Why Kylie Jenner Needs to Get Off Instagram and Go to School

4/15/2014 11:30 AM PDT, by

Yes, everyone, we are getting angry again about Kylie Jenner posting something inappropriate on Instagram, and you know what? We are never going to not get angry. This is a 16-year-old girl who spends her days doing nonsense like this instead of, you know, going to school, and that's tragic. Seriously, think back to when you were 16 -- how pivotal was that time in your life? When you were 16, how much did you learn about life and relationships and yourself? Kylie doesn't get any of that. No, Kylie is learning about how to market herself, how to get the most retweets. Again: tragic.

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but at least she got to have a childhood. She got to choose her own career, however silly it might be, and she's in charge of it. We'll say it again, because it's so important: Kylie is 16. She's not in charge of anything. And dumb videos like this just prove that. We love this girl, we really do, but this is getting a little unbearable.


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Ali baba
770 days ago

Who's the gay dude?

770 days ago

The dude looks gay and of course trying to get some screen time with a Kardashian will make him famous LOL
Sorry to say but even tho Kim went to school and had a childhood she still sounds like an idiot from the valley and has no idea about how life really works. Yes, life is all about make-up, clothes and riding around in expensive cars with rappers. About as clueless as a bag of rocks.

770 days ago

Wow! She's had some plastic surgery done and she's only 16...sad

1 Reply
770 days ago

I think this is a little over dramatic. Sounds like the writer needs to focus on something more important.

770 days ago

come on , leave the ugly sister alone.

770 days ago

I would check into that she ACTUALLY isn't taking home school classes, as in a season or two prior Kris Jenner made the decision to pull them out of school so they can learn on the road. Until that is verified, you're picking on a 16 year old. Pick on someone over the age of 21, jeez.

1 Reply
770 days ago

You obviously drank haterade today. What's wrong with the video? She's wishing her friend a happy birthday. I've seen grown men and women post all kinds of stupid videos..our generation is a social media generation! We post all kinds of daily things that might look stupid to you but not to us. Ultimately is her instagram, she can post what she wants under IG rules. UNFOLLOW if you don't like it. Your post is a waste of time. Some people hate just to hate man. Absurd! #jealousyisnotpretty

770 days ago

HINT!!!maybe she is jealous on cody's video with gigi...shes making the same moves like his video "surfboard" :))

770 days ago

She looks high

770 days ago

no one realize why she made this video? Its because her ex Cody Simpson just release his new video called Surfboard and she acts out the same scene like Cdoy did with his new girlfriend Gigi in the video. HINT!!HINT!

Ruby Testarossa
770 days ago

The tragic thing about Kylie Jenner isn't a silly video of her making faces with some gay guy. What IS tragic is that Kylie's mother is pimping her out, just like she does with all her daughters, and Kylie's father, despite seeing how the first three turned out, isn't stopping the pimp. The only one to escape being turned out by Kris is Rob, who has subconciously figured out how to avoid being pimped by his own mother.

3 Replies
770 days ago

1. Interesting that there's a room service table in the background. She is sixteen right?
2. Poor thing has acne covered with foundation

yvonne campbell
770 days ago

Please, don't be so negative. She is the youngest of 5 beautiful women.
She will be by far the most beautiful of them all when she grown into it.
Wait until she is 18-20 years old. She has the most gentle, kind look.
She already has far better fashion sense than Kim.
She and Kourtney, and Kendall have the best styles.
She is put into the limelight, and she is doing very well.
After all, she's only 16.
If she was doing drug and other things, but she's taking pictures....
Don't be so unkind.....

1 Reply
770 days ago

Where is her MOTHER?

769 days ago

lets see what I have seen or known of what 16 year olds are doing nowadays: Doing drugs, getting drunk, having sex with random guys, getting pregnant by a guy they don't love, vandalizing, shop lifting, getting in trouble with the police and so much more. I haven't seen Kylie doing any of those things so you're right shes not doing what 16 year olds are usually doing. I honestly think that you hate Kylie with a passion, when there nothing to hate And the only reason people hate her is because shes part of the kardashian family, I bet if she wasn't and doing the same exact thing nobody would give a fuck what she was doing

769 days ago

Doesn't she get home-schooled? At least she gets an education. Being famous and getting taught how to market yourself - nothing wrong with that! Having a lot of money - nothing wrong with that! Being young and beautiful - nothing wrong with that! Plastic surgery - nothing wrong with that! Even at her age - there are a lot of youngsters getting plastic surgery. Expressing yourself - nothing wrong with that! If this is what 'tragic' is, I don't mind it!

769 days ago

As long as sites JUST LIKE THIS ONE, keep posting MULTIPLE times a day about a 16 yr old girl doing moronic things, bikini pics and zipline butt shots, they are going to keep doing it. Psychology 101!! Stop giving her the attn, and they slowly wilt away!!

Isaac Newton
769 days ago

Kylie = Yummy

769 days ago

These little whores are walking in their OLD sister's fat ass whore shoes. You get famous from being peed on and slutting around. Who needs an education? All of them except Kourtney are garbage! She at least has some class and a degree.

768 days ago

Not ONLY does she appear to be HIGH, she DEFINITELY had work done! She had NO lips before and now they're super plump! Her entire face looks different. Sixteen or not this chick has had work done!

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