic surgery!

818 days ago

Who cares about these damned "Kartrashians"?

818 days ago

she looks like a crack whore....

818 days ago

It looks like she wants to suck on a very teeny, tiny penis.

1 Reply
818 days ago

Y'all are true haters. Let khole be her. Nobody is bothering you or your life style

817 days ago

What is wrong with you people Khloe is beautiful you are all just haters why do people just have to hate on people that work hard and earn there own money ..... just because she is rich you all hate on her how sad you all need to get a life ........

1 Reply
813 days ago

I am so glad that someone thinks like I do when it comes to Khloe. She is the most striking of the bunch and she should just leave well enough alone. Why on earth would anyone want to copy the biggest dill weed of the bunch.....Kim?

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810 days ago

Horrible bunch of what you call 'people'. Shes just like any other person. Whos made herself something and someone in life. What do you guys do for a living thats hating.? Have you got your own make up clothes sunglasses perfume lie? Hmm didnt think so. Shes the most real beautiful inteligent woman i know on a reality tv show.

810 days ago

You "people" defending these trashy women are so retarded.They did not do anything to get this fame and fortune. Their fathers did, and now the kardashian madam the mom is doing everything she can to increase their wealth. And reall the only way you "people even heard of them at first is because of Kims sex tape. So you all are defending a shallow,spoiled, Porn star family. Instead of buying the stupid gossip magizines and living your life watching a "family reality series and pretending that you actually matter in this world, why dont you begin whith getting your own life some meaning. You clearly have too much time on your hands. Volunteer? Take care of your own family? Get a life?

2 Replies
Dan Zappala
808 days ago

With all the bad things in the news, it is fun to see someone like her compulsively ruining herself. I can't wait to see what she looks like in years to come. just look at Jenner. What a freakazoid.
Keep It Up Kloe

791 days ago

Awful. These females are totally ruining their faces. Just dumb.

786 days ago

her face is the same its not plastic surgery its the way she has her lips poked out and the way her make up is put on.!

786 days ago

Yes she has got her lips done u cn tell...

781 days ago

Khloe looked just fine the way she was before; now she looks plastic.
I don't understand where the K girls got their idea of beauty from. My co-worker was showing me pics from Kim's IG account. While we definitely got some deep belly laughs by scrolling through, the reality is, it's sad. The amount of photoshopping is nothing short of pathetic. They airbrush out their waist, blow their asses up 10xs their normal size, and edit their legs to a comical length. They look like fricking cartoon characters! But then I see the pics that AREN'T photoshopped, and I think "Wow, they're beautiful women" These girls are either really insecure, or really brain damaged. Someone needs to slap all 3 of them back into reality.
Does anyone know where I need to go to apply for that job?

779 days ago

Ewh....use to be she looks like the rest of her nasty ugly

Self Confident Woman
779 days ago

What a horrible message these Krazy women are blasting into the impressionable young minds that ascribe to their manufactured "reality" show (along with their twitter, news & Instagram feeds). People that use surgery to correct anything that was functioning beautifully have deeper issues. They'll never get the inner confidence and glow from within if they keep seeking substance, possessions and approval from the outside. The work the K's need to do is inside, then their outside layer reflects the genuine substance, that is the real beauty. The first person that needs a slap upside the head is the looniest, the mom, she endorses a surface, shallow life with plastic beauty. Kris is going to mess up the youngest two, and that is a sin. Until now, Khloe was always the most true, and genuinely honest beauty, out of the K trio.

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