Quotables: Maybe It's Just Time for Jenny McCarthy to Shut the Hell Up

4/15/2014 8:45 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"I am not 'anti-vaccine'. This is not a change in my stance nor is it a new position that I have recently adopted. For years, I have repeatedly stated that I am, in fact, 'pro-vaccine'and for years I have been wrongly branded as 'anti-vaccine'."

--Jenny McCarthy on just now -- but according to her, not at all just now -- being magically pro-vaccine, and what a load of BS all over this thing. 

See, people, it's fine to believe what you want. It's OK to have your own personal set of ideals when it comes to living your lives -- it's your business and nobody else's. However, when you start backtracking and changing the tune of everything that you've said in the past, and essentially denied ever saying it, then you shoot your own flimsy credibility right in the foot -- and that's exactly what Jenny's done with this op-ed piece on vaccinations and autism.  

Just to compare, here are some things Jenny has said which are the complete opposite of her latest comments:

“I think I would have skipped the chicken pox [vaccine]. I had it when I was little. To me, I’m not too worried about Evan dying from chicken pox. There should be some vaccines that we can go, ‘Hmm, maybe not.’”

“Time magazine’s article on the autism debate reports that the experts are certain ‘vaccines don’t cause autism; they don’t injure children; they are the pillar of modern public health.’ I say, ‘that’s a lie and we’re sick of it.’”

“Yes, a wave of 12 children with measles in San Diego is a troubling thing. But, there are more than 20,000 children in San Diego with autism! 20,000 vs. 12?” “Moms and pregnant women are coming up to me on the street going, ‘I don’t know what to do’… And I don’t know what to tell them, because I am surely not going to tell anyone to vaccinate. But if I had another child, there’s no way in hell.”

OK? It's all right there -- these things are all actual things that Jenny has said. And short of bringing up medical statistics -- which is just not our forte, sorry -- it's a safe assumption to make that someone as unintelligent as Jenny McCarthy should probably not be giving out advice of any kind at all, whatsoever. Especially when it's advice that concerns the welfare of a large, sensitive demographic, such as our children, and not just her own.

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774 days ago

Ive never understood why when a star is dealing with a disease, they automaticaly become an expert and feel the need to make sure everyone agrees with them.

774 days ago

I feel the same way about the writers of this website.

Samantha Anne
774 days ago

I think everyone is entitled to their opinions. I also think everyone should keep them to themselves. Do your job and report the facts.
In regards to McCarthy, who cares.

774 days ago

She's a loud mouthed frog who, unfortunately, a LOT of mothers listen to. She singlehandedly caused panic and chaos about vaccines causing autism with her irrational mouth vomit. Now that it has been proved without a doubt that vaccines don't cause autism, she is trying to pretend she didn't terrify and affect thousands of families with her crazy anti vaccine ranting. She should be ashamed of herself for trying to lie, rather than just admit her mistakes.

774 days ago

Just curious how was it proven beyond a shadow of
a doubt that vaccines do not cause autism?

3 Replies
774 days ago

"it's a safe assumption to make that someone as unintelligent as Jenny McCarthy should probably not be giving out advice of any kind at all, whatsoever." Really? Jenny is the mother of a child with autism. Many parents do research and come to their own conclusion about the conditions their child has. Ever heard of Lorenzo's Oil? This was the result of a mother with no medical training doing research trying to find a cure from her son's disease. Although I don't agree with the her on vaccines she has right to her opinion

774 days ago

Jenny McCarthy is not entirely wrong. Pharmaceutical companies have been using mercury as a preservative in vaccines for years. They still do, however they use less. Mercury has an effect on the brain, especially a newborn's still developing brain. This is one fact. Another very interesting fact is what exactly coincides with the explosion of children being diagnosed with Autism in the 19990's. It is the wide distribution of the Hepatitis B vaccine, which, by the way, is given to newborns before they are discharged from the hospital where they are born! What newborn is at risk for Hepatitis B, which can only be contracted through sex, sharing needles and a bite?
Jenny is saying vaccines are necessary, but we need to space them. I truly believe that Jenny is right. I am a healthcare professional and many of us feel the same way. Physicians that I have worked with have delayed the immunizations of their children until right before kindergarten, when the brain is more developed and less vulnerable. I also have told my own children that when they have children of their own, they are not to allow the Hepatitis B vaccine to be given to their newborn babies.

