Can Bill O'Reilly Shut His Ignorant Mouth Already?

3/17/2014 1:00 PM PDT, by
Guess what, everybody! Bill O'Reilly still really dislikes Beyonce in what feels like a borderline racist way, isn't that just the sweetest thing?! Last week, remember, Bill took a moment to talk about how Beyonce's new music video is pretty sleazy -- which, true -- and how it sends a bad message to "girls of color." See, Bill here has a bad habit of making a kind of decent point and then covering it up with so much nonsense that it doesn't even matter anymore. And, well, wouldn't you know it, he went and did it again.

Bill was on David Letterman's show recently, and here's what he said, from Huffington Post:

"Here's my question for Beyonce if she ever came on my program. She has $350 million in the bank...she doesn't have to do this. I mean some of these thugs, that's all they can do. But she doesn't have to! ... Look, these girls love you-- they idolize you-- you have all the money you need. Do some uplifting stuff. You'll sell as many records."

Oh, Bill, you silly, silly man. We've said this time and time again, but we'll say it again, since it never seems to stick in: stop. Just stop. Hush and stop. You're embarrassing yourself with this, and no one needs anymore Bill O'Reilly embarrassment. Not ever.


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800 days ago

For once, I agree with him. He is right. You can't argue that Beyonce has taken her music and image into the gutter. She is coming off as a low rent hooker now.

800 days ago

What did he say that was wrong? He is 100% correct! She does not have to act like a slut! Leave that to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and Rhianna and the rest of that ilk!

800 days ago

You think Bill O`Reilly should "shut his ignorant mouth" already! He may not appeal to you but "ignorant", he is not!!!
In fact, you would have to be the one who is ignorant to even suggest that he is!!!
Write something meaningful!!!

800 days ago

I agree with him 100%. She isn't a great role model anymore. And how is what he said racist? Too many people are so quick these days to cry racism over every little thing they don't agree with.

800 days ago

TMZ employees you are stupid! Let me get this right it's racist to speak the truth? Or if some one does not agree with you they are racist? Bill is right and I think the ones that need to shut their Ignorant Mouth is the employees of TMZ.

800 days ago

DAH EMILY, I too agree with him on the SECOND comment. Dont u realize that however 'tittilating' your headlines might be, when one actually reads the story they realize it was just a bunch of BS.....then your readers get pissed off....and frankly u guys have been doing this for waaaaaaay toooo long (hello Leanne, Farrah, guys need to hire some writers

800 days ago

Not prone to care what this man says, but he's right.
Beyonce doesn't have to dry hump, and splay her legs open or be Jay Z's ho...You'd think becoming a mom would make her want to clean up her act.
He is right...she should set a good example...all of them should including Miley and Gaga...right now they are all behaving like stupid idiots.

799 days ago

Sadly I agree with Bill on something. Bey is a skank.

799 days ago

I agree with Bill but I realize money doesn't buy class. Sorry B.

Mike Anthoney
799 days ago

Under what authority does Bill decide who is a good role model for 'girls of color'? That term denotes exactly where his statement is coming from. And why is Bill concerned about how much money B has? What does he mean she has enough? So he decides that also. He is the moron since with his ignorant so called controversy more record sales are generated. Ask Ice Tea. If you don't like B don't buy her music. I doubt she is hardly concerned about some racist blowhard. Hopefully she or J never lower their standards to be on Bill's hack of a show.

Barbara Ball
799 days ago

All you tmz liberals should be as smart as Bill. She does act like a slut. Have never liked her and like her even less when I read about the money and her homely husband spend for stupid stuff like $10,000 drinks and $54,000 handbags. When you make that kind of money for doing Rap (what the hell is that) definitely not music and make it that easy you don't have a healthy respect for money since you have done nothing to earn it. Since I believe in capitalism I am torn with these undeserving millionaires.

799 days ago

I'm going to agree with Bill O`Reilly this time because too many young girls look up to her..... I don't think he's embarrassing himself. Just speaking the truth.

799 days ago

Racist? Are you kidding? People in this country should & are able to say whatever they want. Bill is right

799 days ago

Emily Trainham remains a world-class muck-racker, making much ado about nothing.

It must be awesome being able to get paying writing gigs without a modicum of talent or iota of journalistic integrity.

799 days ago

Bill is absolutely correct.... Our young people need more positive role models than jay-Z and Beyoncé .. They are profiting off of their filthy music and gutter morals at the expense of our children.

799 days ago

DUH EMILY...honestly u guys....I agree with BILL 100% on the 2nd comment.. dont u realize Emily that u can use all the 'tittilating' headlines u want but in the end, when u read the article and realize its just BS pisses off your readers. All your ridiculous exaggerations (hello Leanne, Farrah, GAGA etc) are soooo over the top,just fluff and mindless dribble. You need to hire some writers with at least a tad of gray matter

799 days ago

Bill is right and people who write this stuff believe that if a white person does not agree with the actions of a black person it is some how racist. If you ever watched his show you would know that he is one of the only people who is really trying to give helpful solutions to the black community.

1 Reply
799 days ago

Loofah Billy... Loofah !!!!

799 days ago

My , my , my . Your readers don't agree with you . Could it be , that like Beoynce , you
say things just to provoke or be "edgy " ?
She obviously likes trash . How about you ?

William Foresman
799 days ago

His point is that she doesn't have to demean herself to make money. Stop thumbing the race card already.

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