Enough is Enough, Tori Spelling -- This is WAY Too Much

4/25/2014 9:30 AM PDT, by
Oh, friends, doesn't Tori Spelling have that super special quality that makes you want to rip your face off and throw it in the garbage so that you can focus on something else besides her sheer obnoxiousness and stupidity? Of course she does! And that's why this new little scandal that's been going on in her marriage to Dean McDermott, you know, that whole cheating mess, has been just so terrible for us all. And that's also why this new interview that she did is going to absolutely slay you.

On Dean cheating on her:

"He cheated on me. One of my worst fears came true. On some level I never thought it would really happen ... If I can't ever let my guard down again, then there can't be a relationship. I always said, 'If he ever cheated on me, I would be out of there!' Whether I can ever trust him again, that's the big question."

On why she hasn't left him:

"There are children involved. For their sakes, I need to try to figure this out. You don't stop loving someone because they do something really bad to you ... But until I figure it out, I don't want my kids to know any different. I owe this relationship more than just saying something horrible happened and dismissing it. I need to figure out if he can change."

On Dean's mistress, Emily Goodhand:

"I have written her name in my phone multiple times for Google Images, and when it comes up, I can't look at it. I have never held Emily Goodhand responsible. Dean did this, not her."

How terrible is all of that, right? Especially when a whole, whole lot of people are saying that perhaps this whole affair was staged for reality shows and publicity. "Oh no, surely not," you're probably saying. "Surely everything that happens on reality television is completely real, and surely Dean just met a woman named Miss Goodhand and made a mistake. After all, Tori Spelling is not known to be one for attention!" And you just might be right. After all, Tori has denied that this was a fake affair, and sources close to Tori are already calling up news outlets to confirm that this is the real deal. 

The thing is though, regardless of what's actually happening, if this affair was real or fake, this needs to be over. Either Tori's marriage is fragile enough that her husband would cheat, or her marriage is fragile enough that she feels comfortable putting her family through a fake cheating scandal for publicity. Those are the options, and they're not great. Tori needs to scrounge up some dignity that she has deep inside and end this. Good god, y'all.

Check out the video for all the fakeness:

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Patricia Butler
767 days ago

"Either Tori's marriage is fragile enough that her husband would cheat, or her marriage is fragile enough that she feels comfortable putting her family through a fake cheating scandal for publicity. Those are the options, and they're not great."

Those aren't the options, mostly because they don't make any sense. A man doesn't cheat because his marriage is fragile; a man's cheating is what makes the marriage fragile. And someone who's marriage is fragile certainly wouldn't feel comfortable faking a cheating scandal. I wonder what it would be like if you actually engaged your brain before writing some of this bullshit?

1 Reply
767 days ago

This site is actually misogynistic. You never read "any male star" is stupid, crazy, weird, blah, blah. It is always a female celebrity. It's almost high school mean girls or the like.

2 Replies
767 days ago

Any woman who thinks their husband is faithful needs to wake up. All men cheat, if the haven't yet, its only a matter of time.

8 Replies
767 days ago

hmmm am wondering why she is so distraught over this. Wasn't he cheating on his previous wife with her on the set for a made for tv movie? Did she think it would be different for her (if it's true) hmmmmmmmmmmmm

767 days ago

Why would anyone humiliate themselves by taking their most intimate marriage problems public?

Ah...never mind.

767 days ago

Dean cheated on his first wife with Tori!! Once a cheater always a cheater! They deserve each other!

Shirlyn Watley
767 days ago

Tori needs to have a reality check in her life just because you have children with somebody does not mean that you have to be with them if Dean did have an affair on her she needs to pack up her shit and leave . Everdently he was mouth thinking about the kids when he screwing Emile Goodhand he was only thinking of himself. Tori is stupid he told her that there was no excitement in their sex life having she with Tori.that having sex with Tori was boreing . Staying in a loveless marriage is only going to hurt the kids wrose.

767 days ago

Please who feels bad for her? In 2008 she did an interview where she said she didn't feel guilt over cheating on her first husband with then (also still married) Dean - because she felt she found her "soul mate". So a cheater married a cheater, the cheater then cheated on the cheater who once said she had no remorse for cheating herself... and we're suppose to feel bad for that cheater whose cheating husband cheated?

767 days ago

It seems she is enjoying making a living off of the press as a result of her husband's cheating. If she wants to stay with the slob, so be it. imo

767 days ago

Tori is full of shit. Google Emily Goodhand images and nothing comes up. Tori u r a fraud. You selfish cow, how do u live with yourself exposing your children to this convoluted crap. You won't leave cause of the children,,,,, what a load of crap. You only think,of yourself. Dean is just as big a piece of shit for being your paid dick and going along with it.

767 days ago

Heh Emily
You are blaming the victum just like Dean blamed Tori for a sex life that wasn't 'fantasic". Emily do you not see what you are doing? Hope you never have to go through something like this in public. Don't the press have any moralsÉ

Jeff Schrembs
767 days ago

It is a shame that people, who have never personally gone through a divorce and the permanent damage done to the children and to each parent, try to minimize the feelings of others.
The adverse effect, this takes on everyone, is a 24/7 ordeal and it never heals with time.
A positive note is that she is expressing her feelings in public as opposed to keeping it all inside.
I wish their children all the best, as I do every child, but once a cheater always a cheater.

767 days ago

So Dean cheated on Tori and you think she is stupid because she hasn't left him. So, I assume that by the same logic, you believe Hillary Clinton was stupid to stay with Bill Clinton? He is a notorious cheater and Hillary chose to stay with him. Guess you believe she has no dignity too?

LJ Wolf
767 days ago

A marriage doesn't have to be fragile in order for someone to cheat. Who writes this stuff? A 13 year-old? Really???

767 days ago

Pride! Tori get some Pride! If not for yourself...for your children!

767 days ago

I think part of why she is hesitant to let him go is because they met via an affair. She probably feels she had it coming.

767 days ago

Some of you are very quick to say your husbands have never or will never cheat on you, neither did so-and-so. Newsflash...are you with your husbands 24/7? Of course, not all men cheat, but the majority of them do. There are some men who will never let you know!

Denise Newell
767 days ago

So, you marry the guy who was cheating on his first wife with you. One a cheater, pretty much always a cheater.

766 days ago

Denial is a river in Egypt. You must live in a lonely world if you have no trust or faith in anything good. Do you live up in the mountains from Whoville? Is your heart three sizes small?

766 days ago

Girl...get ur best friends together and sit down at the kitchen table....and figure this out! If u do not have good girlfriends I invite u too my house.. Me and my girls could give u some heartfelt advice out of love for u and ur babies!

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