774 days ago

Actually, Jenny is right as the US has paid BILLIONS from the VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION PROGRAM established because pharma knows there is 100% chance that some kids will react negatively, even die.

The CDC acknowledged vaccines caused Hannah Poling's Autism and you can see the CDC head admitting vaccines cause autism

The Amish, Homefirst Medical http://homefirst.com/cms/index.php/health-info/vaccine-ch... and 10,000 families surveyed by Generation Rescue, who have not vaccinated, have virtually no Autism.

Recently, pharma lobbied the Supreme Court of America for total amnesty and hold-harmless from any product liability for vaccine damage to your kids, which they were awarded. They have less incentive to make safe vaccines now.

The US autism rate is 1 in 68 kids. Anything else would get epidemic treatment and response. We are looking everywhere except the obvious.

The CDC has refused to compare vaccinated vs unvaccinated autism rates for over 20 years, but as noted above, that study has been done and is absolutely conclusive, suppressed by the media. Do your own research. The vaccine package inserts inside vaccines state autism as a possible side effect.

Just as doctors in the 1920's were taught to prescribe HEROIN, COCAINE, ALCOHOL and CIGARETTES to pregnant women, we learned better. Thanks to open minded thinking, we have changed the 1920's behavior.

Perhaps in 100 years we will look back at Autism as the most preventable tragedy of the century.

It took over 40 years of legal wrangling before the first warning was put on a cigarette package. Don't let them blind you with 'cigarette science.'

I watched my perfectly normal son react to his MMR with triple digit temperatures and coma-like state for almost a week. He lost eye contact and speech shortly thereafter. His is a common story, repeated thousands of times by parents of autistic kids.

1 Reply
774 days ago

Rick and Joann, very well said! I like reading comments from intelligent people such as yourselves. I work in the medical profession and I could not agree more!

774 days ago

Jenny has always said in interviews that she wasn't saying not to vaccinate your kids, just space them farther apart. But they always printed in the media that she is anti-vaccine. The quotes that you cite are incomplete. In the interview where she makes the chicken pox statement, she says, "We're not an anti-vaccine movement. We're pro-safe-vaccine schedule." But you left that part out.

In the interview where she says, "...I am surely not going to tell anyone to vaccinate..." she is asked "What are you going to do? Ban vaccinations?" and she replies, "Heck no, I am completely for them."

You should do your own research, Sarah Taylor, instead of lifting copy off of other blogs and adding your own uninformed and hate-filled opinions. It makes you look like the unintelligent one, not Jenny.

774 days ago

Autism is now listed as a side effect on vaccines.

773 days ago

Joann and Rick, your stupidity and conspiracy theories epitomize the Jenny fan base...you folks and Jenny the ditz are the reasons we can't say goodbye to many preventable diseases.
Here's a quote for both of you..you can choose which one applies....
“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
― Albert Einstein
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
― George Carlin

1 Reply
Live Life
773 days ago

Why should we care about what a show business person says, it's all about publicity..... and they perform at any cost. I do feel sorry for the children whose mother's listen to show people blindly.

773 days ago

People are stupid to listen to her in the first place. Who the heck is SHE? I just cant hardly imagine mothers running up to her in the streets--she says. Pffft. Dont be idiots, people. Use your own brains!

773 days ago

I refused to get my second child vaccinated, becasue I had only gotten my first child vaccinated when she was 7 years old. She is healthy and has no health issues. I believe that vaccine cause brain damage to some degree. If an infant gets a cold or a virus you are told that the child cannot get any meds because they are too young. This is especially the case in new borns. If this is the case why is it ok to give newborns a load of vaccines? I was told by my pediatrition when he wanted to vaccinate my son, "don't worry it's the MMR at 15 months you have to worry about" that's the one know to give kids autism. It is proven, a child is NOT born with autism. The drug industry is a money making industry and autism is another way to keep money in the pockets of the pharma companies. Open your eyes people and stop calling the obivious a conspiracy theory. Kids dont need vaccines before they can talk.

773 days ago

Does anyone else notice that the people for vaccines are always angry, name calling commenters? I wonder why? Usually when a person feels strong intheir belief that should be enough!