Dean McDermott is Getting Flat-Out Scary

5/6/2014 4:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Honestly, you guys, when you see this preview clip of Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling's latest "counseling" session on Lifetime's "True Tori," you're going to wish you had an icepick tap-tap-tapping on your temples, too, because this thing is mad uncomfortable to watch. 

In the upcoming show, airing tonight at 10 PM EST, Tori and Dean examine where she was, and precisely what she was doing while Dean was off gallivanting and cheating on her (as if that has any relevance with regard to healing whatsoever). When Tori revealed that she had been in attendance at Christmas function with her children when Dean was thoughtlessly sticking it in another woman, Dean was so "overcome" with emotion that he appeared to be in physical pain over the memory. And it was creepy. 

Note to Dean, though: guilt and grief usually hit you right in the stomach ... that head thing, buddy, is likely just your blood pressure spiking at the thought that people might actually see through this piteous act and into the real circumstance. That clock's ticking, y'all.

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753 days ago

Dean Mcdouche is so full of crap. I wish Tori could see it. He's faking remorse for a check. I hope Tori isn't in on this scam. Then again she probably is, but she is doing a way better job at faking it.

753 days ago

He cheated on his first wife with Tori.. Once a cheater always one. He obviously has no respect for women or his marriage vows. Kick his butt to the curb.

Sara Warner
753 days ago

I read that she finally confesses that this whole thing is fake to improve their ratings. They are both actors, so they knew they could "fake" this whole thing.

1 Reply
753 days ago

He is a total creep - always turns everything around to make it about him - he only cares about loosing a meal ticket - he will cheat again.

Tori should just hand him divorce papers and say "Sorry, Babe - you f'd up" and don't look back.

753 days ago

You know this is fake, right?

753 days ago

It's a scam. A good T.V production. She's a very creative (talented) girl, just like her dad. She's giving america exactly what they would tuned-in to watch (and talk about).
By now she's a pro when it comes to realities show. She's had five shows, and her kids grew up making realities shows -they've some sort of basics understanding now (the old ones).
I wished se would've made it more real. Like... showing her nannies, maids, and her personal assitants.
There is no way Tori scrubs all her toilets; do all the laundry and folding for 4 kids and 2 adults; mops and sweeps her mansion; goes grocery shopping (load/unload) all the grocery for 6 people; cooks and clean her chicken after dinners: etc.
Show Business!!
I wonder what she's going to come up for season number two. Maybe Tori/ or Dean dependency on prescription pills? or some type or abuse (of course something spicey)

753 days ago

All Tori's shows. The girl got 5 reality shows under her belt - that's over 10 years of experience.
1-) Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever
2-) Tori & Dean: Inn Love,
3-) Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood
4-) Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings
5-) NOW--True Tori (true my as_)

Buy hey, there is nothing wrong with this (rich) business-girl. Take it to bank Tory.

753 days ago

IT IS ALL AN ACT - I don't believe anything that comes out of his mouth, once a cheater always a cheater - Men like that don't change - period

753 days ago

This is all false, they didn't have to air what he said about thinking about killing himself, this isn't live T.V. - it could have been edited out. Come on this is all to make us feel sorry for McDouche - he isn't that good of an actor. Tori is probably hurt about this as any woman would be, but all I can say is KARMA is a Bit**

753 days ago

I'll be definately tuning-in just to watch her acting - she's very good better than Dean --he pauses too much.
As for the cheating, I think she wouldn't really care if he'd cheated - just along as is just sex- and of course he returns homes to complete her perfect world.
Where is he going to go? he's old, his career a flop, he's fat, a face with lots of miles on it, and the child support he would have to pay her would be pricey.
I would not bed him...maybe 15 years ago. When he was hot (and Tori stoled him from his ex-wife & kids)

752 days ago

That just made me laugh out loud! Wicked I know!

752 days ago

Dean is an idiot and is acting in this clip. Tori please move on and just co-parent with this guy.

752 days ago

What does Tori expect, a happily ever after? This is simply a case of Karma.. what goes around comes around. It was ok for him to do it to his first wife with Tori. Now he's done it to her, here she is crying about it and wants him to feel horrible for it. Did she care or feel bad when he left his wife AND kids for Tori and flaunted their relationship everywhere.!! Get over it Tori, forgive or forget him. SIMPLE!!!!

752 days ago

I think he is legitimately sorry... I hope so anyway.

752 days ago

deflect dean, deflect - you've become a pro at dumping your @raP in Tori's wheelbarrow. You disgust me like no other man has. Give me sympathy he's showing - give me your f'n sympathy.

Jack Sass
752 days ago

anone who actually watches these two lame, talentless losers is worse than both of them put together, tori and dean mcloser are desperate and bad examples of humans and especially to their 4 kids, yes four kids, 4 kids, not 3 kids but FOUR (4) KIDS, count 1, 2, 3, 4, kids

752 days ago

And the Razzie goes to……(but I can understand you don't just walk away when you have 4 kids together).

752 days ago

They are both so horrible at acting that they have to keep coming up with reality shows in order to make ends meat. I laugh when I watch this because the acting is so horrible my niece's kindergarden play was better performed.

744 days ago

The other day on The View. Jenny McCarthy talked about doing a Christmas movie with him a few years ago, and she said all he talked about was sex. And she said it was gross, and creepy and uncomfortable. And that he seemed 'obsessed'. He is a creep. And his eyes are too close together . That is a sign of a sociopath.

But ya know - she should have expected this. He cheated on his first wife with her. She needs to kick him to the curb. Trying to keep this train from going off the rails is an excercise in futility.