LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glanville, and Eddie Cibrian Are a Big, Embarrassing Mess

3/31/2014 3:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Let's get this straight for one minute here: LeAnn Rimes is as big of a pot-stirrer as Brandi Glanville is, and Eddie Cibrian is just as dumb and self-involved as the two of the ladies put together, OK? This whole entire situation is disgusting, and unfortunately, the only ones truly being hurt by the melee these days are the children. GROW UP, ALL OF YOU

Brandi and Eddie's son, Mason, was injured in an undisclosed accident this past weekend, and naturally, Brandi shared the cryptic event on Twitter, because that's what she does -- Brandi live-tweets her life.

LeAnn, of course, caught wind of her stepson's injuries and unsurprisingly also took her outrage and concern to Twitter, because that's what she does: she instigates and feeds drama on the internet, and she takes her job damn seriously. 

LeAnn's gripe was that a mutual friend of the three notified Eddie of his son's hospitalization via text message, and she didn't think that was good enough, but that's where she's right: of course that's not good enough -- Mason is Eddie's child, too, and should have been notified immediately. However? It's kind of hard to notify someone who has you blocked on their cell phones, as revealed by LeAnn herself.

Yes, Eddie and LeAnn have prevented Brandi from calling through on their cell phones, so even if Brandi were to have tried calling, she wouldn't have been able to get through. That's some responsible (read: completely irresponsible) parenting right there, friends, when you allow your child (and stepchild) to go and visit their mother, but have their mother blocked from initiating any communication whatsoever, all the while fruitlessly hoping that nothing important or terrible happens to come up. Jackasses. 

LeAnn ranted and raved on Twitter about how irresponsible Brandi is -- until it started getting uncomfortable -- and at the end of the rage, naturally said she could have "handled" her hysterical dramatics better, and that her emotions were running high (you know, like normal): 
Here's a lesson, LeAnn: maybe you and your ridiculous husband could stop being super petty for a second long enough to realize that it's the children who are most important -- and most impacted -- by this situation, and not personal egos that demand spoon-feedings of drama and bitterness to be able to survive in this hot mess of a situation. 

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786 days ago

The facts are simple, it is the kids who will suffer the embarrassment inflicted upon them by all three. Although , this is a unpopular stand I do believe that this happens fairly often ,the stats for divorce are proof of this. I believe Glanville started throwing rocks and instead of ignoring them Rimes felt compelled to throw some back.
My point is Glanville is going to have to raise her boys with some really open minds; for she is the one who talks about her sex life non stop, why? and many other things that really embarrass and hurt kids, they need to let it go and the media needs to ignore tweets from all of them.

1 Reply
786 days ago

Fishwrapper nor TMZ should be commenting on the concern of the children. Both of you should be ashamed by what Trauma you put the children throught. Stop showing concern for innocent people ( Children, parents, siblings, friends of famous people ), because we both know that you don't care at all!!!! It's all about the money. Hypocrites!!!!!

1 Reply
786 days ago

Is it just me or do those kids always seem to be ill? I follow Brandi on twitter (not Leanne or Eddie) but either she is sick of her kids are sick a lot of the time!

3 Replies
786 days ago

I think if Brandi had really wanted Eddie to know his kid was sick (And the way she put it he was almost on his deathbed) she would of used Masons phone!! Instead she was on twitter trying to get sympathy for herself!! What mother is on twitter when her child is that sick only a sick mother!!!

1 Reply
786 days ago

Brandi did contact Eddie. She called him, left a message and also emailed him. It's Eddie's fault for allowing his wallet to control his life. As for Leann, she NEVER has any business talking about these children. They are not hers, she does not have kids. Period. End of story. Leann has no 'side.' Her emotions are not even close to being important, this is Eddie's child with Brandi.

2 Replies
786 days ago

They are all losers, just like the idiots who write for this crappy website.

786 days ago

Brandi called to torture Eddie and LeAnn drunk, screaming and whining all the time. Eddie and LeAnn have a right to be angry for Brandi can connect with them anytime on their sons phone or nurses, the doctors can call. Brandi should not have any custody of their sons but should go to rehab and then be ready to be a mom . She isn't one now BUT a drunk

1 Reply
786 days ago

Her new show is coming out ... Time to be a toolbag to get viewers

786 days ago

Brandi, get over your-self so LeAnn stole your man "shit" happens in life he liked her better than you so it's time for you to move on and get re-married or just raise your kids but leave them alone. I think you just want to be on T.V. you are so messy. and I know you think the "kitty-kat" is GOLD but its not so find someone who agree's with you.

1 Reply
786 days ago

Will Eddie ever work again, or has all this ridiculousness tainted his career forever?

785 days ago

Isn't it time for Child Protective Services to take Brandi Glanville's kids away from her?

Clearly no one believes she is a suitable parent.

1 Reply
785 days ago

What a couple of selfish, self engrossed women!

784 days ago

It's him. Break the cycle Eddie. I'm tired of reading about your life but you are apparently NOT tired of living it. Way too many fish in the sea! Drama King needs a Queen. Oh and try working again.

784 days ago

so Le Ann and Eddie are suppose to unblock the ill trouble maker that may be calling constantly?? Do they ever get any piece of mind? Brandi could have had a nurse call, huh?? Don't you think ? Anything? A text?? How asinine!! Brandi is such a trouble maker on Bravo . I am sure she does way more than what we will ever know!! Kudos for Le Ann putting up with her crap this far

784 days ago

instead of spending all the money on plastic doctors why doesn't she spend it on the two other doctors she needs??? For the kids sake.....be a REAL MOTHER.

Dwight CLark
780 days ago

These 2 gals need to battle it on WWE RAW, or, TNT IMPACT, or, even, WWE SMACKDOWN And settle their issues in the squared circle, so to speak. Better yet, as a special cage match between the both of them, in accordance with WWE rules, and regulations. But still kick each other's butts, and settle it once and for all!

They need to ask Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H if they could do that, in case there's a shortage in the ring for matches.

HEHEHE I remember when "Snookie" slapped Vicky Guerrero! That was hilarious! Way to go girl! Ready for round 2???

718 days ago

You are all crazy.! Take care of your kids, and stop acting like 2 year old children, seeking media attention. All of you should see a professional for your issues,maybe the kids would be better off living with sane relatives. It is just so sad grow up!!